Friday, June 25, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings


We had an amazing...
...Father's Day!  Baby boy made his Daddy a coffee cup and Mushy Face made a craft that turned Daddy into a superhero.  The superhero's super power was strength and his weakness was cats.  ...I can relate to this superhero hahaha...  We had a little barbecue with my dad and brother.  The fathers spent the afternoon drinking beer and smoking cigars while the kiddies enjoyed the inflatable pool.

Father's Day was also the...
...debut of our FINISHED DECK!!  While we had to change the material, I ended up liking this color better.  The reddish tones of the tropical themed composite wood complimented our beige house more than the original wood.  It looks pretty and is functional, although we're not really happy with our contractor.  My husband had to tell the contractor how to do his job several times and it still wasn't done properly.  The steps were built uneven like, severely uneven, the seam where the deck meets the house is all jacked up, and he didn't continue the "vertical" siding throughout the deck.  While he fixed the steps to even them out, he then messed up the trim.  To further prove the contractor's incompetence, he had to bring in a fence guy to install the railings.  Long story short, we'd never recommend him nor use him ever again.

Nanny's surprise 80th birthday party was...
...a big hit!  She was actually surprised and all of her closest friends and family were able to attend, including her older sister that lives in Florida.  Nanny was so surprised that she literally froze once she realized what was happening.  While she appreciated the party, I think the biggest gift of all was having our entire family in one room without any arguments.  Those days are a severe rarity in my family, but we made it through in honor of our matriarch!

Speaking of birthdays... baby boy turned THREE on Wednesday!!  After balling my eyes out, we took him to a minor league baseball game to celebrate his special day.  With COVID19, the season tickets we purchase every year at work have gone unused, so my job happily handed them over for free.  While baby boy didn't make it all the way through the game, you could tell that it was an experience he really enjoyed.

Let's not forget...
...that Father's Day was also the first day of Summer!  Happy Summer!!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Hooray for the new deck! Bet you feel decktastic! It calls for a cocktail celebration party lol

    1. ohh.. yesss! I agree. What type of cocktails were you thinking??? I'm feeling like a watermelon mimosa on this gloomy day. :)

    2. I will have banana lemon tangerine and honey something something. Or a raspberry blueberry black ice tea party LOL It is the hottest day of summer here. It is about 50 degrees Celsius outside and over thirty inside.

  2. You’ve had a lot of celebrations! I’m so glad your deck is finished, but what a nightmare! Doesn’t the city have to come out to inspect it? Here, you have to get permits for everything and then a final inspection, so shoddy workmanship isn’t supposed to happen. Still does, though!

    1. Nope, not over here. I guess since it was a pre-existing structure? I kind of wish they did though so that we didn't have to deal with all of that. The celebrations are getting to me. My son's birthday party is Sunday and I'm already wiped..

  3. We all celebrated our fathers day! Also our children celebrated their fathers day! Homemade lemonade was our perfect beverage and consumed lots of it, have a nice day.

  4. What a busy week you had! So much celebrations, but I'd definitely celebrate getting that deck done. I hope you are able to relax and enjoy it all season long!


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