Monday, June 7, 2021

List: Ten lessons learned from the A&E TV show Hoarders.

 My daughter has been itching to take over R&W again.  Remember this post (link)?  She's constantly throwing out ideas but we never have the time to actually get together and do them.  I love that she takes interest in blogging so we relish in it.

In addition to being a great motivator for my website, she's constantly encouraging me to do our indoor walks every night.  If I try to skip a night, she begs me to get up and move with her.  During all of our 1.5 mile indoor walks, we watch an episode of Hoarders (link) together.

One night during our walk, I saw the lightbulb shine right above her head.  She yelled out, "Let's make a post about Hoarders!".  I laughed and agreed, yet knew we wouldn't have the time to actually do it.  Like she read my mind she said "You walk.  I'll write.".  And that's what she did.  She handwrote a list of ten things that she learned by watching Hoarders.  Then my daughter handed me the list and said "Your turn.  Make it happen.".  Imagine?  When did she grow up so much?!  Not one to disappoint my Mushy Face, here's mommy making it happen!

what is the show hoarders about

Ten lessons learned from the show Hoarders.

1.  Do not buy something that isn't important.
A simple lesson, yet important all the same.  Save your money for things that you need or truly want.  If your wish list is empty at the moment, skip the store and try enjoying what you have instead.  And by enjoy, I don't mean stare at in an inaccessible pile of junk.

2.  Do not put food on the floor or else rats will come.
Another great lesson learned from Hoarders.  Food on the floor is a great way to attract mice, bugs, vermin, mold, mildew, opossums, bats, feral cats, and yes, RATS.

3.  Clean your house.
I love the simplicity and ease that my daughter said this with.

4.  Throw something out when you are done.
The "Extreme Cleaning Specialists" and psychologists of the show all have different guidelines for this.  Many say that if you haven't used it in 6 months, then you probably don't need it.  These items are safe to toss.  The problem comes when they're applying this rule to things like dirty napkins, moldy fruit, and bags filled with their own poop!  Yes, all three of those things are way more common than they should be.

can kids watch hoarders

5.  Put something away when you're done using it.
We're halfway through her list, and mommy is already beaming with pride.  YES!  THIS!  Say it, remember it, and do it.  As in you, baby girl.  Put away your stuff when you're done.  Thanks.

6.  Bunnies will burrow in the walls.
One very disturbing episode, involved a bunny hoarder.  This man had hundreds of bunny loose in his home.  I say "his" home, but he was renting.  Imagine?  The tenant from HELL.  Those bunnies chewed through anything and everything, including the walls where they made their homes.  While that's bad, the worst part of the episode was the floors.  I assumed they had dirt floors, until the Hoarders crew announced that it was just endless layers of bunny poop!!!!!!

7.  Too much garbage makes the floor fall down.
My daughter was really impacted by this.  She just can't believe that this can really happen.  Thanks to A&E, we all know this does happen.  Sometimes the hoard gets so big, dense, and heavy, that the floors buckle underneath it.  The supporting beams crack and sadly the homes are usually condemned.

8Mouse poop is bad.
Yes, it certainly is.  It's contaminated, filled with bacteria, and is really unhealthy to live with.

9.  Collector is a nice way to say hoarder.
Of my daughter's entire list, this is the only one that I don't completely agree with.  Being a collector of something can be fine.  It's when that collection is unhealthy or so extreme that it turns into a hoard that one becomes a hoarder.  What this should say is, Hoarders that are in denial call themselves collectors.

10.  Do not hoard.
A perfect lesson to sum up my daughter's list of ten lessons learned from HoardersJust don't do it!

Have you ever watched Hoarders?


  1. I’ve watched it a few times. Disturbing! But you will love oldest daughter used to be a home health RN case manager and one of her patients was actually on TLC’s Hoarders!!! Isn’t that crazy?? She said he was a very nice man who lived alone. He had had a lot of loss in his life (deaths of wife and children) and I think that’s a common theme with hoarders.

    My daughter has so many stories of her 4.5 years in that job. One house she visited, the people had chickens living inside the house. It was covered in poop. There were many places where she wouldn’t go inside and would insist she treat them on their front porch.

    1. YIKES!!! I wonder which episode.. was he "cured" after being on the TV show? I often suspect they clean it up and then after the TV crew is gone, life goes back to normal for them.

    2. I’m not sure she found out. I don’t think he was one of her regular patients. She only saw him a few times.

    3. Either way, it's interesting and sad at the same time. I watched an episode last night where the woman was hoarding her own poop in plastic gallon jugs. It was horrifying to watch, but I just couldn't shut it off.

  2. Bunnies will do whaaaat? I do not hoard, I'm extremely organised, but I did watch Hoarding shows on TLC and BBC back when I had a telly. I remember an old women who had about fifteen dead and fossilized cats under all of her hoarding. One of the cleaners just picked up some boxes and stuff and found a pancaked cat under it and then they found about ten others too all pressed and fosilized from laying there dead and she's been looking for Fuzzy and Whiskers probably for years wondering why they ain't coming to dindins.

    1. YES!! Surprisingly, that pretty much sums up 75% of the episodes.. What's sad is, they're able to keep these animals. As far as I'm concerned, that's animal abuse.

  3. Great 10 Lessons for us! Especially, "Do not put food onthe Floor or else rats will come" is very correct. Also i always cover foods with the lid container. Because we really dont know that what kind of virus on the air.

    1. Very true! Even if it's in the fridge, the food must be covered. :)

  4. I just can't watch that show. I've tried and it makes my anxiety go through the roof since I am almost OCD about keeping the house tidy. Nothing makes me lose my shit faster than clutter. So much so, Jason will wake up early on the weekends and do a quick cleaning of the house before I wake up just so I don't get up and start on a rant about the house not being up to my standards LOL.


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