Friday, November 19, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

We were shocked to see...
...that horrible image above!  What is it, you ask?  Well, it's a tornado.  Only an EF0, but still, a real life twister.  While my husband was working a double shift on Saturday, the kiddies and I went for a stroll through our local arboretum.  We fed the chickens, walked along the river, and looked for turtles.  In other words, we were completely ignorant to the storms heading our way.  My husband called to tell me about the horrible storm passing by him, when I decided it was time to get home.  Within minutes, my phone did this horrible alarm sound and was flashing "Emergency Alert", "Tornado", "Shelter in place", "Immediately".  It said other things, but I was panicking!  My initial reaction was to laugh it off.  I mean, we don't get tornadoes on Long Island!  To be safe, I scooped up the kiddies and told them we'd take a trip to the basement.  On the way to the basement, I passed by my office window and saw the above image.  The clouds were swirling and a funnel cloud dropped down before my eyes.  I snapped a photo because I literally didn't believe my eyes and ran into the basement with the kids.

Long Island is known for...'s fairly mild weather.  We don't normally get tornadoes, hurricanes, or any other severe form of natural disaster.  knock, knock, knock  That being said, during the course of that crazy, unexpected storm, a whopping FIVE tornadoes touched down on Long Island.  Two of which were in the town that I live and one of which was visible from my house!

I'm super proud of... FIRST official home grown lemon!  It took me about 4 years to get a single lemon from this tree and we can't even eat it because I've smothered it in chemicals, but, it was HOME GROWN!

I wasted a solid...
...45 minutes of my life reading a feed on a local group on Facebook.  It was a question from a random man asking the group if they would ever go to a restaurant that was clothing optional.  If yes, he wanted to know if you'd go dressed or in your birthday suit.  As absolutely ridiculous as this sounds, a whopping 292 people commented on this post and I'm ashamed to admit that I read every single one.  The good news about this is, I laughed for that entire 45 minutes!

We're spending the weekend...
...getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner!  We'll be cleaning and cooking and then cleaning up after our cooking.  Here's to a productive weekend that results in lots of yummy eats!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Time to invest in really good metal blinds for your glass windows I guess! What was the outcome?
    I do ever so love me nekkid people, but I would never personally have the self esteem to join them, sadly.

    1. Luckily, it moved in the direction opposite my home and went towards soccer fields near my daughter's school where it then went back into the sky. Some homes were damaged, but nobody was hurt or killed.

  2. Omg, I did not even hear about the Long Island tornadoes. So scary! I got one of those phone alerts about a month ago while I was driving. Scared the hell out of me! And not much I could do, since I was in my car going to pick up my daughter from work. She said they made everyone in the library go into the innermost hallway and crouch down!!! Thankfully, the tornado was south of us and we were fine. Otherwise, I’d have been Dorothy in my CRV!

    Lol on the naked restaurant. I’d lose my appetite as not many people in the world look good naked!

    1. OMG, are tornadoes normal for Ohio?

      I'm still cracking up about the naked restaurant. One of the comments was "Have you seen the average Long Islander? No thanks, I was to enjoy my meal!" My favorite comment was a woman who wrote "Look at the woman with the napkin on her lap. You don't want to stain your thigh." hahahaha

    2. Yes, tornadoes are fairly common here. We went to the basement a lot as a kid, but honestly don’t take it as seriously now.

  3. I was in the middle of a tornado last year, absolutely terrifying

  4. We get them occasionally in Indiana. Usually at the start and end of summer. When the sirens go off, most normal people will seek shelter. Here in the midwest, many of us sit on our porch watching the carnage. A couple weeks back Jason was on the back deck and I was standing at the front door and was like "Shit! Jason a tree just fell across the road. IDK if it's one of ours or the neighbor's!" Turned out it was ours. Thankfully it didn't land in anyone's driveway and damage any cars or houses. At least once a year a tree causes a lot of damage during tornado season in our neighborhood. We've been lucky the last 15 years, but I suppose it was our turn to deal with a downed tree this year.


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