Monday, May 31, 2021

Life: Happy Memorial Day!

memorial day honoring all of the fallen heroes

When I told my 8 year old daughter that today is Memorial Day, she said "Does that mean we can wear white now?".  Can we take a moment to acknowledge that baby girl DOES listen to me!  Clearly I did a poor job of explaining to her the meaning of this holiday.  When I told her that Memorial Day is the day that we remember all of the soldiers that fought for people like us to be free, she said "Oh, like Veterans Day.".  I then had to tell her that some people died in that fight and today we remember the ones that gave their lives.  Then she looked at me and said "Like our rock?".  I couldn't help but laugh.

We have a stone that has "GOD BLESS AMERICA" (link) engraved into it.  We keep it displayed in our flower bed at the end of the driveway.  Somehow that rock got cracked in half this Winter.  We definitely need a replacement.

We will be celebrating this Memorial Day like true Americans!  We'll be teaching our children the real meaning of the holiday, hosting a backyard BBQ, and buying a new rock.

 Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Hope you are enjoying the day and get some decent weather. We just had some halibut on the grill. It was a busy, but fun, weekend.

    1. Ohh grilled halibut sounds amazing!! My in laws grill fish a lot, but we never have. You need to post a tutorial on how to do that for me. lol Happy memorial day!!

  2. She's such a stinker LOL!

    We didn't do traditional cookout foods. I missed hosting Cinco de Mayo because I was working that weekend this year, so everyone in the family wanted a taco party instead today. So, tacos and guac it was.

  3. lol well at least she listens. Hopefully you got her another rock.

    Fine way to spend memorial day indeed


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