Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Review: A honest & detailed review of the Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain by Gexregel.

In the beginning of the Summer, I was a little upset that my hummingbird friends weren't stopping by to say hello.  Instead of crying about it although I may have whined a little, I decided to take action.  Using my hummingbird knowledge, I made some minor adjustments to my bird sanctuary.  Two days later, I got a visitor.  Within a week, I had at least four different regular hummingbird friends stopping by throughout the day.  In other words, the minor adjustments worked.

Fun Fact:  Hummingbirds are attracted to moving water.  They're more likely to fly through the mist of your sprinklers than to visit a stagnant puddle.

This fun fact got me thinking.  While I change the bird bath water daily, fact is, it's still holding stagnant water.  I needed an inexpensive and simple way to get that water moving!

how to turn a regular bird bath into a fountain

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Review: Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain by Gexregel

What is a solar powered bird bath fountain?

It's exactly as it sounds.  It's a solar powered disc with a little motor attached to it.  The motor takes the stagnant water from the bird bath and shoots it through a nozzle and into the air mimicking a fountain.

Why did you pick this specific model?

The first thing that attracted me to this specific model was the low price and ~4 star rating from Amazon.  My budget was very low because my husband is over spending money on birds.  This product by Gexregel was way under my $20 budget.  Another selling factor was the number of nozzles that comes with the product.  I would have been happy with one nozzle, but this product came with 6 so that was a bonus!

how to turn a regular bird bath into a fountain

Are you happy with your purchase?

I am happy that the Bird Bath Fountain (link) was effective.  Whether or not this is the winning adjustment that brought the hummingbirds is unknown, but after installing it, they came!

To be clear, I got what I paid for.  It is not very pretty as you can see from the photo.  The rubber straws are a bit of an eyesore but are necessary.  Without them, the fountain goes a little crazy swimming through the water.  I love the fact that it is solar powered, but was disappointed that it didn't reserve any of the solar energy.  The fountain pauses every time a thick cloud blocks the sunlight.

I was a disappointed to learn that only after a week of purchasing, my favorite nozzle got clogged with who knows what hopefully not bird poop and stopped working.  There is really no way to clean the nozzles so it became garbage.

Is there anything else that buyers should know?

Yes!  There is definitely one thing buyers should know about the Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain (link).  Bird baths are pretty shallow, especially when compared to a pool or a pond.  That being said, even with just the slightest breeze, the water blows out of your bird bath and empties it pretty quickly.  On a calm day, I refill my bird bath twice.  On a windy day, I have had to refill it up to five times before giving up.  I did move it to a deeper bird bath to see if that helped the situation.  It did help a little, but nothing significant.  On the bright side, I do a lot more refilling but a lot less cleaning.  Instead of having to clean daily, I can get away with cleaning the actual tub of the bird bath a few times a week after installing the fountain.

Did you make any fun changes to your garden?


  1. Hmmm, I didn't know that about hummingbirds. I love seeing them visit my feeder, but didn't know moving water would attract them even more. I'll have to look into a fountain like this next summer.

  2. How do the birds suddenly notice these changes? Does it mean that you are under the constant surveillance of their bird spies? Or does the bird word spreads about it quickly in their aviary circles? Such mystery.... It is the same with Jozo the Hedgehog who somehow smells my cats' food and comes to visits even though he does not live anywhere close, methinks. They must have some animals newspapers or something...

  3. This is good info, so thanks! We are thinking about removing a butterfly bush that is in front of our living room window because it’s always a spindly mess and putting a water feature in its place. It’s also next to the deck, so I think it will look nice. I want to do a solar fountain in it, so this gives me good ideas on what to look for.


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