Friday, May 21, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

You're probably wondering...
...what that is a picture of.  This is what you see from outside the sliding back door that leads to the backyard.

I'm really UPSET that...
...the above picture is what our deck is going to look like for the next four to six weeks.  Apparently Lowe's may we all wish diarrhea upon the staff responsible confirmed the delivery date and time of the decking material.  While it was nice they confirmed, they were off by almost TWO MONTHS!!!!  As a result, the contractor demolished the deck only leaving the foundation.  While the inconvenience sucks, I'm honestly sick with worry that my two year old son will open the backdoor and fall four feet down to his immanent doom.  If you know about my beastly son, you know this is a valid fear.

The first victim of the deck was...
...Thor the Puppy of Thunder!  He thought he would be able to jump over one of the beams but ended up scraping his pee pee along the end of a rusty screw.  The poor puppy's como se chiama was bleeding and he was whining in pain for a few minutes.

I want credit for...
...icing my dog's schlong after he sustained his minor injury!

Despite my complaints, I'm ecstatic that...
...we have BABIES!!!  Baby birds that is.  Our neighborhood house sparrows must have pushed their babies out of their nests because I saw them lined up a branch in the backyard.  They were squeaking for their mommy with their mouths wide open as the Mrs. Sparrow spit chewed up suet into their little beaks.

We also have a baby...
...lemon, but given my lemon tree's history, I refuse to get excited about it.
My lemon tree always leaves me disappointed..

Please join me in wishing...
Madre a very happy belated birthday!!  She turned 58 yesterday.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Oy, so ya will be without a deck almost all summer LOL No decking for you this season, methinks, then. Maybe you could sunbathe on the roof? The biyatches that live across me have been building a brick fence around their yard for six week now and it looks fugly as hell. Who spends six weeks building a frigging fence? I will send my cat troops to poop in their yard soon.

    1. Ok, so you made me laugh when you called them biyatches. LOL Is the fence at least pretty? Maybe you'll have something nice to look at afterwards.. or, at least, the fence will block you from seeing their faces as often.

    2. I cannot stand them blooming biyatches. Them trollops some five years ago bought da house across da street, which was empty for another five years after a granny died in it LOL Then they left it like that empty for another three years only occassionally fixing something in it, then two years ago, those clowns decided to speed up the work, under which I mean repairs every few months lasting for a few weeks all day long. And then they finally moved in this year and the house still looks like they haven't done anything to it after half a decade of fekking with it. I haven't even graced them with a Hello, especially not the wify who we do not like at all. The husband biyatch is OK but kinda stupid and they have a stupid father who booms the blasted trumpet in his car whenever he passes by and the prick lives next street to ours. So we hear it every half an hour.

    3. They sound like the neighbors from hell! What did the wife do to make you dislike her so? After all that time, they should have a palace to move into.

  2. Lumber is scarce and the price is sky high, so I’m not surprised, but that is just awful!! Is there something you can tie to the door to prevent accidents? That really is a hazard. And such a bummer to be without a deck during good weather.

    We’ve had our own deck issues. Built this one in 2014 and when my husband re-stained it, it grew mold. So last year he had to strip the deck and try a different stain. That one didn’t last at all and now he can’t find any oil based stains, so he ended up stripping it again yesterday so we can just start over with a completely different type of stain. It’s been a nightmare.

    1. Wow, that sounds like a lot of work!! We bought bar locks for each side of the sliding glass door, but he's so strong that I'm afraid he can't break them. He looks for trouble and to see things crash. I just pray that he doesn't want to himself crash and dive off of one of the beams..

  3. Yikes to the poor dog getting such an injury on his junk, but I LOL at the whole situation and how you described it.

    I thought I had a right to be ticked about the brick we ordered in January for our kitchen. We paid for it all, only got enough to finish half the wall, then the stuff we ordered never came in. Finally, almost 5 months later it's here, but it took us calling them at least 5 times to get updates and finally get it delivered. Your lack of deck, especially at the start of summer, makes me shut my mouth and not complain because that's much worse than only 1/2 a finished kitchen wall.


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