Monday, June 21, 2021

List: Ten fun activities for a Summer bucket list that the whole family will enjoy.

Happy Summer, people!  I'm still in shock that we're already one day into the new season. 

While Long Island is slowly getting back to some semblance of normalcy, we're still hoping to do mostly outdoor activities this Summer just to be extra safe.  Luckily the Summer time is usually filled with beautiful days begging to be spent under the sun.  Unless you're me, then the AC is calling you..  In preparation of our Summer fun, here's our Summer bucket list filled with ten family friendly activities to do this year.

outdoor things to do this summer as a family

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Ten family activities to do this Summer.

1.  Get lost in a sunflower maze.
Every Summer, the east end of Long Island is filled with fields of sunflowers.  They usually grow taller than the average person with blooms bigger than my own head.  It's become a tradition for many people to spend a day getting lost in the sunflower mazes every Summer.  I've avoided doing this for years because bees.  Last year I finally gave in and took the kids.  We had a BLAST and the bees don't even bother you.

2.  Have a water balloon fight.
While I know this is on my list every year, this year we're upping the stakes.  Baby girl got this water balloon slingshot (link) so the Summer water balloon fight may turn into a war!

3.  Eat a fresh lobster roll on the beach.
Long Island has some delicious seafood!  One thing we make a point to do at least once a year, is splurge for a delicious lobster roll while sitting seaside.  While we're enjoying our annual treat, the kiddies dive into their own dish of fresh calamari.  They think it's special chicken.  Shh, don't tell!

4.  Go to an amusement park.
My father has been telling us stories about Coney Island (link) since I was a little girl.  This Summer I hope to go and experience it for myself.  We'll go on the rides, visit the first Nathan's, and walk the boardwalk.

5.  Spend the day at an oyster festival.
Throughout the Summer, you can find oyster festivals somewhere on Long Island.  They're usually filled with local vendors selling their locally sourced merchandise and crafts.  This is also where I stock on my year's supply of local honey!  Different booths have activities for the kids like making sand bottles, pouring their own candles, or playing carnival games.  Of course, there is plenty of seafood and local oysters to feast on.  To end the day out, you can enjoy an ice cream and sit down to listen to the band play popular cover songs.

6.  Visit a bird sanctuary.
With my new picnic set (link) in tow, we hope to take a drive out east for a picnic at a small nature preserve with a popular bird sanctuary.  Fun fact, I've still never been on a picnic and it's on my lifetime bucket list!  This bird sanctuary lets you hold out a handful of bird seed for the birdies to eat out of your cupped palms.

Idea:  Have your picnic first and then feed the birdies that way your risk of contracting a rare, bird carrying disease is extra low.

7.  Climb to the top of a lighthouse.
While I see several lighthouses every year, I haven't climbed to the top of one in a very long time.  Last Summer, the Beavertail Lighthouse was closed due to COVID so we just got to admire it from the ground.  The Summer prior, the lighthouse we visited in St. Augustine had a "Warning: Paper wasps on top" sign and I refused to go up.  My luck, one would fly at me and I'd unconsciously jump off the balcony.  This year, we want to climb to the top!

8.  Make homemade ice cream sandwiches.
Since we're not patient skilled enough to make our own ice cream, I try to at least make our own ice cream sandwiches every year.  The kids think their master chefs and they taste like a master chef made them!

Idea:  We make large sized, homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Buy a small container of vanilla ice cream.  Cut the ice cream into rings while it's still in the container so it keeps it's form.  Them we roll our sandwiches into a bowl of mini chocolate chips (link).  They're not hard to make and they're the best thing ever!

9.  Go on an owl safari.
Do some research to see what local organization hosts an owl safari near you.  With their guidance, you'll be able to enjoy a late evening stroll, follow the owl calls, and hopefully see some of our feathered friends in person or through your compact binoculars (link)!

10.  Have an afternoon date at the Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard (link).
Ever since I saw them on the news a few years back, I've been asking my husband to take me here for a day date.  This historic farm dates back to the 1800s and I want to learn all about it.  In addition to our history lesson, I'd love to enjoy a flight of wine with some pairings while enjoying the view.  As if wine and history wasn't enough of a sales pitch, this vineyard doubles as a horse sanctuary where their adopted rescues are allowed to roam free and live their best lives!

What's on your Summer bucket list?


  1. Summer has kick offed here in full swing, it will be close to 38*C here all week, I actually measured 51*C in my yard early this morning, which is the temps you usually get in your Colorado deserts and Valley of the Dead.

    1. Yikes! We've been averaging around 80 degrees over here. We blew up the inflatable pool yesterday and let the kids cool off in it. Stay cool!!

    2. I've came up with a plan today for what to cook this week as I've no intention of turning on the oven or cooking anything for longer than 15 minutes in this ungodly heat. It will be soups, salads, canned beans and wieners for me this week LOL

    3. Is it a cold soup?? A hot soup sounds torturous!

    4. Due to my work and the situation in the house I usually cook my lunch in the ungodly morning hours (like seven in the morning) and then eat the lunch cold at noon, so soup will be cold too :) I've made zucchini risotto for today and will prepare a twenty minute spring potato paprikash tomorrow for lunch.

  2. That winery is right up my alley. We are hoping to have some parties on our freshly stained deck and take a few short trips. You crack me up about the picnic. Didn’t you ever have one in school even? Our kids had class picnics every year!

    My kids used to love playing with water balloons. They would make little ones with our garden hose, name them, then hide them around the yard. The next day, they’d go looking for them to see which ones popped. Cracked me up.

    1. The winery sounds cool, right? The only thing I'm not sure about is the smell. Idk if I can sip wine while smelling horse poop. But, we'll see. I at least want to check it out. Nope, not even at school! I graduated with a class of over 800 kids so class things were always very limited for us.

    2. I meant class picnics in elementary school, with like 30 kids!

    3. Nope, never! Our field trips were usually to Ellis Island or the Bronx Zoo.

  3. Coney Island was one of my favorite stops in NY. Make sure you grab some gelatos on the boardwalk! Jason got Nathan’s while I just wanted all the junk lol.


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