Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Life: Babylon Burger Bar in Babylon, NY

One of our favorite spots to go to treat the kiddies is a place called Babylon Burger Bar (link) in Babylon, NY.  It's a relatively new establishment only a few years old in the heart of Babylon Village, but we've already frequented it quite a few times.  Babylon Burger Bar has become our go to spot to celebrate things like the kid's birthdays, special events, and most recently, my daughter's dance recital!

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Babylon Burger Bar | Babylon| NY

Babylon Village is known for it's little shops, boutiques, and eateries.  At night, the atmosphere changes and it becomes a hot spot for night life filled with bars, music, and local ice cream parlors.  That being said, you do a lot of walking in Babylon Village so it shouldn't be a deal breaker that Babylon Burger Bar (link) doesn't have a parking lot.  Instead, you can park on the street there is a meter and a fee for street parking or in one of the free public parking lots in the heart of the village.  Either way, this restaurant is pretty central and shouldn't require extensive walking.

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Babylon Burger Bar (link) was quite fittingly the home to the local Meat Market in Babylon.  The new owners embraced this history by hanging some pretty cool pictures on the walls of the original establishment, including one that lists some pretty ancient prices for meat!  These pictures are interesting and go well with the modern rustic look of the restaurant.  The owners also kept a few original pieces of the building including the ceiling, duct work, and brick walls.  With the exception of the few nods to restaurant's history, this is a very modern place with a very modern menu.

They are mostly known for their fresh, homemade burgers, hand cut fries, and their GIGANTIC, hand spun masterpiece milkshakes!  During the Summer months, Babylon Burger Bar has a special menu that's filled with all things lobster.  I ordered their Lobster Roll off of the Summer menu pictured above and it was delicious.  I'm not a fan of the cold lobster salad with mayo so I made sure to ask if this was a hot or cold roll prior to ordering.  Luckily, it was a hot roll filled with buttery, sweet lobster piled thick on a toasted, buttery bun.  For an upcharge, I got the sweet potato waffle fries which were amazing.  The fries came with a marshmallow dipping sauce that I really didn't care for so I asked for honey mustard instead.  Everyone else ordered burgers except for my daughter who got the macaroni and cheese and kept repeating the words "Heaven, absolute HEAVEN" as she ate.

where to get huge fancy instagram worthy milkshakes on long island

Now we have to talk about the dessert!  Babylon Burger Bar (link) is especially known for their over the top milkshakes.  These shakes are like the picture perfect ones that you see all over Instagram.  One shake fed my family of four.  My daughter ate the cookie, my son ate the whipped cream and chocolate chips, my husband drank the shake, and I ate the brownie.  Sharing was our only solace with the hefty price tag for a shake.  The restaurant has several shake options that are equally monstrous in size and price.  The birthday shake comes with a t-shirt which I thought was a fun perk.

The service at this restaurant is great!  The staff is used to dealing with kids and was even nice when my son spilled his water everywhere.  They helped me wipe it up and was cracking jokes as we cleaned up.  They provided print outs and crayons for my kids.  The staff was also good with the adults.  When my uncle ordered a cup of coffee, the waitress helped him get a cup across the street because they don't serve coffee.  She then let him drink it at the table.  The entire staff was nice, accommodating, and very friendly!

When it comes to food and service, the Babylon Burger Bar (link) is the perfect neighborhood spot to celebrate as a family.
What's your favorite shake flavor?



  1. That ice cream does look sinful, probably about hundred Hail Marys indeed.

  2. What a fun place. And I like that it’s in a village shopping area where you can walk off some calories. I have never liked shakes, so I don’t have a favorite flavor. I would eat the brownie, though!

    1. I agree that the brownie is the best part. :)

  3. Oooh, this looks like a place I'd love. Sweet potato waffle fries and giant milkshakes? Yes, please!

    Honestly, I am super boring when it comes to milkshakes. I usually am plain vanilla or vanilla with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups mixed in. I do love me a hot fudge sundae or a turtle sundae every now and again though. Oh, strawberry shortcake too. I suppose I'm more of a sundae girl now that I think of it LOLOL


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