Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Life: Cupsogue Beach County Park

This past Monday I posted my 2022 Winter bucket list (link)I have a confession.  Before it posted, I already completed #8.  To be fair, I wrote the list a few weeks in advance and I didn't intend on it happening.  In other words, it wasn't totally cheating.  Let me explain.

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Life:  Cupsogue Beach County Park

The kids got Vtech cameras (link) for Christmas this year.  Since COVID, they've been having a blast exploring nature and trying to find different birds.  What they weren't happy about was that Mommy had a camera to capture every moment, but they did not.  Their kiddie cameras changed all that.

Eager than ever to explore, we decided to take them to a place where they're practically guaranteed to have a wildlife encounter.  This is especially true in the colder months when seals are abundant on the bay side of the park.  You can see Harbor Seals, Grey Seals, and Harp Seals.  If you time it right, you can see the seal colonies laying on the shore catching some rays.  If you don't time it right like us, you'll see lots of little seal heads popping up in the water.  While the kid's cameras are super cool, they aren't meant to capture tiny seal heads.

Desperate to get a picture of something they could be proud of, we decided to take a walk down the ocean side of the beach.  We saw a long, rocky inlet, lots of seagulls, and long seagrass swaying in the wind.  Happy with their artsy shots, we were just about ready to go when we spied the bird of the century.  Well, at least it was for us.

We saw the most majestic Snowy Owl perched on top of a long wooden beam facing the sand dunes.  The three of us whipped out our cameras, started snapping a bazillion pictures from a safe distance, and did our best to muzzle our screams.  My husband stood behind us taking pictures of the three of us taking pictures because apparently "we're all nuts".  No comment..

My babies, at the ages of three and eight, took their first bird photo EVER of a freaking SNOWY OWL!  Before hitting double digits, they accomplished something that most birders and photographers can't say they did in a lifetime.  Sorry, proud mama over here!  It's been two weeks since their encounter, and they're still talking about it and showing off their shots.  

As happy as they were, I was ecstatic.  When I put on my Winter Bucket List to find a Snowy Owl, I never in a million years thought that I actually would.  To add to that, I thought that I'd at least have to try to find one.  It's funny how many times things are found when you're not looking for them.

Cupsogue Beach County Park continues to be one of my favorite Long Island beaches, but is easily my #1 one favorite to visit in the Winter!

Do you have a 2022 highlight yet?


  1. Cupsogue is such an unusual name! Oooh, we do ever so love little seals! I have read an article yesterday over at Facebook on a walrus who comes out of the sea and stands politely in the line at the fishmongers to get his daily dose of fish. And he is HUUUGE since he is a sealion. But very peaceful and loving.

    1. There are lots of town names on Long Island that are after the Native American tribes that are native to here. There are so many of them, that the names look normal to me. EEP! Please tell me you have that article or video. I'd feed that walrus every day and name him. How cute!

  2. Um, we’re only 4 days in, so a big fat NOPE on your question🤣🤣🤣 My highlight will be the ability to wash my hands in the half bath remodel project that has been a comedy of errors.

    Congratulations on the snowy owl find! That would be exciting! But, I’d also be pumped to see a sea lion in the winter! I do not believe there are any seals in the Great Lakes. The only time I’ve seen one in the wild was in La Jolla.

    1. Yea, figured it would be a nope, but we cheated and started a little early. LOL The seals are super cute, especially the lighter colored ones that are so fat that you can't tell where their head starts and body ends. hahahaha

  3. Oh my, what an incredible find for you guys! I'd be so dang excited I wouldn't be able to keep my camera steady, I'm sure. So glad you were able to find that beauty and you all had the experience to shoot it together. And how cool you're training little future wildlife photographers. I can't wait to see some of their work featured here in the future!


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