Friday, June 11, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

We had quite the afternoon when...
...Thor the Puppy of Thunder got loose from our backyard.  By the time that I noticed he wasn't in the yard, over an hour had passed.  In panic, I starting driving around the neighborhood screaming "THOR", interrogating strangers, and crying my eyes out.  After making no progress other than having the neighborhood think I'm a nut for 30 minutes, I called my husband and begged him to come home and help me look.  Around the same time, my neighbor across the street called me with the good news that Thor came home on his own and she locked him safely in our yard.

While I'm reuniting with Thor... husband was looking at the security cameras to see which direction he ran off in.  What he found was the above video.  Apparently, poor Thor was following my car the entire time!  He must have thought that I was running away from him instead of frantically searching for him.  Let's all take a moment to really appreciate the fact that I didn't hit him with the car..

I'm beyond frustrated with...
...the contractor doing my deck.  Not only did he demolish the deck without having the materials, but I gave in and agreed to a color THAT I DON'T REALLY WANT and he still can't make it happen.  All I know is that we have my son's birthday party and a fourth of July party coming up and all we have are support beams with deadly, rusted nails sticking out like spikes.

I'm completely OBSESSED with...
...Young Living essential oils (link).  When everything was hitting me at once a couple of weeks ago, a lovely lady named Leah McFarland (link) introduced me to Young Living.  After receiving my starter package, I put a few drops of the Stress Relief oil in my diffuser.  I set the diffuser right under my face and breathed in the oil for the entire work day.  Maybe it's all in my head, but I definitely felt a little less stressed!  Mental or not, I'll be breathing that in regularly.

My family surprised me with...
...the best day EVER for my college commencement.  We celebrated the virtual graduation by tossing our hats in the air and getting lunch at the local marina.  We watched the boats come and go with the Fire Island light house and Robert Moses bridge as the backdrop.  I sipped chugged a pina colada and the kids snacked on mozzarella sticks.  My family even took me to my favorite bird watching spot and tried to help me spot some cool new birdies.  Finally, to end to best day EVER, they treated me to my favorite dessert spot, Cold Stone.  It really was a great day and I consider myself very lucky.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Congrats on the graduation!
    Why don't you fire the freakin' contractor and find a better one? You only build a deck once and you will have to look at the nastiness for years if not decades, do it properly.

    1. You're completely right. I couldn't do it. My house is a light tan, beige color and the silvery colored decking he wanted to install would look awful. If you look up Trex and the color Clamshell, you'll see it. We canceled everything and now we're back to the color I want. If you look up Deckorators brand in Hanna Brown you'll see it. It's a reddish brown for that tropical wood color that I wanted. We'll probably have that deck for the rest of our lives since it's a 30 year warranty so we want to do it right.

      & thanks on the congratulations!

    2. Always be strict with the repairmen. They work with people and are very manipulative in order to make their jobs easier for them, so if you are paying you have to be strict and make it be your way not theirs. Many people just accept everything they tell them to avoid problems with them, but if you are paying you deserve what you want. And after all you are a boss at work so use that when talking with them, make them shake.

  2. Sounds like a fun graduation day! Glad Thor is back safely. I sprinkle essential oils on the wool balls I use in my dryer. I was hoping I’d notice it on our clothes, but it really just makes the laundry room smell good. My husband and son-in-law put one coat of stain on our deck last weekend. Hoping the second coat can go on tomorrow and we can start using our deck before summer is over! How frustrating to not get your deck moving along!!!

    1. Having the laundry room smell good is a plus. :) We inherited a front loading washing machine in our house and it lets off this awful, sour smell. We need to look into how to fix that. Maybe I'll try your wool ball, essential oils trick!

    2. Yes, we had the same issue when we moved here. It happens because mold grows on the gasket. I couldn’t clean it off. Leaving the door open helps, but with the way our room is setup, leaving the washer door open blocked entry into the room quite a bit. I was glad when the washer bit the dust and I got a cheap top loader!

  3. This right here is why I hate contractors. Never on time, always have excuses, and cost an arm and a leg. Jason wanted to surprise me by having my office completely finished while I was in NOLA. I SPECIFICALLY told him not to have anyone come in and paint while I was gone. It's one of those things I have to do myself (want it done right, do it yourself, right?) When I came home, my office was half painted, super sloppy and not the color that I wanted in the first place, they got paint on my new bamboo floors (easy to scrape off, thank God) and hit my white ceiling with the colored paint. I was beyond livid since it was going to take me several days to fix what I told him to just leave be until I got back. He already paid the painter and she was supposed to come back in to finish the job. Jason was going to let her even after I ranted and raved. I made sure he didn't let her back in the house by painting a lot of profanities on the office walls about her crappy work. Childish, I know, but Jason called her the next day and told her we wouldn't need her services finishing the job LOL.

    I'm sorry you're still dealing with deck issues. I hope he'll have it done in time for your summer celebrations. If we lived closer, I'd send Jason over to get you fixed up. I'm a mean boss and will ride his butt until the job is done and done right.

    And yay for Thor coming home on his own! And for your family support in helping you celebrate your achievements!


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