Friday, July 30, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings


We had a week of...
...celebrations!  This past Saturday was spent celebrating my husband's 31st birthday.  We took the long drive to our favorite beach and then had a shared birthday cake with one of our best friends.  On Monday we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  After work, my husband and I had our annual date night at one of our favorite restaurants.  The food was delicious, the drinks were great, but the lighting was very dim.  As in real dim.  Like, too dim.  As in, we ate in the dark.  Finally, we spent this past Thursday celebrating my brother's 30th birthday!  It's been a fun, hectic week, but I think we're about ready to stop with the celebrations.  Well, maybe after my birthday on

I've been really distracted by...
...the number of hummingbirds that have found my feeder!  After making a few adjustments to our bird sanctuary, we went from none to several.  They are mostly all female, but we have attracted one male hummingbird.  The little lady pictured above took some time to get used to me, but she finally doesn't mind me getting all up in her face for a photoshoot.  Isn't she pretty?

I got a real pleasant surprise when... boss called to let me know that he got me a 9% pay increase for graduating college!  This was my graduation present from him.  I was so thankful that I nearly cried.

My bubble was busted when...
...I found out that I may be inheriting my old area on top of my other one.  That means that I would now manage from Long Island all the way up to Maine.  The good news is that I would be able to keep my amazing, most favorite boss ever.  The bad news is that I would have literally quadruple the work and about 65 direct reports.

We got way too excited about...
...a local contest that I submitted my baby girl in.  The Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce asked followers to submit pictures of themselves in Sag Harbor doing something.  I submitted the picture of Mushy Face feeing the tufted titmouse at the bird sanctuary.  She won all of the daily mini contests and then kicked some serious butt during the finals!  Her prize is a $200 gift card to a local restaurant and a fun filled week of campaigning.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. So much good things happening for you this week. How fun on all of the birthdays (and a happy birthday to you coming up!)

    Congrats on your baby girl's win! I hope she enjoys her night out at the restaurant!

    1. We like when good things happen especially with all the bad surrounding us lately! Thank you very much. :)

  2. So lovely for the pay increase! In my country most people with college have to hide it as they won't get jobs if they are overqualified. Must be great having a nice dindins on a Monday evening after hard working day.

    1. That's a very strange concept to me. Overqualified people don't get jobs? Why spend the money on college then? It's not very encouraging. Yes, the dinner was very nice!

    2. I have a friend my age who has an MA in marketing and has never worked in an office, just a factory worker, because to work in better paid company jobs they ask for experience and he has none as he had no connections to get an office job at the beginning, so he works in factories but has to hide his degree because as a worker he would be better qualified than his boss there and they do not like that. It is beyond horrible, but that is how it is in corrupted countries ruled by mafia and criminal president like mine is.

    3. It's such a foreign concept to me that I'm having a hard time understanding how it can be true! How do people use their degree if they require experience first? Everyone has to start somewhere, so where do they get their experience?

  3. A great week for all of you! That raise is not too shabby, but you have 65 direct reports? That seems like a LOT! Congrats to your daughter and you for the great photo!

    I had forgotten that your birthday is the same as my wedding anniversary. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. The 65 direct reports is literally incomprehensible on my end. I'm not sure I can do it, but all that I can do is try. Thank you and Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to your husband and your brother and Happy Graduation to your boss. You don't need that extra work, though!



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