Monday, September 20, 2021

List: Ten festive, family friendly activities to do this Autumn.

 Do you know what Wednesday is?  Of course you do.

Wednesday is the first official day of Autumn.  We're not talking about the first day that stores put out Halloween costumes or when Starbucks released their Pumpkin Spice Latte because that's literally still the Summer.  We're talking about two days from now.   That Wednesday.  As in the real deal, people!!

In honor of my favorite season, I put together an Autumn bucket list, because #goals.

the ultimate fall bucket list to do as a family this year.

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A festive, family friendly Autumn bucket list!

1.  Take a road trip through the mountains.
There is just something so magical about driving through the rural countryside of the Catskill Mountains in the heart of the Fall.  The endless trees that line the road with beautiful Fall colors just puts me in the mood to kick off my Autumn bucket list.  Like every other year, we'll be taking our family trip to Villa Roma Resort in the Catskills (link)...and I just can't wait because this place deserves a Fall bucket list of its own!

2.  Make a pot of butternut squash soup.
Every year, my mom would make a gigantic thing of butternut squash soup.  She'd freeze it for easy meals throughout the Fall.  The hardest part is cutting up the squash, but, other than that, it's very simple to make.  Serve it with tortellini and molasses.  It's one of my favorite meals!

The kids really look forward to this annual festivity.  They get to paint and decorate their pumpkins, make s'mores, tell ghost stories, and mommy gets to sip wine by the fire.

modern trendy outside decor for the fall

As I already mentioned in the post linked above, I love to decorate for the Fall.  I do this by swapping out Autumn themed items to replace my "regular" decorations.

This year, I upped my game by investing a few new pieces.  My favorites are the Halloween themed garden gnomes (link).  I was too lazy to pack them away to take them out again in two weeks, so they've been chilling on my buffet table temporarily.  Once we actually decorate, our Halloween gnomes named Shamus the Witch and Shamus the Mummy, will go in the front flower beds.

5.  Celebrate World Rivers Day.
World Rivers Day falls on September 26th this year, but is always the 4th Sunday in September.  Research what events are happening in your area to celebrate.  Or, do your own thing!  Hike along a local river.  Bundle up and rent a kayak for the day.  We'll be participating in a River Walk along the Connetquot River where the "guide" will be sure to point out all the Fall wildlife that rely on the river for survival.

6.  Walk through a haunted festival.
For some spooky themed fun, take a night stroll through a haunted festival and enjoy the activities.  We love the one behind our local library.  The evening outside starts with fun games and crafts for the kids.  Then, at around 8pm, the "haunted gazebo" fills with all sorts of scary creatures.  Well, it's really the drama kids from the high school volunteering for our enjoyment!  But, you get the point.

the ultimate fall bucket list to do as a family this year.

7.  Visit a local farmer's market.
For some, this is a regular activity.  For others like ME, it's over an hour drive and something that usually can't be spur of the moment.  Stock up on fresh, locally sourced squash.  Pick up some mums.  And, my favorite, grab a few bundles of dried eucalyptus or lavender to replace last year's bundles.  Don't forget to enjoy a freshly roasted ear of corn and a slice of seasonal, homemade pie with a glass of hot apple cider!

Or, if it's after Halloween, get into the holiday spirit early by enjoying a binge of your favorite, cheesy holiday movies!

9.  Get creative with the falling leaves.
Instead of jumping into those nasty, bug infested, colorful leaves, get creative with them! Put them in a scrap book and research what species of tree it fell off of.  Use them to make works of art.  Or, go crazy, and bedazzle some leaves!

Last year we had lots of fun with this Pressed Flower Art kit (link).  I may try this with the kiddies again but with fall leaves and mums.  They make for great gifts for family from the kids!

10.  Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade.
The Macy's Thanksgiving day parade is one of my favorite moments of the entire year.  This parade can be enjoyed with or without kids so make sure that you don't miss it!  If you do have kids, don't forget to hype them up for the grand finale because Santa can totally see through the TV.

What is on your Fall bucket list this year?


  1. I’m hopefully going to a Mum Festival next weekend, though the forecast is not looking good. We always going apple picking and I’m going to make apple butter again, since it worked so well last year.

    That’s a bummer that it’s so far for you to get to a farmer’s market. Most towns here have them set up each weekend. Unfortunately, the prices are skyrocketed, so I refuse to go.

    1. A mum festival sounds like so much fun! I hope that the weather holds out. We wanted to go to a tulip festival this year which got rained out on us and was such a bummer! Is it cold enough there for mums yet? We're holding off this year on pumpkins and mums since it's still Summer temperatures.

    2. Do mums need cold temps? They are always for sale starting Sept. 1st. It’s still in the 80’s.

    3. More so the pumpkins, but we buy them at the same time so we like to wait.

  2. It defo seems like Autumn here today as we have just 11*C and rain, and it will go below ten at night, so kinda like winter cold. I do have an Autumn mug post prepared for the first day of Autumn at Facebook :) Love your gnomes, so cute! I bought me a really lovely navy hooded jacket this weekend so I'm set for winter and cold days, but I need me an Autumn one too. Although I prefer and always wear padded vests I do need a jacket when it is raining like today.

    1. Wow, you guys really have extreme temperatures. Is there ever a season with pleasant, mild days for you? The gnomes are adorable! We still haven't put them outside yet, but we will. I just hope that they're not cute enough to be stolen. I can't wait for the mug post! I took out my pumpkin mug on Saturday, but I haven't used it yet.

    2. We have had extreme temps ever since Americans put Harp Satellites in Bosnia in order to secretly influence and ruin our weather and thus our crops and domestic seeds so that we would start buying their more robust GMO ones like your farmers are forced to, sadly.

    3. What?! I don't even understand what that means. Americans can influence the weather???

    4. Sure they can, deary, what do you think how did they force all your farmers to turn to their seeds. They ruin the weather to destroy your domestic seeds, then you have to accept their more resilient ones and hello GMO on everybody's plate. When Harp appeared that was the time when we started getting extreme storms, floods, crazy heats etc.

    5. Under their seeds I mean Monsanto's seeds.

  3. Hurray for fall. I am usually a summer girl, but this year autumn couldn't come fast enough for some reason. I'm just cranky and miserable in the heat lately. I'd like to drive through the mountains, but sadly there aren't any in boring Indiana. We thought about going on a road trip through MI again this fall, but my boxer is now paralyzed in her hind quarters, so she needs someone to help her out to potty 4 times a day and we just don't trust anyone to take care of her the way we do. I will definitely be hitting up some orchards and will also visit my auntie's pumpkin farm this year. Oh, and we always start our Halloween movie binge October 1st, trying to watch a Halloween themed movie each night of the month.


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