how to attract birds to your backyard that really works

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It took countless hours of research, landscaping, and experimenting, but we finally got it right.  We took our hobby of birding to the next level by trying to attract all different birds and species right to our little backyard bird sanctuary.

Check out the links below to learn how you can do it too!  

Species we see often-

Cardinals + Blue Jays + Sparrows + House Finches + Downy Woodpeckers + Starlings + Common Grackles + Morning Doves + Chickadees + Cow Birds + American Goldfinches + Hummingbirds + Mockingbirds + Red Bellied Woodpeckers + White Breasted Nuthatches + Pine Siskins + Dark Eyed Junco + Red Breasted Nuthatches + White Throated Sparrows + Tufted Titmice + Carolina Wrens + Pine Warbler + Northern Flicker + Baltimore Orioles + American Red Starts + Warbling Vireos + Coopers Hawks

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