Monday, November 29, 2021

List: Ten thoughtful and fun holiday gift ideas for a fabulous woman!

 How many of you guessed what this post was before you actually read it?  Just don't judge me...  All joking aside, my husband BEGS me for this annual post.  He likes to pick one or two things from this list to surprise me with on Christmas morning.

what to buy a woman for christmas this year

 I tried to dissuade him from this unofficial tradition since what I really want to invest in is a super zoom lens for my camera.  Apparently it's too expensive especially for someone who calls it a super zoom lens.  That means inexpensive, fun, and fabulous are going to be the themes of this wish list instead!

what to buy a woman for christmas this year

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A holiday gift guide for fabulous women.

The thing I want most on this list this, I want this, is probably the simplest.  This inexpensive birdhouse is one of the best on the market to attract small song birds.  It's simple, safe, and has everything baby birds need to flourish.  I don't have trees in my backyard, so for people like me, it may make sense to include safe, durable mounting brackets to screw it into the side of a fence.

If there is one thing that I can't live without, it's sunglasses.  Ever since I got LASIK a few years back, my eyes are super sensitive to the sun.  They must go from my face, to my pocketbook, to on top of my head, and then back onto my face about 30 times a day.  These are gorgeous, from a brand that I adore, and are the frame shape that I love.  I'd use them until the day they stop working!

Some of you may remember when I told you that I found "zen" in a beautiful essential oil diffuser.  It plays calming music, shoots out a powerful mist, changes colors, and is GORGEOUS.  So yes, it's zen.  This festive collection of essential oils would do a great job of sprinkling some holiday spirit into my newly found state of calm.

Note:  I have to thank my Young Living consultant for guiding me through the essential oils journey.  You can find her Young Living page by clicking here (link) or her Instagram page (link).

Everyone makes fun of my pom pom hat when the Winter comes, but nothing keeps my head warmer!  Unfortunately, my hat was murdered at the end of the season last year.  It somehow made it's way into the dryer and it just didn't survive.  This one looks near identical and would be a perfectly fabulous gift idea!

For the majority of the year, I'm in boots!  Not the Ugg kind because I don't like my feet to sweat, but the kind that looks like you're going to ride a horse or a motorcycle.  Well, last year, my ten year old riding boots died and I'd like to replace them with these.  It's lower than the typical riding boot, but I'm really short so I think they'll be perfect!

Last year, my husband took my comforter away.  To be honest, he took away all 3.  I don't like to sleep in my decorative comforter.  I also don't like to share blankets that I'm sleeping with.  The end result was three different comforters and way too much time spent making the bed.  This pretty comforter set could make our room look like a bedroom again!

I hate reapplying lipstick throughout the day.  As in, I literally won't.  I'll reapply lip balm when my lips are dry, but lipstick?  Nope, won't do it.  I currently use a Wet N Wild shade that I love, but it fades after a few hours.  This lipstick is way more than I would normally ever spend on such a thing, but I wouldn't say no to trying it on Christmas morning!

Hummingbirds will not move into a bird house, but they will use a swing!  These would be the perfect addition to my bird sanctuary and would make for a lovely picture taking spot for the little fairies.

If I had to name the #1 thing that I need to borrow the most when hosting a function, it's hot plates!  I end up utilizing all of my pot holders and borrowing from family during holiday dinners.  Realizing this, I tried to hunt some down in Homegoods and found a whopping ONE!  This two piece set would pair perfectly with my single hot plate from Homegoods.

Note:  Has anyone else ever heard of the word trivet?  No wonder I could never find them online!  I would always search with the keywords hot plates and would get some sort of contraption to cook off of.

I am obsessed with cookie jars.  My cookie jar changes with the seasons and holidays.  When it's not a special time, my kitchen counter is graced with the presence of my beloved, grinning pig, cookie jar.  Unfortunately, baby boy chipped off a piece of it's ear while trying to get a piece of candy.  Yes, we store candy in our cookie jars.  Ever since then I've been trying to find a worthy replacement, but haven't been able to.  Although, for now, this one would totally do!

What's on your wish list this year?


  1. Let us pray your new cookie jar won't be as fugly as the pigglet one LOOOL But somehow I feel you will find some new eyesore to replace it with :)
    I don't have any Christmas wish, other than Henry Cavill marrying me, but I did notice that festive offer is very poor this year here, either because of covid or because our dictator has made us dirt poor (we are currently rioting in the streets and his police and hooligans are beating us silly, he even sent a bulldozer straight onto the unarmed protesters).

    1. OMG.. really? A bulldozer? Some people really are born without a soul.

      I love my cookie jar. We were watching Greenland and guess who made a special appearance in the background? My pig cookie jar. She's famous!! I shot up and squealed when I saw it. hahaha

  2. I enjoyed all your picks and was tickled by the hummingbird swings. Never heard of that! I thought they were wine charms! How cute and I hope you get them so I can see a picture of one in use next summer. My fave gift is receiving a big goodie box of stuff from TJMaxx/Home Goods. Soaps, lotions, kitchen knickknacks, bar ware, etc. Fun to see what my husband and daughter pick out for me.

    1. That's such a sweet idea! I remember your Trader Joe's gift bag ideas and I've always been intrigued to try that. :)

  3. All such fun picks! That comforter set is so girly though, I don't think Jason would approve of it being on the bed we share. But for the guest room, I may have to snap it up.

    I love the boots, but I bought 3 pairs of brand new boots at the million dollar homes close by our neighborhood for $1 a pair. Guess boots brand new for $1 each! Granted, they are 1/2 a size too big, but that's what chunky socks can fix, right?

    So for me, I'd really like teas, Trader Joe's Speculoos chocolate bars, BBW candles and aromatherapy soaps and lotions, and as I sit here with cold feet, a really warm pair of slippers to get me through the winter ahead!

  4. I hear birds only live in one per season. I had one long ago and that seemed to be the case. But I'm glad it homed one for that time


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