Monday, December 20, 2021

List: The top ten cheesy holiday movies to watch this holiday season.

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is the never ending, cheesy, holiday films that are available to watch.  With apps like Prime (link) and Netflix, many films are just a simple search away.  Which is perfect, because I like to watch them on demand while folding giant piles of laundry.

I'm a sucker for almost any holiday film, but sometimes they're so cliché that even I get annoyed.  I mean, how many holiday movies are based on the premise that a modern day Scrooge McDuck is going to close down their favorite local whatever place by Christmas Eve?  The answer is a lot.  Like, a whole lot.  That's when I started to generate a list of my favorite cheesy holiday films minus the cliché theme that's so overplayed that even Santa Claus is bored with it!

And to answer the question on everyone's mind, yes, I really have THAT much laundry to fold.

the best christmas movies to watch this year

Top ten cheesy holiday movies to watch.

1.  Love Hard (link)
We'll start our list off strong with a brand new cheesy Christmas movie.  This movie caught my eye because of Nina Dobrev.  I'm so glad it did, but it was incredibly cute, made me laugh, and was not cliché at all.  It tells the story of a girl who blogs about her love life holler! and horrendous first dates.  Trying to change her life and her career, she takes a leap of faith.  The catfished end up becoming catfish and a whole slew of craziness unfolds.  This fun and modern cheesy flick is a must for the holidays!

This movie sums up family PERFECTLY!  While it takes place during Thanksgiving, we're still counting it on our list because it's a holiday movie that makes us laugh and is so not cliché.

Fun Fact:  This is the movie that started my obsession with Robert Downy Jr.  Flash back to this 2011 post (link) to see my R Dow movie list from almost ten years ago.  Holy crap, I'm old..

First things first, this is NOT a family friendly holiday film.  Don't make the mistake I did and watch it with your child thinking the word "mom" makes it ok.  Once you're kid free, turn this Christmas movie on because it's hysterical!  It follows the life of three different moms and their moms during the holidays.  The movie will make you laugh, have serious feelings, and then laugh some more.

This adorable, cheesy holiday movie is about two girls that are identical in looks but way different in life.  One is a princess and living the life of royalty while the other is a baker that's living an unfulfilling life.  Thinking the grass is greener on the other side, they switch places and learn that the grass really is greener.  Wait, what?  It's not supposed to work like that..

This movie is about the famous artist.  It tells the story of how Thomas Kinkade was encouraged to create his famous masterpiece The Christmas Cottage and start his career.  While there is a race against time before his mother's home goes into foreclosure, we'll let this movie pass for two reasons.  The first reason being that this is based on a true story.  The second reason being it stars the devastatingly handsome Jared Padalecki.  I know, I know.  I'm totally predictable.

This is an older one dating back to 2006, but it's one of my favorites!  The movie is about two women that swap homes after bad breakups.  In their new address they find new loves and a happier life.  This holiday film is cheesy, lovey dovey, and everything we need in our lives PLUS Jude Law.

Holidate is about a man and a woman that make a pack to be each other's dates for all of the holidays and major events in each other's lives.  Their deal doesn't allow them to have any relationship outside of the holidays.  This cheesy holiday film is super predictable as we watch the sparks fly.  Still not convinced?  Well, it stars Luke Bracey.  No other information needed.

Defying all logical odds, a knight from the 14th century time travels to the modern day world.  He hilariously tries to fit in with the help of a woman falling head over heels for him.  This holiday film is just as predictable as it is cheesy, which is why we love it!

This is one is animated, but it's not cheating because I really do love it.  It's about Jack Frost joining The Guardians to protect the children against the darkness.  It's one of the best Christmas movies out there, has a star studded cast, and is completely family friendly.

I absolutely LOVED this movie!  It's about a recently divorced woman who goes on her second honeymoon solo.  She ends up straying from the itinerary to stay at an Elephant sanctuary in Africa.  She learns to ditch the "women who lunch" to follow the dreams that she thought were lost forever.  This cheesy, love story is all about a woman's love for life, animals, and a hot elephant rescuer!

What is your favorite holiday film?


  1. I cannot digest The Holiday as I cannot believe they paired up Winslet with that vile creature Black Jack.
    I watched Royal Queens Christmas with my secret husband Julian Morris, it was utter crap, but he was brilliant and made me all tingly inside and outside. I'm saving Boy Called Christmas for next weekend and then that Cary Elwes, Brooke Shields Christmas Castle for New Year's Eve.

    1. Well, that's disappointing about Julian's holiday movie :(

    2. It is, he deserves so much better, I cannot believe in the sea of new shows there is no place for him so charismatic and nice so he has to star in Hallmark flicks.

    3. We did watch the Boy Called Christmas. It was cute, but it's a tear jerker! Be prepared with some tissues.

  2. I also like I'll Be Home For Christmas as a watchable cheesy holiday movie. My girls even like watching that one with us and they cringe now when we offer to sit down and watch holiday movies. It has Jessica Biel and Jonathan Taylor Thomas in it.

    1. I love that movie!! Talk about the original JT. LOL

  3. I’m just not a movie person, and I’m REALLY not a Hallmark/Lifetime Xmas movie person, but my husband is! LOL, I totally make fun of him for watching them while working out.

    I’ll watch A Christmas Story in bits and pieces if husband has it on. Personally, give me Charlie Brown or any of the 1960’s Xmas specials, like the Grinch.

    1. I'm laughing that your husband is. I wish my husband would give them the time of day. I put one on the other night at around 11PM. He got up out and bed and cleaned the garage out because he "didn't want to even hear it". LOL

    2. 🤣🤣🤣That would totally be me!


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