Friday, October 22, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings


While upstate in the Catskills, we did a lot of...
...hiking and bird watching.  During one of our outdoor adventures, we stumbled upon this juvenile bald eagle perched on a tree branch.  The eagle was only about 10 feet away from us and didn't even flinch during the photoshoot.  If anything, I was more afraid of him..  I had to ask a fellow birder to help me identify the eagle because it was missing its signature white cap.  Turns out juvenile bald eagles are a mix of brown with white flecks until their adult plumage grows in.  Whatever the age, I was very excited about this find.

I have officially found zen in...
...a really fancy essential oil diffuser.  It plays this calming, relaxing music as it lets out a luxurious mist of essential oils.  It lights up and changes colors.  The diffuser is a giant glass bulb on top and wood on the bottom.  It even comes with a remote!!  Needless to say, work can't even stress me out with this thing on.

I'm finding it incredibly difficult to...
...concentrate.  I find myself getting exhausted every day but not accomplishing anything.  To put it in perspective, I'm writing this the day before Friday when I'm usually well over a week ahead!  I start things and never finish them.  I write to do lists and then cross nothing off.  I need to refocus and follow through to the end.  To do this, I have to learn to eliminate distractions, starting with shutting my phone off!

I have more to say but...
...I don't have the heart to say it here just yet.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Maybe you should put less things on your list and try to slow down a bit before you explode. Make a list of everything you don't need on your list LOOOL

  2. Eagles are so majestic. Our National park always has a few eagle nests you can see from afar every year. They are humongous structures! I saw your diffuser on Instagram and it looked really neat. Hope you can relax this weekend!

  3. I thought of you today while bird watching. I have a little picnic table that Jason made me to feed the squirrels, but the blue jays love it more than the squirrels do. There's 3 of them that just wait for me to put out the roasted nuts then all hell breaks loose. We always have a ton of cardinals in the yard, but for some reason it's been blue jays this year. The little juvenile eagle is quite lovely. We don't see birds like that around here.


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