Monday, October 11, 2021

Life: Vacation

Every year we take a trip to Villa Roma in the Catskill Mountains.  If you recall, I told you all about it in this post (link).  Well, this year is no exception.  We'll be playing BINGO, betting on turtle races, and spending time on the local farms.  Most importantly, we'll be busy NOT working!

See you guys in a week when we resume our normal schedule!

What are your plans for the week?


  1. My plans? Dealing with week 3 of the outdoor landscape/hardscape project. It’s a mess right now! This weekend, I’m going to visit my son and his wife for a little mini vacation in Columbus. I’m very excited, as I haven’t spent the night anywhere since March 2020 and I’ve never been to their apartment.

  2. Have fun and don't wreck the villa!

  3. My plans this week include getting ready for the start or Christmas craft fair season. Allison and I will be off to Frankenmuth, Michigan for the weekend. We're leaving Friday morning. Fingers crossed it will be the start of a successful season.

    Safe travels and have fun. Your vacation sounds awesome. Bingo, turtle races and farm hopping. I'm a little jealous LOL!

  4. I need to secure me a Halloween costume before next Monday

  5. Busy NOT working sounds like a good deal to me! Have fun.


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