Friday, July 16, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

We finally have a baby...
...Japanese eggplant!  Every year I plant ichiban, or Japanese eggplant, in our vegetable garden.  It's one of my favorite vegetables, but near impossible to find on Long Island.  If you do happen to get lucky and stumble upon Japanese eggplant in the store, the prices are astronomical.  This year we planted four different ichiban plants to ensure that we'd have plenty of eggplant to enjoy all Summer long.  So far it's working, starting with that cute little eggplant above!

Many people ask me...
...what's the difference between a Japanese eggplant and a regular one?  There are many differences.  For starters, Japanese eggplant is long and thin.  Regular eggplant is short and very fat.  That being said, I don't prefer the ichiban because it looks different.  I prefer it because it's a more tender eggplant, with a sweeter taste, and the seeds inside are practically nonexistent.

I'm really upset because...
...the rose bushes in the back of the house are diseased.  Every year my rose garden blooms into the most magnificent rose garden EVER!  This year, the backyard rose garden is doing extremely poor.  The leaves turned colors and got these horrid looking spots all over them.  Then, almost suddenly, all of the leaves and flowers fell off of the plants.  I placed a call into the exterminator, and he recommended a spray that I just started trying.  Fingers crossed that they come back to life and don't spread their disease to the front garden!

I've significantly cut down my...
...caffeine intake.  It took two weeks, but I'm already down to only two cups of coffee a day.  Before cutting down, I was drinking between 5 to 8 cups of coffee a day depending on the length of my work day.  I thought I'd feel groggy, but I actually feel great!  My energy levels remain consistent despite the lack of caffeine, and I'm actually more hydrated because I replaced the coffee with water.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Ichiban is one of the very few Japanese words I know.
    8 freaking cups a days? Da hell is wrong with you LOL My people use lil' cups for coffee, maybe you should try that method.

    1. Have you ever eaten it? It's so yummy! When we good eggplant parmesan, we end up throwing away eggplants because they're so full of seeds that they wouldn't edible. With ichiban, seeds are barely even there.
      Yup, 8 cups a day as I'm sitting here sipping on my first cup! In my defense, I'm up all night with two little bambinos so I make up for it with caffeine. As they're getting older and sleeping through the nights more, I'm trying to get down to 2 - 3 cups a day.

    2. I have not really eaten regular aubergine either as I do not have time to salt it and get rid of its bitterness, so I just eat zucchini instead.
      That much coffee cannot be good for your health, you will probably have withdrawal symptoms at some point if not already. Why are the bambinos waking up at night, make them run around the house three times before sleeping and they will sleep like a stone.

    3. I did have awful withdrawals, but got through it within a few days. The main symptom is a throbbing headache. Not sure if the grouchiness was because of the headache or another symptom, but that wasn't fun either!

      That's different that your eggplant is bitter! I wonder what type you have near you. Our regular eggplant has almost like a very neutral, bland taste. To make up for this, we usually season it really well or put it in a sauce. The Japanese eggplant has a sweeter taste and doesn't need much seasoning.

  2. I had to cut back on coffee due to a health issue, so I’m down to one cup a day that I split between two lattes! Ugh on the rose disease. That sounds like what happened to my impatient pot. I think between the Japanese beetles and the rain, it’s ruined.

    1. We don't have Japanese beetles, but something got to them. I do see regrowth near the bottom of the bushes so hopefully my methods have saved them, although we will definitely be a few weeks without flowers. I did hear that impatient flowers are very prone to disease. We grew them a few years in a row, but always kept them inside.

  3. Like Bijoux, all of the rain has not been great for my outdoor plants. My rose bush only got 1 bud on it, then just stopped producing leaves and buds. I fear it is now dead, but I'm not giving up hope on it yet.
    We have a restaurant here called Ichiban, so I can pronounce that too, lol. Never had that kind of eggplant though. I may have to see if I can find one here to give it a try. Our markets usually only have the fat, almost flavorless eggplant that I don't love.

    1. We have the same eggplant. It's very bland. But, my nanny makes the BEST eggplant parmesan. She slices the eggplant into thin medallions, breads them, fries them, then layers them with her homemade sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese. The final step is to bake it all together. It's one of my favorite meals ever!

      Do you sprinkle your rose bushes with coffee grinds? I know you're a tea lover so this may not be practical for you, but we sprinkle our daily coffee grinds on top of the rose bushes and this normally does the trick. I don't know what happened this year! Here's to your rose bush living and giving you lots of flowers soon. :)

    2. I actually do sprinkle my rose bushes with coffee grounds. I always grab a few bags of the grounds from Starbucks each spring/early summer to use in my garden all season long. They are great for my blueberry bushes and tomato plants too. I am hoping it's just late to the party like a lot of my other plants in my front yard. My lily's are just now blooming, whereas everyone else I know had theirs blooming weeks ago! I think all of the rain we got might have played a part in hindering it's growth this summer as well.

      The eggplant parm sounds really good. I think I'll have to try making it your nanny's way soon.

  4. I guess that's why it means number one in Japanese


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