Friday, May 7, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings


I'm so proud of... baby girl.  This past Saturday she had her first holy communion.  She was dressed like a princess in her lace, long sleeved gown, with a pink and white bouquet, a "big girl" gel manicure, and my bridal veil.  Seeing her dressed like a little bride had me filling with tears all day.  She handled the ceremony with grace and a smile.  I couldn't be prouder.

The communion celebration was...
...absolutely perfect.  For the first time in over a year, my entire family was together.  The food was on point.  The decor was simple and elegant.  The cake was moist and delicious.  To say that we felt truly blessed is an understatement.  Did I mention that no one event fought once the entire event?  No joke!

In an attempt to be healthier... daughter and I have been doing daily walks for months now.  I set my iWatch for 1.5 miles and we walk until we hit the mark.  While we've been doing this mostly around our kitchen island, we now started venturing outside on the warmer days.

We're still laughing at...
...our experience during one of our more adventurous walks.  

To set the stage of the experience...
...we live in a very dense, suburban area.  We live so close together that as I look out one window, I can see the full backyards of 6 different homes.  Right smack in the middle of our neighborhood, is a giant nature preserve with very high fences.  Think Manhattan and then Central Park out of nowhere.  The back end of that nature preserve is visible through the gates at end of my block.  

I felt adventurous so..
...Mushy Face and I went through a hole in the fence and started walking down the sandy trails through the preserve.  Feeling brave, I was ignoring Mushy's pleas to turn around because she was spooked by the "WARNING: WILDLIFE" signs posted everywhere.  When we hit a mile, I agreed to turn around.  As we turned around, about 4 to 5 deer lazily walked right past us and into the wilderness.  Well, I freaked the hell out!  The gate in front of us was shut tight with a padlock and I was trying to squeeze Mushy through the crack.  She was begging me not to leave her, but I was insistent that I'd save her life and come back for her after.  When she refused to go through the fence, I told her to count to 3.  At 3, we would run the mile to the hole in the fence as fast as we could.  "1.. 2.. 3.."  

We started running...
...when a man a very handsome man actually came out of his home to save us.  He was yelling "I have a key!  Stop, I have a key to the gate!  I can help!".  He then walked over to the gate asking what was wrong.  I guess I was yelling louder than I thought.  Embarrassed Mortified, I said "My daughter saw a bunch of deer and freaked out.  Thank you so much for saving us."  My daughter quickly corrected me and said "Nooo, SHE saw a bunch of deer and SHE freaked out."  Well, the man raised his arms above his head and teasingly said "I saw a bunch of deer and now I'm even freaking out!".  At this point he opened the padlock and let us out of the gate.  He tried to strike up a conversation asking where we're from in the neighborhood, but I was too embarrassed to say anything other than thank you for being our hero.

We learned our lesson to...
...stay the hell out of nature preserves and heed warning signs going forward!  Yet, Mushy is still laughing at mommy for causing such a scene over deer..

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Dontcha get dizzy walking around the kitchen island? LOL

  2. LOL, what the hell?? You are afraid of white tailed deer???? They are docile creatures, unless it's a buck in heat. In fact, we find them to be pretty stupid animals. They are about as common as dogs around here. You crack me up! But I can totally picture the encounter.

    Your daughter looked beautiful and I think it's cool that she wore your veil. Her bouquet is bigger than my bridal one! So pretty! Glad it was a fun day for all of you.

  3. Your daughter looks great! She resembles to cotton princess. God blessing. Have a wonderful weekend

  4. She looked so beautiful in her communion attire!
    I would have loved seeing the deer. My next property will be in a woody area just so I might get deer roaming through occasionally.


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