Friday, November 5, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

 We had a blast on...
...Halloween!  Baby girl dressed up as a Unicorn Princess and baby goy dressed up as an Indominus Rex.  Shout out to Bijoux for guessing that the hubby and I dressed up as a bird watcher and a bird!  We spent the day trick or treating, handing out candy, and having a miniature pizza party with our close friends.

My favorite moment was when... husband went into the liquor store dressed up as a bird watcher.  The cashier snickered and said "What are you supposed to be?".  My hubby responded "I'm a bird watcher and I'm watching my wife."  He had NO shame!

I'm currently navigating through...
...serious family drama that I totally don't want to deal with.  Ever feel like your family's sole purpose is to drive you nuts?  Yea, I'm with you.

I freaked out when...
...I had to officially dye a small part of my right eyebrow.  I'm apparently getting so old that the brows are even greying.  When did this happen and WHY?!

We're looking forward to...
...seeing my cousin who is also my son's godmother this weekend!  We haven't seen her since before the pandemic and I'm afraid my son won't even remember her.  She used to spend a weekend at my house at least once a month.  When her job sent her home because of COVID, our monthly slumber parties came to an abrupt halt.  Here's to a real overdue reunion!

I was super shocked to see...
...THIS GUY out and about on Halloween.  He was checking in on the kiddies and handing out candy canes to the trick or treaters.  Too soon?  I mean, even I think so!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Stress can make you go grey, I have a couple of friends who went grey in their twenties already. Thankfully, they're men and it looks good on them, but I can imagine how worrisome it would be for a woman. I shave my head, but I think I've gone gray too, not the eyebrows yet, thankfully.

    1. Yikes!! So stress is not just making me go bald, it's making the regrowth turn grey! Grreeaattt!! My brother is 3 years younger than me (so 29) and almost fully grey. Either it's bad genes or our lives are just equally stressful.

    2. Well you did have a very stressful year. The good news is that if you go grey it will be easier for you to die your hair pink, blue, green and change it every month LOL One of my editors just died her her lilac LOL Looks like a mermaid, since she has blue eyes and wavy hair.

  2. You guys all looked great for Halloween! But yeah, Santa was out way too early. Oh man on the eyebrow greys. I’m lucky that hasn’t happened to me, yet! I could write a book on family drama! I’ve got it on both sides. My husband hasn’t seen his mom in a year, for numerous reasons. We’ve also not spoken to two of his sisters in about 20 years, except when necessary,like when his dad died. And there’s the cuckoo birds on my side, but I believe there’s mental illness involved, so maybe not their fault, but still exasperating. Anyhoo…..I get it!

    1. Thank you! Yeaaa, the Santa thing was a bit much. Antonio kept asking him for a rocket ship and then saying "Pull it out of your bag!". LOL While I'm sorry that you have to suffer through it too, I'm glad I'm not the only one dealing with the family drama. It's exhausting.

  3. My future stepdaughter did unicorn princess for Halloween at church and Elsa for Halloween

  4. You all looked great in your costumes! Your hubby is a Hoot (see what I did there lol).

    Family drama is something I don’t deal with anymore. I haven’t spoken to my sister in 10 years and have no plans to ever do so again.

    Yikes on the eyebrow grays. I have thin eyebrows so I’ve never noticed gray, but I’d freak the hell out if I seen one in there.


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