Monday, December 27, 2021

List: Ten of my favorite moments from 2021.

 It is no secret that I really dislike New Years Eve.   I mean, I complain about it almost every year.  While I try to think of it as a fresh start filled with new opportunity, I can't help but see it as the end of another era that flew by way too fast.  Instead of looking forward and creating meaningless goals, I want to look back and commemorate my favorite moments from 2021 in a post.

my top ten favorite moments from 2021 meme for happy new year 2022

My top 10 moments from the year 2021.

After begging for years, my family finally caved and planned a day trip to play tourist in Coney Island with me.  We jammed a little bit of everything into a quick, 8 hour trip.  Everyone had their own personal highlights from walking the boardwalk, visiting the original Nathan's, touring the New York Aquarium (link), being adventurous on thrill rides, and my personal favorite eating homemade gelato from Coney's Cones.

When taking a road trip through Massachusetts this Summer, I knew we had to take a quick detour to see the famous rock.  After hearing my family whine, complain, and tease me about "looking at rock", I almost gave in and skipped it.  I'm so glad that we didn't because it was one of the highlights of our trip!  The rock is located in a beautiful state park.  The beach was lined with Semipalmated Plovers which was a lifer for me.  The town was ADORABLE.  There was also a bazillion things to do, if only we had the time to do them all.  I hope to one day get back there and explore the area more properly.

Fun Fact:  While visiting Plymouth, MA, we spent sometime at Plimoth Plantation.  Not only was this place a fun, historical, and educational stop to enjoy with the kiddies, but it was also the town in the opening scene of Hocus Pocus.  Without even knowing it, we visited THREE different places from our favorite spooky film.  Picture below.  How's that for a highlight?!

This was such a memorable moment for me because we spent two weeks trying to find this bird.  After several attempts with several different accomplices, we finally found the yellow throated warbler as a family of four.  The amount of screaming we all did out of pure excitement is something I'll never forget!  Although, I was excited to see the bird and my family was excited to never have to look for it again.

My children's birthdays are normally sad days for me.  I mean, who actually likes their kids to get old?  To surprise my son for his third birthday, we took him to a minor league baseball game to see the Long Island Ducks.  He was happy to see his first live baseball game, but was ECSTATIC when a foul ball landed right at his feet.  His smile will be engraved in my brain forever!  For the record, he did try to throw the ball back, but we obviously stopped him.  That ball is now on display in his bedroom!

5.  Going snow tubing (link) for the first time.
There aren't many things that are a "first" for all four of us.  This alone made our snow tubing trip extra special.  We enjoyed the thrill of sliding down the mountains, hanging out with our closest friends in a different environment, and just doing something different!

This historical bridge dates back to the 1800s.  It's a beautiful footbridge that has serious character, is made with ancient stones, and has been overgrown with grass.  As if that wasn't enough to make this one of my favorite places ever, it's famous for being the location of the first known hex murder!  Ooo spooky!!

7.  Having a petting zoo (link) in our backyard.
We often walk through the trails in the nature preserve down the block from our house.  Doing this, we became friendly with a local family that has their own petting zoo.  After letting us feed their goats, I finally agreed to let them be the highlight of my son's birthday party.  I thought they'd show up with a goat and a pony.  Instead, they showed up with about 20 different animals.  I'll never forget the image of that lady walking a whole herd of different animals into my backyard on leashes!

8.  Drinking celebratory drinks at the East Islip Marina.
I ended my 12 year long college career this year and got my Bachelor's Degree from Empire State College.  To celebrate, my husband took us to the East Islip Marina for a greasy fish dinner and delicious frozen drinks.  While it's not my favorite food, you can't beat the view from the outdoor dining.

9.  Trekking along the Derby Wharf (link).
In Salem, MA, there is a long, thin strip of land that extends all the way into the water.  At the end of the wharf is the historical Derby Wharf Lighthouse.  While the small lighthouse wasn't the most spectacular thing ever, the walk towards it was so much fun!  Police boats honked at us making my son squeal.  My daughter pretended she was a witch walking on water and my husband joined in on that game.  Meanwhile, I was in awe as the sunset over the lighthouse as the shorebirds were all flying home.

10.  Discovering a Sasquatch Structure (link).
As I've mentioned here before, The Viking loves a good Sasquatch story.  In many of those stories, structures are mentioned.  Apparently these structures are used as a form of communication, possibly as a way to note territory boundaries.  Fact or fiction, you can imagine the fun we had stumbling upon a "real" Sasquatch structure on his property upstate!


  1. Well, you did have a rather eventful year even though we were under freaking covid.
    New Year is bigger here than Christmas and still is. I do not like it just as you do not, as it makes me closer to getting a year older and I am already too old to be comfortable with the number. I spent the whole year thinking I weas 42 and then just realised five minutes ago that I have been 43 all along and that I will be 44 in April. That is beyond depressing.
    This year was not easy when it comes to work so I am keeping my fingers crossed that the next one will bring positive changes,but we wished the same last year and nothing happened...

    1. I'm with you. Another birthday is definitely depressing! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, too. I hope this year is full of great work opportunities for you. For now, let's be grateful that you didn't get hurt in that horrible ice storm you posted about on Facebook. That's crazy! How do you go from such extremes? Super hot to super cold.

  2. I’m with Dez, the new year just brings another damned birthday closer! I would take 44 again, though! I enjoyed learning about Plymouth Rock from you this year and seeing the photos of it. The trip to Coney Island was also fun to hear about because my family was always obsessed with Nathan’s hot dogs. It was Nathan’s or no hot dog at all! I would have preferred the gelato.

    Honestly, I felt like this year sucked because we took no vacations and my kidney stone issue weighed heavily on me for 7 months and is always in the back of my mind now. But if I have to pick, obviously the birth of my third grandchild was sweet, and visiting my son in Columbus was the closest thing to a trip, so I loved that.

    1. You did do a lot of exploring in your state. That was a lot of fun to read about! Those little gems are my favorite places to visit. Yes, I would agree, the grandbaby wins. :) :)


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