Monday, October 4, 2021

List: The top ten trendiest Halloween costumes for young girls this year.

In early August, I went on a shopping spree in Homegoods.  While I went there specifically to look for a replacement tray, I ended up walking out with a basket full of everything but that one item.  Typical.  Am I right, ladies?!  To make matters worse, my daughter was with me and was acting like my cheerleader as I filled the shopping cart.  She cheered especially loud when I agreed to buy their Halloween costumes super early because they were literally dirt cheap!  It was in that specific aisle that I got a complete lesson on the trendy Halloween costumes for girls in 2021.

what halloween costume should i get for an 8 year old girl

If you didn't luck out like I did, it's officially the time of year to start scrambling to find your kids the perfect Halloween costume.  Lucky for you, I'm willing to share the knowledge that my daughter passed onto me in Homegoods.  You're welcome.  Here's a list of the top ten trendiest costumes.

what halloween costume should i get for an 8 year old girl

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Ten 10 trendiest Halloween costumes for girls.

Between the bright colors, puffy tutu, and cute headband, this costume is a young girl's dream.  To be honest, I'd totally rock it too...  It was no surprise when my daughter picked out this costume to wear for Halloween this year.

My daughter showed some serious love to her costume from last year.  You'll be relieved to hear that The Queen of Mean didn't get played out yet.  Instead, it's trendier than ever and the perfect Halloween costume!

...because it's apparently trendy to be a bug?

My baby girl went from loving Disney princesses to loving Disney zombie shows.  Luckily, the cheerleader costume from the show is trendy and not the living dead.

For the past few years, Wonder Woman has been a really popular Halloween costume for girls, teenagers, and women.  This character especially when played by Gal Gadot is beautiful, strong, and fearless.  Who wouldn't want to be Wonder Woman?!

These Halloween costumes look like giant one piece pajamas but with a hood.  When the hood is up, they look just like a specific animal.  The one pictured is a fox, but they have almost anything.  I saw elephants, flamingos, frogs, and much more.

For the young girls that are looking to be the bad girl turned good unlike her enemy The Queen of Mean, this is the character they'll want to dress up as for Halloween.  Have a group of kids to dress?  The characters from the Descendants would be such a fun theme, especially since there are boy and girl costumes available.

We can thank the new live action film for this trend!  I'm all about this super cute costume and offered to wear it myself if the kids would dress up as puppies.  That was shot down pretty quickly.  As in, immediately shut down as "lame".

I can't remember a time when the Sanderson sisters weren't trendy.  My daughter and her best friend always say they want to do this for Halloween, but then they end up fighting over who gets to be Winifred!  Which I don't understand.  Who wants to be Winifred?!

Kids everywhere are obsessed with the TV show Miraculous so I was totally NOT surprised when my daughter's second Halloween costume choice was Ladybug.  The request was unfortunately denied because the costume was lame and super expensive.  At that high price, it could have at least come with the polka dotted yoyo!

What is not included in this list yet is undoubtedly trendy, is Harley Quinn.  Why?  Because I just think it's inappropriate for my 8 year old daughter.

Are you dressing up this year?


  1. But Cruella is vile, why would anyone dress their kids as a villain?
    I do like the butterfly one.

    1. Because Halloween is supposed to be evil, scary creatures! I have to dress up this year b/c we're going to a party at my boss's house. I really BEGGED my husband to dress up as a Dalmatian so that I could be Cruella. Mostly because I love the dress, but it's all in good fun.

  2. I’ve never even heard of any of those shows. My grandkids are obsessed with Toy Story. My grandson is going as Buzz Lightyear and granddaughter as Jessie. I’ve already seen them in their costumes and they look super cute.

    1. That's so cute!!! My son LOVES Toy Story. I got away with themed costumes for the first two years, but there's no convincing them now. My daughter is going to be a unicorn princess and my son is going to be dinosaur.

  3. Allison wanted to go as Lydia from Beetlejuice (yes, she still collects candy at 17 years old LOL) but just found out she has to work from 4-10 that day and can't go. She's irritated but at least I can stop trying to hunt down a similar dress to the one from the movie (they're all out of stock!)


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