Friday, August 27, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings


We are super thankful that...
...Hurricane Henri didn't make direct landfall on Long Island like weather reports predicted.  Instead, we just had a couple of rainy days.  Which we'll gladly take over the latter..

I got really frightened by...
...this gigantic bird that landed right outside of my office window.  This bird had zero fear.  I stood up to snap some pictures with my phone and it just looked at me like "Bring it on, woman!".  Even more troubling than its totally unnecessary attitude, is the bird's species.  This is a Coopers Hawk which is not known to be on Long Island.  Despite it's large size, this is a juvenile.  I hope this poor bird didn't find itself misplaced during the storm!  Additionally, I especially hope this poor bird doesn't use my feeders as a buffet station for yummy, little songbirds.

I'm laughing at...
...the office painter that seemed to like me a little bit too much.  I made a joke that I wanted a yellow office and was shocked to see that the painter took me seriously!  He surprised me with a bright yellow office.  It's so bright that on virtual meetings, I glow!  ...and not in a good way...  Still, I'm thankful that this kind man went out of his way to make me happy.  Maybe the bright color will offer me a change in perspective!

I'm super conflicted about...
...policy changes at work and what may happen in the very near future.  Many Americans are living this reality right now and it makes me wonder, what happened to choice and free will?

We finally made a decision about...
...Boston, Massachusetts.  We planned on going away on a small road trip to go sightseeing and participate in some outdoor, touristy activities.  With current events, we put everything on hold up until this past weekend.  We finally made a firm decision to go on our trip, but to be safe, smart, and outside!  Although, my husband tried to cancel when he saw "Plymouth Rock" on my itinerary.  Hah!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Hawks scare me ever so much!
    I don't think USA people ever had much choice and free will, they just made it seem that way, but now the system is finally showing for what it is. Not that it is currently any better any other place around the planet.

    1. This one came out of nowhere and definitely scared the crap out of me! Although, I was happy that I got to check it off my lifer list in my birding app. :)

  2. We get those hawks and they are super cool. I think they are more interested in chipmunks than other birds, but who knows!
    Policy changes . . relating to vaccines?

    Yeah, we were supposed to be in the Finger Lakes this week, but are just doing a couple day trips nearby now. I’m still mad! I hope Boston is fun. I’ve never been, but my parents really enjoyed the freedom trail, which apparently Dez doesn’t believe in! Lol, hasn’t he ever heard of the Wild West?

    1. We don't have many chipmunks, if any at all, over here. So I guess it was getting what it could?

      Yes, related to vaccines. We got hit with a mandatory survey that basically asks for our current status and future intentions. I think they're gauging whether or not it will break the company to mandate them. I'm not sure how Ohio is, but even people who medically can't get the vaccine with doctor's notes are being terminated around here. It's got me wondering, what's next? I did hear that the doctors and nurses unions are planning a strike since many of them are about to be let go for refusing to vaccinate. That may make a culture shift for NY, just not sure in which direction.

      Boston is my favorite city! Super clean, full of history, and some killer LOBSTAH. (Sorry, had to.. lol)

      It's hard not to side with Dez with all of the current censoring, mandating, and other political nonsense going on. Many people are on extremes. The people in the middle (like me) are wearing our WTF face a lot these days.. LOL

    2. It’s not that bad here, YET! I think NY and California always have the political extremes. My husband works for aFortune 300 company and they still don’t have any requirements besides having to wear a mask if you aren’t vaccinated, but since the delta variant, it’s now required that everyone masks.

    3. Forcing anyone to get a vaccine is BS. I am vaccinated, as is my whole family, but it was a choice I made for myself. My best friend is choosing not to get the vaccine at this time, and I believe that's her right and don't think anyone should make her feel guilty about it. Idk if I told you this, but the company that my daughter got hired at had a direct hand in the testing of one of the more popular vaccines (which I won't mention because I don't want that falling back on her). Anyhow, her boss absolutely refuses to get the vaccine. Makes me wonder what she knows that the rest of us don't. I'm up in the air on the booster shot at this point.

      I am always amazed by the size of hawks. Sometimes I think they are eagles sitting up in the trees until I get a better look and realize it's just a hawk.

      I also loved The Freedom Trail. Jason loved the lobster, but I couldn't find any Boston Baked Beans while there. Like, wtf! Where are the beans? LOL. You have to visit Plymouth Rock! I was shocked at how small it really is and a little sad that there was a lot of trash laying around it when we went.

    4. @Bijoux, I'm kind of happy about the masks! As someone who is unvaccinated, I never stopped wearing them and feel better now that everyone else is.

      @Theresa, It's crazy b/c my doctor told me some things about the vaccine which pretty much cemented my decision as of now. I'm holding out until more concrete information gets released. I'm sure that it is safe, but for something that has no way of getting out of my body afterwards, I just want to be sure otherwise my anxiety may kill me instead.

      I'm super excited for everything, except the beans.. LOL Beans and I don't get along too well.

    5. I have only told the husband this right now, but ever since I got the vaccine, I've been having horrible on and off chest pains and shortness of breath, to the point that I've seriously thought I was having a heart attack several times. Sometimes my resting heart rate stays at 115 bpm for hours on end for no reason. I've been in contact with my family doctor who did xrays on my lungs(normal results) and an EKG (normal but she says she can't get much info off a 6 second reading). The hospital is having me come in for an ultrasound on my heart as soon as they can get me scheduled, then I will have to wear a monitor for 30 days before being referred to a cardiologist. While it's only a 1 in a million chance, the vaccine can cause myocarditis or an arrhythmia, and I'm almost certain the vaccine caused inflammation in my heart as I've never had heart issues before. Sorry for the long winded response, I'm not trying to scare you from the vaccine, but I jumped in head first at the insistence of my doctors and specialists without arming myself with all of the information on it first. I think I may have made a different choice had I been more informed months ago than I am now.

    6. This is exactly why I was so uncomfortable that day when you went to take your vaccines! Dezzy and his fucking sixth sense. Start taking an aspirin a day, just to be safe.

    7. Can't take aspirin, deary. It's causes my colitis to flare :(

  3. I'm glad you and your family are safe

  4. Woow photos looks nice. It looks energizing! Its photo scared me...


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