Monday, January 3, 2022

List: Ten seasonal and fun Winter activities to do as a family this year.

Today is the first weekday of the new year.  That means that we sadly got through yet another holiday season.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years have come and gone so fast that I barely remember living through them.  I know the holidays happened because I'm tired, I just wish there was a pause button for us to cherish those near perfect moments a little bit longer.

Before the entire Winter season blows through our life just as fast, we put together a plan to make the most of it.  Here's our Winter bucket list filled with ten family friendly activities to keep us out of  h i b e r n a t i o n  this season!

winter bucket list with things to do with kids this year

2022 Winter Bucket List

1.  Take a trip to Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.
I'm starting out strong here with a sincere hope that we'll make it to Jim Thorpe, PA this Winter.  Jim Thorpe is a small town in eastern Pennsylvania.  The historic town is best known for being the home of the first railroad in the US.  This town is charming, full of history, and packed with fun museums to explore.  Surprisingly because this all screams "me", this is not why I want to visit.  Jim Thorpe is the home to many birds that are super unique to the US.  As a double bonus, my Uncle lives a whopping 30 minutes away making this little trip totally doable on a whim.

2.  Put together my daughter's mermaid puzzle.
A year ago, we transformed my daughter's bedroom from the Disney Princess theme to the more hip, trendy, and cool mermaid theme.  Part of the transition was to frame a mermaid themed puzzle and hang it on the wall.  Well, baby girl got her perfect puzzle but we never got around to putting it together.  I'm all for a weekend of puzzles and super comfy loungewear!

3.  Transform our home's front entrance.
During a powerful storm, our front door flew open with such force that the frame around the doorway literally broke.  While we still have a door, it constantly gets stuck and can be near impossible to unlock.  This Winter we hope to repair the damaged door frame, improve our home security, and upgrade our home's entrance with a fashionable red door.

4.  Layout our Annual Photo Book (link) for 2022.
As you're probably all sick of hearing about, it's tradition for me to put together a family photobook every year and gift it to my husband for Christmas.  I normally add to the book all year long resulting in a mismatched mess.  This Winter I want to dedicate a day to putting together a layout so I can simply just add pictures as we go.

Fun Fact:  Every year I give back over a week's worth of vacation to my job!  This year, I plan on using it all and am contemplating making #4 into a relaxing day, home alone, with pajamas and a hot mug of chamomile tea.

5.  Go snowtubing down a mountain.
Last year the four of us accompanied our closest friends on a trip upstate to go snowtubing.  You can read all about that here (link).  Partially because we had a blast and partially because the snow gear was too expensive to use only once, we hope to enjoy another weekend sliding down the mountains!  This year, I'd love to spend a day in Margaretville since it really did look like the loveliest town.

6.  Finish some projects in the basement.
We have a HUGE, completely finished basement.  It's literally the size of our entire house, except it's just downstairs.  Mainly because of a hard to control spider cricket problem, we've neglected it the past few years.  It's now become a storage area.  This Winter I'd love to change that!  We bought the paint and flooring a very long time ago.  Now we just need to take the next step and do it!

7.  Hang our travel gallery wall.
Everywhere we travel we buy something to hang on our future gallery wall.  We've accumulated decorative plates, small works of art, tea bag holders, and much more.  All of those items are currently in our basement in a box.  This Winter I'd like to make a gallery wall  out of these items and hang it along the hallway wall in our basement.

8.  Find a snowy owl.
Did you know that Long Island has snowy owls?  No worries, neither did I.  It turns out that Long Island is where many snowy owls fly "south" to in the Winter.  I think finding one would make for a super cool family adventure!  Remember this post (link)?  It's the same place where snowy owls could be found.  I love the idea of going here because even if we don't spot an owl, the kids are pretty much guaranteed to have fun observing the seals from a very safe distance, obviously.

Note:  I hear all sorts of horror stories about people who disturb and torment wildlife just to get a picture to post on social media.  People, be responsible!  It's amazing to see wildlife, but don't do it if you can't control yourself and maintain a VERY safe distance from the animals.  For the love of God, get a super zoom lens and a pair of binoculars so you don't scare the innocent creature.  As a woman with anxiety, the last thing I'd want to do is give that same horrible feeling to a poor owl!  #endrant

9.  Eat in an igloo.
This is the new thing!  I've been begging my hubby to take me to an outdoor dining experience in a personal igloo.  He always shoots me down without even thinking because it is unreasonably expensive.  While I do agree with him, there's a workaround!  If you go during a weeknight and without a reservation, you avoid the hefty fee to secure your igloo.

10.  Ice skate in an outdoor rink.
My husband has never been ice skating and he constantly begs to go!  With the pandemic, we try to do fun and SAFE activities that are outdoors.  Ice skating fits all of that.  After doing some research, it turns out there are some pretty magical outdoor rinks that are local.  Here's to a day in a Winter wonderland not busting my ass on top of ice.

What are your plans for this Winter?


  1. We still have Orthodox Christmas to go through on the 7th and New Year on 11th.
    We had more firecrackers booming on New Year's Eve than any other year even though we had campaigns against it as sick kids and animals cannot handle the noise, but nobody cared. Hope nobody died from it.

    I will spend winter waiting for work, so in the meantime I started reading books and writing reviews for our biggest publisher to pass the time and get some free books LOL

    1. Do you celebrate both, or just the Orthodox Christmas? Fingers crossed you get a new job soon!

    2. I don't celebrate any as I'm an antichrist LOL But I do decorate for the Catholic one, the other one does nothing for me as I don't feel any connection with Serbs and their culture and religion. I do respect it, though, as it is not commercial like the holidays in the West.

  2. Well, zero plans here because the Covid numbers are at their absolute highest ever. I’ve not been anywhere but grocery store for past several weeks. I’m hoping for decent weather so I can at least go on some walks. Middle Child and I do have 2 large puzzles to start working on once Christmas decor is put away. One is Golden Gate Bridge and other is Central Park. We like to use puzzle glue and hang them in the basement as an homage to all the places we have visited, so I like your trip gallery idea, too.

    1. The numbers here are insane too. I know of more people with covid than without right now. That's why I kept my bucket list full of outdoor items or things to do at home. Actually, I sort of cheated. I created this list a few weeks ago and already knocked a couple off.. as you know from Instagram! I love the idea of the puzzle wall in the basement. Hopefully in a year from now you'll be able to travel again.

  3. You get the igloo and he gets to ice skate. Sounds like a perfect date night idea to me and you both get something knocked off your bucket lists. Win, Win!

    I hate winter with a passion and will patiently await spring now. I'd like to get a novel or two read this winter though, finish up my home improvement projects, and *maybe* take my nephews tubing if I can deal with the cold long enough. I did give their parents a restaurant gc for Christmas and free babysitting while they had their own date night, so I may have to put on my big girl snow pants and hit the hills with the boys. *sigh*

    1. That sounds like so much fun!! Just don't forget the wool socks and heavy duty snow boots. When we went last year I brought my Coach snow boots. They may look pretty, but I was honestly scared that I got frost bite on my toes!


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