Friday, August 20, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

 Our week was full of...
...ACTION!  We legit barely had time to sleep and I loved every minute of it.  We got dressed every single day.  We made memories.  We spent time with close family and friends.  We also had a whole lot of fun!

It all started with...
...our friend's wedding.  We dug our formal wear out of the closest, brushed off the dust, and then prayed it still fit.  We left the kids home with nonno for an evening of Friendly's and a movie while we danced the night away.  As in, ALL night.  As in, I still have lingering blisters on my feet from dancing!

My in laws surprised me with...
...a birthday dinner and cake on Saturday.  Dressed in our finest casual Summer outfits, we had a blast sipping wine, telling stories, and eating the surf and turf meal prepared by my father in law.  As a quadruple bonus, they got me 30 candle because I'm officially forever 30 BTW..

It ended with...
...our exciting trip to Coney Island!

I'm feeling especially blessed that...
...I got good news from the doctor.  On the 4th of July, I noticed a large, white lump on my right tonsil.  Yes, I check my tonsils.  Don't judge..  I figured that it was just an infection and carried on with life.  When it didn't go away a few weeks later, I started to panic.  Like, really panic.  Google became my best friend and I was barely able to function.  To put it into perspective, the few times I let my mind think, I ended up in tears really thinking that I had throat cancer.  Four doctors later, I finally went to an ENT.  He performed a minor procedure to remove the lump and biopsy the tissue.  After almost a month of indescribable anxiety, the biopsy results came and it was benign tissue.  More specifically, I developed a cyst.  It may sound silly, but this week was the first one in a while where I was fully present.  I mean, you got to know it's that bad when I don't even blog about it..

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. OMG I was so afraid when I clicked the post it wouldn't open LOL Glad the rest of your life was lovely this week.
    Why didn't they remove your tonsils? It is usually recommended as your immune system gets better and we don't need them at all, most of the people who had them removed in childhood don't get flu and sore throat as often as others do.

    1. I was so afraid that this wouldn't post! I wonder why triggered the Coney Island post to be flagged. Let's see if the copy and pasted post scheduled for Monday also gets flagged.

      I didn't know that about the tonsils being removed. I did ask my dr if that was an option and he said verbatim "That's like shooting an ant with a bazooka gun.". What I took as extra effective, he took as overkill. lol

    2. Most diseases start with tonsils getting inflamed, you know how flu usually starts with sore throat, but that cannot happen when you have tonsils out, so that is why people without them are usually safer. And if you don't have inflamed throat, the inflamation usually does not happen anywhere else in the body, and thus the stronger immune system.

  2. Omg, I totally understand about not blogging about it, as you will see in my next post! I’m glad it was just a cyst, but they sure cause a lot of worry. I’ve had them in my breasts and holy crap, not good when they show up on a mammogram!!!

    You guys look great all dressed up, but yeah, those shoes of yours are not dancer friendly! I’m glad you had a great birthday week and happy 30’s!

    1. P.S. I was able to see your last post on Pinterest. Someone of follow on Instagram got her post banned this week and it was a feather on a lake! Lol, WTH?

    2. Ugh, I can' only imagine going through that with a mammogram. I'd be hysterical.

      It's so weird what they're blocking these days. It's like they're ready to censor anything and everything. What happened to freedom of speech?!

  3. You had a wonderful birthday Dear friend! "Happy 30s". Most of us tonsils removed when we were children. Generally Docs said that "you dont need them"! Not sure whether they are correct or not,

  4. What a great weekend, but even better about the good health news! Cysts are scary. I've had them show up on ultrasounds of my ovaries, but thankfully they tend to go away on their own. Glad you were able to get yours removed and back on with life as normal.


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