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Life: Foster Memorial Beach in Sag Harbor, NY

 As promised on this post (link), today I'm going to tell you all about my favorite Long Island beach.  That beach is called the Foster Memorial Beach (link) and is located in Sag Harbor, NY.  While that's the official name, the locals refer to it as Long Beach after the name of the road it runs along.  To confuse you even more, locals don't refer to this area as Sag Harbor.  Instead they call it Noyack, which is a little hamlet inside of Sag Harbor.

Alright, let's review.  My favorite Long Island beach is Foster Memorial Beach in Sag Harbor, NY which is commonly referred to as Long Beach in Noyack.  Got it?  Great.  Let's move on..

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Foster Memorial Beach in Sag Harbor, NY

There are two different types of beaches on Long Island.  There are south shore beaches which are known for their fine, white sand and rough, ocean waters.  There are also north shore beaches which are known for their rocky shores and calm, bay waters.  Foster Memorial Beach is neither a north shore beach or a south shore beach.  It's totally unique!

Technically, Foster Memorial Beach is on the south shore of Long Island since it is part of the Hamptons.  Despite this fact, it's located on the northern part of a thin strip of land.  It faces what is known as Noyack Bay.  This unique location gives us the best of both worlds.  We have the calm waters of the north shore beaches but the fine, white sand of the south shore.  As a mom with two young kids, that's a win win for me!

I'm about to throw a truth bomb.  Get ready for it.
I don't like the beach.
Gasp, I know.  Totally shocking..
The idea of swimming in water that fish swim, eat, and poop in skeeves the crap out of me.  The sad truth that you don't always know what's lurking underneath the deeper water terrifies me.  And, as if that isn't enough, the fear of drowning is something I'll always carry with me even if I'm just crossing a puddle.

Now that we know each other a little better, you know that you can believe me when I say this water is PRISTINE.  The water is so clean that you can see through it even at some of the deepest points.  Speaking of deepest points, it doesn't really get all that deep, unless you're a lunatic and swim way out there.  Finally, the risk of drowning is minimized slightly because the water is calmer than a bathtub with a toddler in it.  Ok, so anything is calmer than that, but you get the point.  I feel comfortable with my family and myself in this water.

From across the bay, you can see the famous Greenport, NY and Shelter Island.  I've never gone to this beach without someone pointing out to me what we're looking at across the way.  Apparently, it's a big deal.

In addition to the clean, calm water and fine, white sand, there are other perks to the Foster Memorial Beach.
1.  Lifeguards are on duty and ALERT.
2.  Beach bbqs are allowed with a permit and after 6pm.
3.  Solicitors are prohibited.  If you've ever been to a LI beach, you know this is HUGE.
4.  Drive on access for tailgating with a permit.
5.  Public restrooms are available and relatively clean.
6.  Public showers are available, but they're not enclosed.

The only negative is the high, daily parking fee that has ranged anywhere between $30 to $40 throughout the years.  Sadly, they don't accept the Empire pass.  Additionally, there is no food onsite like many other beaches.  Instead, you'll need to come prepared with your own food, take a quick ride to the nearby deli, or cross your fingers that a food truck comes.  Every time I've been to Foster Memorial Beach, a food truck has made an appearance, but usually it's only selling ice cream.

Do you like the beach?

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  1. I only like nekkid people at the beach and that is about it LOL

    1. My luck, the naked people on our beach would the be type to make me go blind. LOL

  2. I like the idea of the beach, but the thought of spending a week at Hilton Head (VERY popular vacation choice in these parts) bores me to death. I prefer to stay at a beach resort, hang out at the pool, walk along the beach to find seashells and enjoy the sunrise or sunset over the water. Then go do activities off site!

    No thanks to going into the ocean. Like the time I thought I was going to die while kayaking in the Pacific Ocean. No thank you!! My fear is stepping on some sea creature that will sting me. Oh, and drowning!!

    1. I'm with you on this!! For our honeymoon, my husband guilted me into going on a jet ski. I obliged trying not to be the "boring, new wife". I started yelling "FASTER" out of fear of what was under us. Then I started yelling "SLOWER" because I was afraid I'd fall off and drown. Three minutes in, I yelled out "GET ME OFF THIS THING". That's the story of my 3 minutes on the water.. hahaha

  3. As I get older, I find that I don't like the beach as much as I used to. I'm glad I figured this out before we decided to relocate because for the longest time I was set on moving to Tybee Island.

    I never thought vendors on a beach was a thing until we vacationed in California. People were walking around selling all kinds of things- floaties, sunscreen, ice cream and even mangos. We thought it was the strangest thing because they don't do that in MI or IN.

    1. That's so funny about the vendors. Sometimes they're the best part, but on the my crowded beaches, they become a nuisance. They'll walk right up to the kids and offer then ice cream bars out of a handheld cooler and then demand cash!

    2. Now that would warrant an earful from me! That’s such a sleazy sales tactic!


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