Monday, November 1, 2021

Life: An ode to Thor.

 I originally reserved this spot to share with you some highlights from our trip to the Catskills.  Unfortunately, halfway through our trip, we were hit with an unexpected tragedy.  Our precious, gentle pup, Thor, passed away during a tragic accident.

After a brutal internal debate, I decided to post this sad news.  Not for sympathy or prayers although the latter is welcome, but for a therapeutic memorial that we can all look back on.  Here is my ode to Thor.

An Ode to Thor

After purchasing our first home, my husband and daughter desperately wanted a dog.  I did not.  As in, not at all.  We went to rescue after rescue.  We played with puppy after puppy.  Every single time I found a reason to not adopt a fur baby.

Months later, on July 14, 2017, I went with my BFF to a rescue out west.  A trainer from the rescue happened to show us a "dog from the back".  Out came a small chiweenie with tan fur and a bright, white stripe.  That dog was Thor.  It was love at first sight.  I quickly called my husband and told him that we found THE dog.  After going through the grueling adoption process, my BFF drove me home with our new pooch on my lap.  I still remember the excitement as my daughter realized what we had waiting for her on the porch.

We lovingly called you Thory Poo, my boy, and Thor the Puppy of Thunder.

You were kind, gentle, and patient, as in the complete opposite of us.

You even humored us by letting us dress you up for each occasion.  There was the time you played Baby Jack from The Incredibles.  The time you dressed up as Baby Shark for Prince Charming's 2nd birthday.  Every Christmas and Easter when you let us give you bunny ears or antlers.  There was also the time that you dressed up like your namesake, Thor!

When our son came along, you adopted him as your own.  You followed him around, guarded him, and became his best friend.  You tolerated every pull, poke, and slap without even getting irritated once.  You humored him in the morning when he would pretend you were a criminal, scream, and charge at you.  Not even kidding.  This was a daily routine.  You let baby boy sleep in your bed when he became too tired to play anymore.  When it wasn't him, it was his Mickey Mouse doll.  You laid next to your bed so his doll could have a peaceful rest.

It's been weeks and he's still throwing food on the floor for you and pretending to be you during playtime with big sissy.

You were the first thing the kids ran to every day, even on Christmas morning!  Yes, they'd bypass their presents to hug their pooch.

You were an escape artist and were chased down several times by each neighbor on every block we ever lived.  You dragged your bed around the house to do your favorite activity, lay in the sun.  You jumped up at the slightest mention of the word "squirrel" and then chased away those sunflower seed stealing thieves!  You'd lay on my lap and kept me company while working from home.  You'd dig into your empty dog bowls when you were hungry or thirsty.  You would go jogging with me around the track behind the library for a few feet and then make me carry you.  You voluntarily sat in time out every single time Princess Mushy Face misbehaved.  You loved to steal baby boy's snacks when he wasn't looking.  When COVID hit and I couldn't walk the track, you instinctively walked around the kitchen island with me until my watch dinged at a mile.  You somehow knew to only rough house with my husband, which you loved and did often.  You somehow were able to open our garbage pail and leave a mess for us many mornings.  We always laughed at your adorable ears.  One was a chihuahua ear always staying up and the other was a dachshund ear that was super floppy.

Then there's my favorite memory.  The first day I was home alone with the kids during my second maternity leave.  Everything was going wrong in the matter of seconds up until the grand finale.  Mushy Face spilled an entire cup of milk on top of your head when you just happened to be walking by.  You knew I hated a mess, so you literally stayed perfectly still as the milk was dripping off your body, face, and nose.  You patiently waited there for me to scoop you up and clean you off.  We still laugh when we talk about this, but it wasn't that funny.  In hindsight, it just showed what a gentle soul you were!

Most importantly, you are and always will be a part of our family!

Do you have a pet?


  1. Poor Thor, if it is any consolation it looks like he had a very short but a very happy life filled with love which not many animals can say. He is now somewhere in Asgard.
    Will you be getting a new animals? You've seen that Theresa got a cat! I have two cats, both are vile biyaches and love me only when I feed them.

    1. Thank you for saying that. My one regret is that I didn't allow Thor on the couch. I was so worried about my furniture that I made him lay on our feet. In hindsight, it didn't really matter. We will be getting a new puppy. It's deathly quiet in here.

      I did see about the cat! She's a cutie, but I'll have to admire through pictures. I'm deathly allergic to cats.

    2. Why do not you get a racoon instead of a dog? I have always wanted me a racoon or a sweet little possum!

    3. The possums around here are bigger than Thor! They're one creepy animal..

  2. I am so sorry to know that your family lost its precious pup. He was a really cute little guy and I enjoyed reading about the good times you had with him. The kids must be devastated:(

    We never had any pets except a fish tank. My son has dander allergies and I can’t deal with the smell or fur, though I do love daschunds and a few other breeds,

    1. Yes, the kids are super sad. My son is still throwing food on the floor for him.

  3. Jax, I was so sad when you posted that on Facebook. I knew how much your family adored Thor. He brought you all so much happiness and I am sure you did the same for him. Our first dog, a pug, I never let on the couch either, and when he passed away at 8 years old, that's what I kept going back to. Why didn't I just let him on the damn furniture? It's weird to think of what we end up dwelling on once they are gone. I've tried making up for it ever since by letting all of my pets sit where they please, with the exception of our bed. Though our chiweenie does get to every once in a while when Allison isn't home (he sleeps in her bed every night. Hates to be alone so it's easier to just change the sheets in the morning than listen to him whine all night).

    I hope in time you find the next perfect dog for your family. Though I would not suggest a racoon like Dezzy says. Cute to admire from afar, but indoors? That would be a hell no for me LOL.

    1. That actually makes me feel so much better. I told my husband that now I feel like I could never let a dog on the couch because I never let Thor up. It hindsight, it is so silly.

      LOL I vote no on the racoon too.

  4. Sure never easy, especially unexpectedly like him. Had a great home and was a wonderful guy though. Funny the stuff we think about when they are gone. Couches can be replaced or a cover put over them. Our first didn't get on the couch much. But after 20 cats and 8 dogs, we kinda gave up lol great way to remember him indeed.


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