Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Recipe: The ultimate recipe for quick and easy Sautéed Mushrooms.

 It's the season for BBQs and we're not complaining.  We love to host epic backyard barbecues.  That means putting out a feast for the main course, a gigantic display of desserts, and some entertainment for the kiddies (link).

One of the biggest staples of a BBQ is a nice, juicy burger.  We're no exception, but I do like to be a bit extra.  To go with the hamburgers, I always serve my dynamite sautéed mushrooms.  They can be eaten on top of the burger or on the side.  Either way, I get countless compliments on them every single time.  The mushrooms are not only the tastiest thing that I serve, but the easiest thing to make ever.

the best mushrooms for a bbq barbecue with hamburger

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Recipe:  The best sautéed mushrooms.


(2) Large containers white stuffing mushrooms
(6) Cloves of garlic, minced
(1) Tablespoon dried parsley
Salt & Pepper to taste

Tip:  If you're allergic to fresh garlic like my mother, you can sub with (2) tablespoons of garlic powder like this one.  It will still come out yummy, but you may need to add a little extra olive oil so it doesn't come out like a paste.


To start the sautéed mushrooms, you'll want to wash real good because mushrooms are DIRTY and slice the mushrooms.  When slicing, be aware of how thick or thin you slice the mushrooms.  It will dictate the consistency and texture after they're cooked.  I prefer to slice the mushrooms thicker so they stay a little more solid.

In a stainless steel pan, heat up the olive oil and garlic.  I prefer to use a garlic mincer (link) but my grandmother still grates her garlic cloves because she swears it gives the best taste.  Who has time for that?!  Once the garlic is lightly browned, add the mushrooms and seasonings to the pan.  Cook uncovered and on medium-low heat, stirring frequently.  You'll want to cook the mushrooms until all of the juice from the has been released and evaporated.

Serve and enjoy!

What is your favorite part of a bbq?


  1. There is wisdom in grating garlic as they release some healthy elements only after you grate them and leave them stand like that for ten minutes before using them in cooking. I myself ad them after the shrooms are done as I don't like the taste of burnt garlic LOL If you have some sauted shroom leftovers you can mince them and make a lovely shroom pate with a bit of mayo or sour cream.

    1. I never new that about grating the garlic. Does it have the same benefits when they are minced in a mincer? I always brown the garlic. Raw garlic scares me. One of my favorite pizza places does what you do but with broccoli rabe. I always pick it out. What is a pate? I never heard of that!

    2. It is important that garlic is left a few minutes before using to release that substance I forgot which one. I did not mean that I leave the garlic raw, but put it after the shrooms are a bit cooked, so it is cooked with them, instead of being fried first.

    3. Pate is a French word for paste. Usually used for liver pate, but we have veggie pates too, I guess you used word spread for it.

    4. It's funny b/c when I looked it up, pate came up as liver! I was thinking mushrooms was the vegetarian swap for liver. lol

  2. I don’t eat burgers, so I’d help myself to a big bowl of these! I’ve never heard of being allergic to fresh garlic? Is she also allergic to onions and chives? When I saute mushrooms, I always use butter and that’s it. They are so darn good.

    1. I have to try it with the butter. Mushrooms have such a delicious natural flavor that they really don't need much to taste good. I also eat raw mushrooms when they're scrubbed to death. She's not allergic to the other things but she can eat garlic powder!

  3. I always find it amazing that mushrooms are fungi and most people find them delicious...or hypnotic.

    Fred out in the woods found some to be deadly.

  4. I love mushrooms! Like Bijoux, give me a huge bowl of sautéed mushrooms and I’ll be in heaven,


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