Friday, May 14, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

We didn't have our typical...
...Mother's Day celebration filled with gardening and flowers.  Instead, I got treated to brunch and my husband made my mom, my nanny, and I, dinner instead.  He barbecued marinated chicken thighs for us and made a gigantic platter of fried zucchini.  For dessert, he surprised us with one of my favorite desserts, a tiramisu.  Although different, it was a a great way to spend the day.

My favorite part of Mother's Day was...
...the homemade gifts my babies made at school.  They both hand painted little terra cotta pots for me.  My son's had a bloomed marigold inside and my daughter's was filled with sunflower my favorite flower seedlings.  My daughter also made the above card for me which made me "aww", smile, and laugh all at once.  Anyone catch on to why she put "walking" as the adjective to describe me?  It's because of our nightly walks around the kitchen island.  They're engraved into her brain!

We pushed off...
...our trip to Disney another 6 months this past week.  To ease the pain of having to reschedule our vacation yet again, we decided to book a small trip to Boston.  We'll spend a few days touring the city and at least one day in Salem.  I'm having way too much fun planning that itinerary.  We're aiming for a September trip so that we can enjoy some of the Halloween festivities while in Salem.

We couldn't garden as planned because...
...we decided to get our deck redone!  Our exterminator believes that the lobster sized cave crickets are taking over the basement because they're nesting and feeding off of our wooden deck.  While spraying will help, the only way to eliminate the situation is to demolish the deck and redo it in composite wood.  Additionally, they're going to install an access door so that we can spray under the deck as needed.  The work is planned to start this week so we won't have to wait too long to get our green thumbs working!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. What's with your house and the bugs, geez, they always seem to follow you wherever you go LOL

    1. I know!! I think it's because I hate them so much so they get a kick out of following me. The poor carpenter removed a piece of wood yesterday and was COVERED with ants all down his arm and shirt. They must have been crawling on him for a while didn't even notice. He had to go home, shower, and then come back. Ewwww LOL

  2. We had a terrible carpenter ant problem at our last house because of the deck. Replacing it did the trick. We are doing a big hardscape project this summer, so no garden at all. Buying just a few tomatoes and pepper plants for the deck.

    Sounds like a fun Mother’s Day. My son and his wife came for the weekend. We ate inside a restaurant!!! First time since March 2020. Old school mafia Italian place.I had eggplant rollotini. Afterwards, we went to a wine bar and I got a Mumm flight. I was super happy!

    1. That's encouraging! I really hope replacing the deck does it. It definitely the most expensive project we've done to date (double the price of a new roof!), but if it gets rid of the bugs, it's worth it. Granted, I would have loved something more fun like new kitchen cabinets, but I'm not complaining..

      I saw that mumm flight on Instagram.. how cute! That's such a great idea. How did it feel to eat inside a restaurant??

    2. It was great and like we never stopped! Actually had lunch inside a restaurant today and going out for my birthday tomorrow night! We are on a roll!

  3. Don't feel bad about pushing your Disney trip back 6 months. I'd probably wait and reschedule it for next summer if you can. My daughter just graduated from college this week, and to celebrate, her and her boyfriend (who also just graduated college) are currently spending 10 days at Disney. They just got there on Saturday but my daughter is beyond pissed at how little Disney is offering its guests, especially since they have not discounted the ticket prices. There are no:

    meet and greet with the character
    fast passes so all rides have a 45-2 hour wait time
    stretching room in the haunted mansion is closed as is the Monster's Inc Laugh Factory

    She is ALWAYS down for a trip to Disney (we've been 3 times- 2 in FL and once in CA and it's been a blast every time.) She just texted this morning and said that if this was her first trip, she would definitely never come back. The magic and charm that makes Disney just isn't there. It feels just like another amusement park to her and she's super disappointed this round. Her BF family, this is their first trip, and from what I gather, they are not enjoying themselves.


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