Wednesday, December 1, 2021

List: Ten holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list.

 It's the time of year when I list some of my favorite Christmas gift finds of the year!  With my obnoxiously long holiday gift list filled with a variety of genders and ages, you're bound to find something that peaks your interest.

a list of thoughtful and inexpensive christmas gift ideas

For full disclosure, we did decide to do a Secret Santa on Madre's side this year.  Buying gifts for all of our aunts, uncles, brothers, cousins, etc., just became tediously overwhelming.  It was nice to stop and focus on the real meaning of Christmas instead of a mile long gift list.

a list of thoughtful and inexpensive christmas gift ideas

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Ten holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list.

1.  3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station (link)
Raise your hand if you're as sick as I am of all the ridiculous wires and chargers EVERYWHERE.  Holler!  No worries because we're not the only ones feeling this way.  Save yourself a headache and some space on your nightstand by gifting family members these handy charging stations for Christmas.  With this compact device, you can charge your phone, smart watch, AND ear buds all at once and with only ONE wire!

We spend way more time in a car than I care to admit.  Between the regular Long Island traffic, our birding expeditions, and our regular road trips, we're always looking through a windshield.  One thing we do to pass the time, is to play the license plate game.  Quick summary is you try to find all 51 license plates (50 states + D.C.).  This Melissa & Doug game is PERFECT for my kids.  It's a game they already know and love, except now they would have their own way to track it!

Note:  If you've never heard of Melissa & Doug, they're a children's toy company that believes in hands on play.  Their toys are clever, promote critical thinking, and fuel the imagination.  I'm a HUGE supporter of this brand as are my children since we are a mostly electronic free household.  If you have similar values for your kids, I highly recommend browsing through their products (link).

A few years back my uncle started making his own pizza.  As a NYer, I couldn't fathom why anyone would want to do this, and then I remembered that he lives in Florida.  He turns on the grill and makes several different pies with all different toppings.  It's to the point where his neighbors come over for pizza night like he's the local pizzeria.  Long story short, this is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone looking to make that almost perfect pizza!

We bought this as a joint gift for my in laws.  They LOVE to take pictures and have nowhere to display them all.  With this, they can send all their pictures from their cell phones directly to the frame with WiFi.  The wooden border makes this look more traditional than a piece of modern technology.

Do you remember this post (link) when I told you all that I found zen?  Well, I'm happy to report that I still feel that way about my Aria diffuser.  It's literally become an obsession.  While I know that the regular Aria diffuser is expensive and large, Young Living has now come out with a mini version of it!  It's just as pretty, still comes with a remote, and plays the calming "zen" music.  This collection just happens to come with 3 Christmas themed oils as well, making it the perfect holiday gift for someone on your list!

Note:  I have to thank my Young Living consultant for guiding me through the essential oils journey.  You can find her Young Living page by clicking here (link) or her Instagram page (link).

I love personalized holiday gifts because it shows that you put thought, time, and effort into a present.  This calendar is the perfect mixture of personalized and functional.  Plus, if your dog is as cute as the pictured pooch, this gift is a necessity!

For my son's third birthday, we took him to a minor league baseball game.  The highlight of the night was the foul ball that literally landed right between his legs.  It's been sitting loosely on his dresser ever since.  This Christmas, I thought it would be fun to give that memorabilia a new home.  For all the baseball lovers out there, this is the perfect holiday gift!

When I saw this, I knew it's something my husband would love!  He's always doing yardwork or something outside that distracts him from drinking his beer when it's cold.  Then I have to hear him complain about it!  This would keep his beer frosty cold for hours.  It also has a top that screws off so that the same bottle cooler could be used for a standard beer can.  As a triple bonus, the lid doubles as a bottle cap opener AND it come in several stylish colors.

One thing that I constantly overlook is how busy young kids are.  Take my daughter for example.  She has school, homework, three dance classes, religion class, and then her regular life.  When she asked for a stylish backpack for to store her "other" activity stuff, I realized how busy she really is.  This Christmas gift is stylish, colorful, functional, and will help support a crazy schedule!

Note:  My daughter HATES wearing jeans.  Like her mama, she is bothered by the unforgiving waist strap.  Justice is one of the few places that sells stylish jeans with an elastic strap waist for young girls at a really reasonable price.  The boring mommy gift under the tree is going to be two new pairs of these perfect, elastic strap jeans (link).

These days all we I want to do is wear clothes that are comfortable enough to stay home all day in yet good enough to run outside quickly without being embarrassed.  This accomplishes ALL of that for us ladies.

How do you exchange gifts with family?


  1. Those are some nice choices. We don’t exchange gifts with family besides our own kids/grands anymore. My husband does buy gag gifts for his two siblings he speaks to. This is the second year we won’t be doing the cousin party with the nieces/nephews (our kids’ cousins). Mostly because everyone is older and not enough will be in town on one date.

    1. Do you miss doing it? I hate how fast time flies and how everything changes. I'm one of those people that likes everything to stay exactly how it was.

      We were doing a secret santa with the family this year b/c buying gifts just gets overwhelming. I put it all together and was going to have Luciana pull names out of a hat on Thanksgiving. Well, they put so many rules on the dumb thing that it all got squashed and now I'm scrambling to buy gifts!!! I'm usually done by now, so this reeeaalllyyy infuriates me!!

    2. Yeah, we miss seeing everyone. Maybe we will try to do a Zoom party again, but I honestly hate Zoom! I say go to Trader Joe’s and just buy gifts there!

    3. Ugh, I hate the video meetings too! I'm so afraid that it will become a permanent substitute for seeing people that I avoid it at all costs, except for at work.

  2. Love that Mini Aria!!! It is so beautiful and diffused the most beautiful mist. And the oils it comes with 🙌🏻❤️

    1. When my hubby comes to peek I hope he pays special attention to that!! Wink wink wink ... lol

  3. Number 8 is beer bottle? I thought it was that gadget for plucking hair out of one's nose... I ruined two already and will not be buying new ones :)
    I bought myself a laptop, found one on massive 50% discount on Black Friday and could not believe my luck. I just hope I will know how to use it or start it to begin with LOL

    1. Wow, that's awesome! There's nothing better than a great deal, especially when it's such an expensive item to start.

  4. I like the idea of doing a secret santa exchange. With the pandemic and inflation and everything so out of whack right now, money is tight for a lot of people. I stopped buying for the adults last year, with the exception of our parents, and only buy for the under 18 crowd now. With my two best friends and their families, we'll only buy for each other's kids this year, and talked about for the adults doing a secret santa goodwill gift exchange. We'll have draw a name out of a hat, then have a $10 to $20 budget to find a gift (funny or serious) from the thrift store.


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