Friday, June 4, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings


First, please excuse my husband for...
...standing in the road without shoes on!  He REALLY wanted the ice cream man.  I guess you're never too old to get excited for Mister Softee.  The moment that he heard the familiar tune, he dashed out the front door to grab a soft served treat on a cone.

It's unofficially...
...Summer time over here!  The temperatures have been lingering in the low 80s to mid 90s for a few weeks now.  The migrating birds have dwindled down to almost nothing.  The ice cream man drives past our house every night around 7pm.  We have sunlight way past 8 o'clock now.  And, we're preparing for the final few days of school while studying the calendar of events for the kid's Summer camp.  It seems as if we skipped right past Spring and jumped into the Summer!

The notary exam is over and...
...I have zero clue how I did on it!  You're allowed to get up to 12 questions wrong and still pass the exam.  I know for fact that I got about 5 wrong, so it's really a toss up.  I hope that I passed so that I have something new to add to my resume.  My fingers are crossed!

We are completely failing at...
...finding a mimosa tree to gift my grandmother for her 80th birthday this month!  Something so simple has become so complicated.  We may need to switch gears and get her a weeping cherry blossom tree instead.  In other news, my Nanny is turning 80 and it's got me feeling some sort of way.  I'm grateful that she reached this milestone age and am trying to live in the present instead of lingering on the "what if"s.

The big announcement of the week is that... college commencement is tomorrow (Saturday, June 5th)!!!!  After over a decade of a college education, I finally have a commencement day.  Granted, I won't have a cap and gown and I won't be walking, but it's still a commencement nonetheless.  After the virtual ceremony and after I finish this Summer course, I'll be mailed my college diploma in July.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. He wouldn't run out barefooted into the street in my block, we're dusty and dirty and again dusty and dirty. I don't even like going into the street in slippers let alone without any shoes LOL I mean dogs and cats poop and pee there and birds as well.
    Hooray for the college diploma! I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night thinking I still have an exam left and forgotten to do!

    1. I mean, our roads may not be super dusty, but they're pretty gross. And, yea, all sorts of creatures pee on there! I guess that the ice cream man was worth the risk of losing a toe to a deadly infection..

      Thanks!! I feel your pain. After 12 years of college, I can see how it scars a person for life.

  2. Congrats on graduation! It’s such an achievement, especially when you have a family.
    I’m jelly of your soft serve truck. The truck that comes around these parts only has the novelty treats like a Spongebob pop or ice cream sandwich. Stuff you can just buy at the grocery store.

    1. That's no fun! We used to have one of those called Circus Man, but Mister Softee is the main truck that you see around Long Island. So yum!!

  3. Wow, an 80th birthday Is quite a mile stone

  4. Congrats on your achievement! You should be so proud of yourself!
    80 is an incredible milestone. I hope you are able to find her a perfect tree.
    I'd run after that ice cream truck bare foot too. Like Bijoux, we only get the stupid novelty treat truck rolling by, and not often at that since we live at the end of a court. He hardly bothers with our street most days.


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