Monday, July 26, 2021

List: Ten traditional gift ideas for a 6th year wedding anniversary.

 While I feel like we just finished celebrating our 5th year wedding anniversary, it's actually time to celebrate year 6.  After I got over the initial shock, I immediately went to look up the traditional gift for a 6th wedding anniversary.

The traditional gift for a 6 year wedding anniversary is iron to represent strength.

what to buy for a 6 year wedding anniversary for iron

Opting for experiences over things, my husband takes me out on our semi-annual date night every year around our anniversary because he lucked the hell out by having our anniversary and both our birthdays fall on the same weekWe skip the birthday gifts, but always do a little nod to the traditional anniversary presents.  Our rules are simple.  They have to follow tradition and be something for our home.  Here's what we did so far.

1st Anniversary - Paper - Paris in Color Coffee Table Book (link)
2nd Anniversary - Cotton - Teal Heart String Art
3rd Anniversary - Leather - Engraved Leather Picture Frame (link)
4th Anniversary - Flowers - Hand Pressed Rose DIY from our garden in a Glass Frame (link)
5th Anniversary - Wood - Buffet Table

Wanting to continue the tradition, we've been researching some ideas for year six.  Not wanting my research to go to waste, here are 10 of those ideas that we were actually considering.

what to buy for a 6 year wedding anniversary for iron

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Ten traditional 6th wedding anniversary gift ideas.

Despite the heavy cooking that we do in our home, we do not own a cast iron skillet!  I love when my dad cooks on his cast iron skillet while telling the story of how it got passed down to him.  A cast iron skillet is a gift of iron and sometimes a gift of legacy.

About 7 years ago, we gifted Madre with one of these for Christmas.  The wrought iron material looks like new despite living outdoors throughout all 4 seasons for almost a decade.  Ultimately, we decided not to be a copy cat, but this pretty little plant holder would make a lovely gift for a 6th wedding anniversary.

My husband always admires decorative trinkets like this in other people's homes.  When I saw this, I immediately knew he'd love this as a gift.  The statue is made of cast iron and is handcrafted which means each one is a little unique making it the perfect 6th year anniversary gift!

This ice bucket is made of galvanized iron and is lined with stainless steel.  The galvanized iron gives it a rustic look that would look fabulous on our buffet table and the stainless steel lining makes it functional.  This gift idea is the perfect blend of stylish and functional.

This adorable cast iron key holder is both decorative and functional.  I teased my husband that it will save us lots of arguments while trying to find lost keys.  I was only half kidding...  While less arguments is a great matrimonial win, we ultimately decided that the very black design would clash in our home.

This bird made the cut simply because he's stinking ADORABLE!  The iron decoration has a little heart on its belly which makes it extra appropriate for a 6th wedding anniversary.  As a double bonus, the wrought iron bird is made by hand in an authentic Canadian blacksmith shop.

I loved the idea of an address plaque to replace the peeling, destroyed stickers that we have attached to our mailbox.  While I'm not a huge fan of the monogram design, this company has lots of options to choose from.  They are also one of the few companies to use real cast iron instead of other treated metals.

This item has been saved for later in my Amazon cart for a while.  Mostly because I love pigs, but also because I think it would look lovely laid out on top of my kitchen cabinets.  If we didn't want to use it as decoration, we'd get lots of use out of it every Sunday when my husband makes his famous bacon or when he grills us some burgers.

Since our previous wind chime perished in a surprise storm last year, I thought that this vintage, wrought iron wind chime would make a great replacement and a fun anniversary gift.

If we didn't already have a metal bird bath that I absolutely adore, than I would have advocated for this idea.  Imagine the mommy and daddy birds in the bottom and the baby chick fluttering in the top..  How cute?!  The base of the bird bath is made of cast iron which makes it a traditional 6th anniversary gift, but the top is made of aluminum.  The aluminum material is important since this helps weather proof the basin.


  1. I thought you were married for longer as I thought your daughter is older than six! At six kids start kindergarden here and then at seven school.
    I cannot imagine that anyone would ever want to spend six days with me let alone six years, so that is just a science fiction for me.

    1. We've been together 9 years, but have only been married for 6. My daughter is 8. A little confusing and hard to follow. Kids start school/kindergarten at 5 here. Pre-k is at 4 and usually not a full day unless you need childcare as well.

  2. I looked up what we got each other and we opted for anything metal related! I bought him a copper lantern and he got me a stained glass window picture of a couple kissing that was surrounded by a metal frame.

    I love the statue you chose. Very arty and classy looking. I wouldn’t mind being gifted that address plaque. I love making the outside of my house pretty.

    1. We opted for the address plaque! I got it and printed out a picture because it isn't going to make here in time. I couldn't make up my mind and lost the shipping window.

      Love the stained glass idea. Where do you keep it now?

    2. It used to hang in our kitchen sink window at our old house. It didn’t fit in with anything here, so it’s in a box:(

  3. Jason and I don’t exchange anniversary gifts, but we always go out to dinner. For our 20th anniversary in 2 years, we’ll celebrate with a well deserved trip to Hawaii.
    You can never go wrong with a good cast iron skillet! I have 3 that I use the heck out of!


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