Friday, September 10, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

Mushy Face had a great...
...first day of third grade.  This year she started the new, bigger school.  Despite her first day jitters, she ended up doing great!  Although, I was sad to hear she was alone during recess.  The kids are having a hard time interacting with masks.  Instead of overcoming the hurdle, they're choosing to be alone.  My comments are open to any Mommy advice on how to help my baby girl through this..  While not ideal, at least I know she's safe.

Prince Charming KILLED... at his first day at Pre-K!  He had zero potty accidents, moved up with some of his friends, and came home with a big smile on his face.

Here's to...
...a great school year for my daughter, my son, and all the other kids!  I'm learning through my oldest that the "new normal" can be extremely difficult for students.  She tells about the challenges of hearing the teacher properly, looking at lessons through multiple plastic shields, and socializing with masks.  Let's hope these obstacles become less of a burden as time moves on and this school year is the best one yet!

I bet you're wondering about...
...the tree I posted a picture of in between my babies.  This tree is a Dawn Redwood Tree.  I remember reading about people traveling near and far to visit ancient Redwood forests so when I stumbled across this one in our local arboretum, I was intrigued.  I immediately went to Google to see if this is THE Redwood tree.  While it is very disappointingly so not the famous species, it did have a very interesting story.  Scientists only knew of this specie's existence thanks to fossils.  It was always assumed that the Dawn Redwood tree was extinct, until one day, someone stumbled upon a living one in China.  Once found, scientists dispersed its seeds throughout the world.  Thanks to a single person's discovery, Dawn Redwood trees are now an abundant species, but are all direct descendants of the "last one" in China.  How cool is that?!  So, obviously, I had to share.

Today we are on our way to...
...Boston!  We are leaving on a Friday because I refuse to travel on September 11th.  See you all in a week!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Idk if it's a mask thing, but neither of my daughters really had tight friendships in elementary school. I remember them often telling me that they played alone at recess. My oldest was kind of a nerd, so that wasn't surprising, but my youngest is a social butterfly with many friends, so I think it's just at that age, kids tend to enjoy their own company at recess. I remember I used to like to dig through the rocks by myself hunting for Indian beads.

    The redwood is beautiful. I love trees that have those twisty trunks. Such a neat story about its existence, too!

    Have a wonderful vacation! Let me know if you find any Boston Baked Beans while you out there LOL.

  2. I just hate seeing young kids in masks. It seriously makes me teary eyed. I wish I had advice because I know my Middle Child was often alone at recess. Our elementary school finally installed a Buddy Bench where kids who had no one to play with could sit and I guess it encouraged others to befriend them? I really don’t know how it works.

    We saw a Dawn Redwood at an arboretum here. They are neat and it’s an interesting story. Hope you have a great time in Bean Town!

  3. They have plastic shields in your schools? Our bastard government wouldn't bother with that... they just make everyone wear masks, imagine teaching six or seven 45 minute lessons with a mask on! When you talk under the mask the snot goes right into your mouth lol And they've just put us on a red list in Europe as we are again having thousands of sick each day....
    Have fun in Boston!

  4. Last week our whole schools opened and yes all students have to wear masks. 1st week result was = 200 Classrooms were lock down. We all really worry about the education of our children, and Their healths.


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