Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Link Up: Leah, Young Living Consultant, 3 Summer DIY ideas with essential oils.

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 Hi! Leah here again to share 3 DIYS perfect for the summer months!

3 Summer DIY ideas with essential oils.

how to make all natural insect repellant at home

1.  DIY Bug Spray
Start with a 2 oz glass spray bottle (link).  Add 5 drops Citronella, 5 drops Purification, 5 drops Lemongrass, and 5 drops Peppermint.  Then fill ¼ with Unscented Witch Hazel (link).  Fill the rest 3/4 with purified water.  Shake before each use.  Apply every 2-3 hours. These essential oils help repel flies, ticks, and mosquitos. PLUS it has such a light, refreshing scent!

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2.  DIY After Sun Spray
Start with a 2 oz glass spray bottle (link).  Add 2 tsp Aloe Vera gel (link).  Then add 15 drops Lavender, 10 drops Frankincense, 2 drops Peppermint.  Lastly fill the rest with Fractionated Coconut Oil (link).  Spray on skin after being in the hot sun. Lavender and Frankincense do wonders for your skin. Peppermint will help give a cooling sensation.

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3. DIY Muscle Roll On
Start with a 10 mL roller top bottle (link).  Add 20 drops Panaway and 20 Drops Peppermint. Fill the rest with Fractionated Coconut Oil.  Roll onto sore or aching muscles for relief (neck, shoulders, feet, calves, arms, back).

I hope you have fun making these DIY recipes!

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Come find me on Instagram - @honeymeadow.oils - you can direct message me there or text me at 651-217-8545 with any questions!  Want to try before you buy? Let me know, I would love to send some happy mail full of samples.
Enjoy your summer!

Which DIY will you try?


  1. I watched an episode of Halston yesternight in which he is preparing his first perfume and the perfumist lady asks him to bring her some things that he likes the fragrances off and he brings her an orchid, tobacco and his boyfriends jockstrap LOL she incorporated everything into his perfume and it became a worldwide hit LOL

    1. LMAO @ the jockstrap. Not sure that would smell too hot.. I do enjoy the more woodsy men's scents like cedar.

  2. Helping the crummy back is always a win indeed

    1. You may benefit from essential oils. Did you ever look into it to see if it can help?

  3. My oldest daughter got her dad's side of the fair Irish skin, so she just burns looking at the sun. I'll have to tell her about making that after sun spray.

    1. If you try it, come back and tell us how it worked! It stinks about the sun burn though. We're not all made for it. I grew up in tanning salons and swear it destroyed my skin.


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