Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Life: Who is The Green Man?

 On Monday I told you all about our trip to Salem, MA.  One of the items on my list #8 to be exact was to shop at The Coven's Cottage (link).  As a reminder, this was the beautiful store that I described as "totally Salem" that sells "dried herbs, quirky figurines, a variety of crystals and stones, and beautiful Pagan items".  Unfortunately, they have a strictly enforced policy that prohibits any picture taking, so you will have to take my word for it.

This is also the place where I bought the plaque that the shopkeeper lovingly referred to as The Green Man.  I was so mesmerized with this plaque that I purchased it despite it being triple my budget set for the entire day tripI'm still looking for the perfect spot to hang him, but in the interim, I've done lots of research to try and understand why I've been so captivated with a disc shaped sculpture.

what are well known wiccan or pagan gods

Life:  Who is The Green Man?

The Green Man is part legend, part god, and part symbolism.  Quite frankly, it depends on who you ask.  Despite the many variations of "who" The Green Man is, he seems to be depicted similarly across the board.  He's usually a green man shocker whose face is surrounded with leaves, branches, and all things nature.

What does The Green Man symbolize?

The Green Man symbolizes rebirth, the cycle of life, and is the spirit of nature.  He is also a symbol of the Spring season for modern Pagans.  In Wicca, The Green Man isn't just a symbol, but an actual representation of the Horned God in one of his many forms.  Finally, The Green Man is also the guardian of the forest.

Despite the many interpretations and meanings associated with The Green Man, there is one common theme, nature.

what is the green man

What does The Green Man mean to you?

I'm not sure, but after all of my research, I now like to think of him as the spirit form of nature and a self reminder of environmental awareness.

For me, The Green Man is a direct reminder that when society went to crap almost two years ago, nature embraced us.  It was the hikes through the nature preserves and the hunt for different birds that kept me sane.  It was the joy of exploring unknown terrain and stumbling across wildlife that kept my kids entertained.  It was having new visitors to our bird feeders that allowed me to connect with my husband in a new way.  Whatever or whomever The Green Man is, I welcome him and everything that he symbolizes for me.  Plus, isn't he gorgeous??

Have you ever heard of The Green Man?


  1. He is very gorgeous, the only thing I don't like are those trinkets hanging from him, I'd remove them feathers and things. I'm translating Holly Black's Queen of Nothing right now so I'm all in the fairy world filled with goblins, fae and other grigs. Prince Kardan just turned into a black serpent LOL

    1. Ohh it sounds like a lovely book, although, I'd rather turn into a fairy than a serpent. lol

  2. I’ve never seen nor heard of him. Unlike Dez, my favorite part are the hanging feathers and doodads! It’s odd that a retail shop wouldn’t allow pictures. Seems shady! Lol!

    1. I asked why they wouldn't allow the pictures and they said that people were stealing their ideas and replicating them. I guess since they're such a unique shop in a high traffic area that they want to remain different? Which I get, but what's stopping a spy from walking in? LOL

  3. I actually have seen his symbol before

  4. It is stunning, indeed and something I would have wasted my entire trip budget on. However, I agree with Dezzy about the feathers and trinkets hanging down. They aren't my favorite part of the piece but not enough to remove them. I would change out the strings they are hanging from to leather or suede though, or a more earthy color than bright blue and red.

    That's stupid about the no photos because if I wanted to swipe an idea bad enough, I'd find a way to steal the ideas without pictures. I am always more inclined to visit shops when reviews post pics of the inside. If it looks like a funky place I'd love, I'd add it to my itinerary, even if it was a little out of the way.


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