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TV: Bosch

  You won't see too many TV review posts on here because it's not frequent that I finish a full series.  Between not having much time and having a mental problem of not wanting anything to "end", watching a whole TV series just doesn't happen.  That being said, I did watch the Amazon original series Bosch (link) in its entirety.

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TV Series Review:  Bosch

In 2015, Amazon released an original TV series called Bosch (link).  This suspense drama is based on the best selling novels by Michael Connelly.  I did a book review on one of his books that you can find here (link).  With 21 total books in the series, Amazon had plenty of material to work with.  Like the novel, the TV series follows the life of the main character, Detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch.  Unlike the novel, the series ends at season 7 instead of 21.

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What is this series about?

As briefly mentioned above, the TV series Bosch is a suspense drama that follows the life of a notorious LAPD detective named Bosch.  With Bosch's high performance and high sense of moral ethics, he is well known in LA.  Despite his success rate and fame, Bosch has a habit of rubbing people the wrong way.  This is in part due to his sincere morals and untraditional methods.  Each season follows the unraveling of a large scale murder mystery with plenty of sub-stories along the way.  In other words, it's a fast paced and intriguing watch!

Are there any notable cast members?

The main character is played by Titus Welliver.  Aside from Welliver, Lance Reddick, who plays the Chief of Police, is another popular cast member and one of my favorite TV actors.  While I have not seen this actress before, Mimi Rogers plays Honey Chandler and is by far my favorite character on the show.  She's meant to be a character that the audience dislikes, but I couldn't help but idolize some of the stronger characteristics of the fictional character.

What did you like about the show?

This show keeps you on the edge of your seat.  Right when you think you got things figured out, there's a twist that's got you shook.  Is that a good show or the results of a good book?  Hmmm..  The show itself was very realistic.  Many times I felt like I was in the scene.  I also really enjoyed the playful banter and sincere relationships in the show.  The cast made you feel like their bond was genuine.

My favorite season was the first one mainly due to the villain.  Jason Gedrick played the pscyhotic serial killer called Raynard Waits.  I can honestly say it's one of the best antagonists I've ever seen in a series.  The depth of this character was way more than a murderer.  I can't say much more without giving things away, but trust me when I say, he alone is a valid reason to watch at least the first season of Bosch.

What did you dislike about the show?

Titus Williver is a great actor and did the character justice to the best of his ability.  That being said, he just was not believable in the role.  He was meant to be this tough guy that doesn't lose a fight.  Some of the more intense fights were so unbelievable that I couldn't help but giggle.

While I quickly learned to get over the first point because he is a great actor, there was one great disappointment.  The worst part of the show was the final season.  Season 7 was confusing, unsatisfying, and felt extremely rushed.  Seasons 1 through 6 left me feeling satisfied and like all of my questions were answered.  Season 7 ended with me wondering when it would start.  At some points it felt like they were tossing unofficial bullet points at the audience in order to lead up to the final scene.  

Is there anything else people should know?

Amazon officially announced that there will be a spin off of Bosch and season 7 was their long winded, unnecessary announcement.  That being said, I'm all in on the spin off since I did enjoy the first 6 seasons that much!

I would highly recommend the TV series Bosch.

Have you ever watched Bosch?


  1. Mimi Rogers was Tom Cruise's first wife LOL
    Bosch is a funny name for a show as here in Europe Bosch is one of the most famous producers of technical gadgets and appliances.

    1. Not that I didn't believe you, but I had to look that up before even commenting back! What an ODD, strange couple!! I never would have even thought of them as a pair.

      I have a wireless speaker that is Bosch brand, but I didn't really connect the two together.

    2. She was his first cover for being gay :) I remember that he was with Rob Thomas for some time, and then with Beckham, just like Brad Pitt is with George Clooney LOL I forgot who was Travoltas secret gay lover, but I remember that he had someone as well.

    3. I remember the Travolta scandal. It happened on a cruise ship during a massage session. The others I haven't heard about at all!

  2. Yeah, I thought Bosch was a dishwasher! But no, it’s not my kind of show. Though I did watch NYPD Blues back in the day when my husband made me. LOL!

    So, not wanting a show to end is a mental problem? I have that with books sometimes and get excited when an author has a character make another appearance in a different book. Elizabeth Strout and Elin Hilderbrand are masters of that and I love them both.

    1. I have to look them up! I love a good cameo.

  3. hahahaha you NEED to get over that mental problem and finish Monk. You finished Chuck

  4. Jason and I are about to finish The Good Place and will need something else to hold our attention. I normally like comedies, but there aren't many good ones to choose from right now. I think I'll see if he wants to try Bosch.


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