Friday, June 18, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

I could totally...
...make this the longest Friday Ramblings EVER, but I won't bore you.  Instead, we'll stick to the highlights.

My daughter CRUSHED it at...
...her dance recital.  She practiced well into the night and worked her little butt off to make sure that she had the steps right, stayed on rhythm, and showed emotion as she performed.  I am so proud of her for putting her all into it.  Can we all take a moment to growl at the fact that her "costume" pictured above was $75?  Yup, I'm still mad at that...

To celebrate a job well done we...
...took our family out for some massive, over the top milk shakes!  While I snapped some pictures to do a full review of this trendy spot, I had to share my favorite of all the shakes, the Ultimate Fudge Brownie Milkshake.  I ate the brownie, my son ate the cookies, and my aunt enjoyed the chocolate chips and ice cream.

My daughter had a blast at...
...field day!  Her and her class had fun running around in the sun and putting on a show for the parents.  Although, I must admit, I'm disappointed that the whole concept of field day has been lost.  There's no competition.  It's just kids doing an activity until the timer goes off and then rotating to the next activity.  Is it me or isn't the competition what makes it fun?!

My daughter also celebrated her...
...moving up ceremony at school.  She graduated from primary school and is moving right on into the 3rd grade in her new elementary school!

She was disappointed because...
Daddy couldn't be there.  My husband is spending the week in Rhode Island at a training class for work.  While he's sad that he missed the graduation, I'm sure he's very secretly happy that he missed the BUSIEST WEEK EVER!

+ a picture of my son because...
...he's handsome and I feel bad not mentioning him at all throughout this entire post!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. That is one massive shake the species probably only seen in America LOL
    They are dropping measures here as well so kids are allowed to celebrate their graduations and go on school trips but only within the country.

    1. That massive shake fed three of us, and that's with my husband helping out a little. I'm glad the kids are starting to be able to celebrate their accomplishments again.

  2. I can’t even with the price of that tshirt and pants! My son was the only one who did dance recitals and competitions! Lol! He was a tap dancer in K-5. Fortunately, they allowed boys to wear jeans and matching tshirts. There is nothing cuter than a group of little boys doing a tap routine!

    That’s a milkshake??? Where’s the liquid?

    1. That sounds adorable! There is a boy is the lyrical group and he puts all of the girls to shame.

      LOL, it's in there. Just surrounded by a million other things.

  3. How the heck does a tee shirt and leggings cost $75!? Ridiculous! My best friend had her daughter in dance for most of her youth and the money she shelled out for the classes, recitals, outfits, hair and makeup could feed a third world country, I'm sure.

    Speaking of feeding, I need that milkshake to get in my belly right now LOL!


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