Monday, August 16, 2021

Idea: A simple nature scavenger hunt to do with young kids.

 As I've previously mentioned way too many times on here, one positive outcome of the pandemic is that many of us reconnected with nature.  Whether it's going outside with binoculars to see a migrating bird, doing a hike through a nature preserve, or even going on a simple visit to the beach, outdoor activities are on the rise.

free printable scavenger hunt game birds nature butterflies

How to have a nature scavenger hunt.

Following true to this trend with the added bonus of trying to be more active, I've been taking the kids through long walks along nature trails.  We have an absolute blast pretending to be explorers on a dangerous adventure.  My older child plays "tour guide" on our adventures and enjoys pointing out different things she finds along the way.  Using her common finds as a guide, I put together a nature scavenger hunt for us to play along with during our hikes.  Feel free to steal it and play with us!

These flowers had us all stop and stare in awe.  My daughter had way too much fun making up stories with theses flowers.  She was telling her baby brother that these balls of purple blooms were actually homes to little fairies.  While I doubt that they're really fairy castles, I have never seen such a flower and would love to know what they are!  If you know, please tell us in the comments.  For now, we'll settle for any purple flower on our nature scavenger hunt.

We see lots of private stables along the outskirts of the nature preserve.  Some of the animals that we frequently see behind gates along the hiking trails are horses, ponies, goats, sheep, and even a couple of alpacas!  Since this type of lifestyle is foreign to many of us on Long Island, the kids get extra excited to see farm animals along the way.  Knowing this, we had to capture some of them in our nature scavenger hunt!

Fun Fact:  My daughter's favorite animal is a bunny!  She always asks to get one as a pet and I always tell her that I'm allergic.  Seeing bunnies along the nature trail is going to be as good as it gets for her.

The kids, especially my son, get a kick out of woodpeckers!  Knowing this, our little tour guide tries to find them first so that she can point them out for us.  While she usually wins this unspoken game, my two year old son fooled us all when he found this little, female Downy Woodpecker playing peek-a-boo behind this fallen tree.  You can see the holes that the woodpeckers pecked out along the bark.  In honor of my baby boy, I made sure to add two different types of common woodpeckers to our nature scavenger hunt.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?


  1. Dahlink, that is the flower of onion LOL They have garden onions with bigger and prettier flowers than the usual ones, but the usual ones also have flower like that. We always have a few in the garden.

    1. Yes, I can see your new post in my blogroll but when I click on it it does not open, I can see they banned it LOL What on Earth did you post in it? :)

    2. WTH? I’ve been wondering where she’s been!?

    3. I didn't post anything in it!!!!! But they even deleted my comments on here. It's infuriating! It was a family oriented post about Coney Island. Ridiculous.

    4. Go to their help forum and leave a post there, maybe someone can speed up the process there!

  2. My favorite outdoor activity is day drinking! Lol, but I like any place to walk if the weather is nice. Those flowers are called Allium. I’m proud to know useless info like that.

  3. Yep, Allium. First saw them on Mackinac Island and fell in love with them. Fun little puffball looking flowers!

  4. Bunnies as pets get usually pretty stinky


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