Friday, July 23, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

With the free time we had on Sunday, we...
...visited a new wildlife refuge out east.  We had SO much fun until we saw THIS GUY.  Ok, so I'm exaggerating.  He wasn't really a kill joy..  This giant turkey led us down the trail for a solid 15 minutes.  While the turkey totally freaked me out, it did its best to keep its distance from us while leading our walk.

Bonus points for whoever can tell me what in the world is that long, hairy thing dangling from its chest?!

I felt like I got dumped when...
...I learned that the company I work for restructured the organization again and that my boss would change roles.  As a reminder, my boss is the one who saved my job after my position was eliminated during the last restructure.  He's not just a boss, but a mentor and a good guy. While he did say that he's trying to fight upper management so that I don't have to change managers, it doesn't look very probable.

So please excuse me as I...
...shove my face with ice cream since I feel like I'm going through a heart wrenching break up!

I finally got the results to...
...the notary exam that I took in May and I PASSED!

Please join me in wishing... husband a very happy 31st birthday!  We love you and wish you the best day ever.  Thank you for all that you do for us from keeping house to working hard to taking my annoying ass bird watching.  Here's to many more years of health and happiness.  Happy birthday!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Sorry to hear about the boss, hope you don't get some Cruella de Vile.
    Congrats on the notary exam, how will you use it in your life and job?
    Turkies are the fugliest creatures, God bless them.
    Happy birthday to your husband, seems like he survived another year with you LOL

    1. LOL @ your turkey comment. I have to agree with you. What's up with the random, long, fringe of hair dangling from their neck? Bleh

      A notary is a public officer that represents the Secretary of the State. Notaries can sign and stamp official legal documents after having the requestor submit to an oath. We get notary requests a lot at work, mostly regarding documents about money or contracts.

      Thank you! My husband obviously thinks every year with me is a blessing. (I'm totally speaking on his behalf right now.. lol!)

    2. It is just his feathers trying to run away from all da fugliness!

      I know what a notary is, we have them, sadly, here as well and they're very expensive, but I wondered whether it is something you will use just at work, or will you be able to earn monies with it privately as well, or do you need an office and a seal for that?

  2. Happy Birthday to the man who takes your annoying ass bird watching! LMAO! And damn, my oldest will be 32 in a few months. How did I get to be so old?

    We get wild turkeys here quite often and I swear they just seem stupid! Like they’d walk into a pond and drown or something. But no idea on that hairy appendage. Gross!

    1. Thank you!!! He does take me and he finds all the best birds. :) You're not old, you're in your prime.

      Turkeys are a rare find on Long Island, but apparently they've been multiplying quickly out east. The county officials have been asking residents out east to report any turkey sightings on their properties so they can figure out what to do with them. Yikes to whatever that means for them!

  3. First, congrats on passing the notary exam. I knew you would!
    Happiest birthday to your husband!
    Sorry to hear about your boss. It's really hard when our work lives are turned upside down, isn't it?
    Turkeys are so fugly, but I still get excited when I see them out in the fields. We had one running around our neighborhood a few years back, which is definitely not normal. I didn't realize how big they were. I was questioning if it really was a turkey with how big he was!

  4. Happy birthday wishes to your husband. Sorry about the problems at the company. I don't want to know what that thing is hanging down from a bird.



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