Friday, September 3, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

We tried our best to...
...enjoy the last weekend of the kiddie's Summer vacation.  Summer camp is over and the kid's started school on Thursday.  Trying to keep their spirits up since they did NOT want camp to end, we had lots of family time.

We took a ride out east to...
...our favorite farmer's market.  Their farm claims to date back to the 1600s so they know a little something about fresh produce, sustainability, and natural deliciousness.  We go there a few times a year to stock up on tomatoes, corn on the cob, and string beans.  While we love all of those things, my favorite purchases are the seasonal sunflowers and yellow watermelon.  The yellow melon is sweet like honey and according to Google is how the first cultivated watermelons naturally were!

You can't go to the farmers market without...
...enjoying a freshly roasted ear of corn!  The kids LOVE this, but not as much as my husband who went for seconds.

We went on a final...
...beach day!  Can you guess to where after our beachy posts this week?  That's right!  We went to the Foster Memorial beach.  They had fun swimming in the bay, collecting scallop shells, and flying their kites.

To end the weekend...
...we got local seafood at this outdoor restaurant near the beach.  I decided to be adventurous and try the squid ink pasta!  As pictured above, it looked like thick worms covered in slime.  But, to keep face, I tried it.  It was surprisingly delicious, although I don't understand it.

I'm getting super annoyed with...
...the local yellow jackets!  It's like swarms of them came out of nowhere to follow me around the world.  I can't take a step outside without three flying at me.  As much as I don't want the Summer to end, I'll be happy when the yellow jackets say bye bye.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. School started here on Wednesday, with full classes and lessons, thirty and more kids in each classroom, poor teachers... What is that that you burnt in the first plate LOL

    1. That is the squid ink pasta that I ordered from that outdoor cafe. It actually wasn't bad! Although, my husband still won't kiss me without wrinkling his nose.. LOL LOL

  2. I love corn on the cob! Sounds like a great end of summer! But yeah, I wouldn’t even try the squid ink pasta. Schools started here two weeks ago. I hate that it gets earlier and earlier and I don’t even have kids in school anymore. They are making them wear masks in lots of districts and boy, the controversy!

    1. We are all masked up in school over here, but I'm happy about it. I wouldn't want the kids in them forever, but at this point, for at least for another year. I'm all for freedom of choice (and I'd still choose the mask). But, in schools, many kids will choose not to wear it and the teachers would have zero authority to enforce it making it important to mandate. That's my unpopular opinion of the day!

  3. You’re more adventurous than I am. I wouldn’t be able to try the squid ink pasta without wanting to gag. Then again, I never was a seafood fan, but Jason would definitely try if.

    Sounds like a nice summer send off for your family. I’d have gotten 2 ears of corn as well because roasted corn cobs are one of my favorite summertime eats. I have never had yellow watermelon, but I sure want to try some now!


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