Monday, April 19, 2021

List: Ten important rules to remember for dress down days at work.

Many organizations have dress codes that employees are required to follow.  Those dress codes should include what's considered acceptable or unacceptable for casual days.  Unfortunately, despite a written dress code, some employees either ignore the rules or misunderstand them.  I mean, I don't really get why it's unclear.  It's work.  Dress appropriately!  The saying "dress for the job you wish you had" is valid and doesn't lose any validity on Fridays.  Here are the ten rules that I live by for every dress down Friday.

how to dress for dress down days in the office

Ten rules for dress down days at work.

1.  Leave your ripped jeans at home.
Like many of you, I'm a fan of distressed, tight fitting denim to balance out an ensemble.  Unlike many of you, I would never wear such a thing to work.  Ripped jeans are a big NO in the office, even on casual days.  I'm laughing at my uncle who says "Your jeans are very holy" whenever I show up in ripped jeans!

2.  All vulgar or potentially offensive graphic tees are banned.
I recently had to reprimand an employee for showing up to work with a shirt that read "GET NAKED".  I thought this went without saying, but keep the graphic tees to cute, nice, work appropriate sayings.

3.  Flip flops are not dress down day appropriate.
I do love my flip flops, but they don't really have a place in the office so I leave them home on casual days.  Instead, you can rock gladiator sandals or wedges.  They're more stylish and professional.

4.  Don't ever show up to work in leggings.
It doesn't matter how long your shirt is, leggings are never appropriate for work wear.  Leave the leggings at homes and put on un-distressed, comfortable jeans instead.  Leggings are inappropriate and scream for unprofessional attention from peers.

5.  Leave your political gear at home.
This past holiday season someone wore an ugly sweater with President Trump on it.  Not only did this fuel a heated, inappropriate debate in the work place, but people were offended.  There's a place for political conversations, but I don't believe that your job is one of them.

6.  Crop tops should stay in your closet.
Call me a grandma, but crop tops should always stay in your closet.  I mean, belly buttons creep me out!

7.  See through clothes are a hard no.
Unless you're rocking appropriate under garments & I don't mean lingerie, see through items stay home on dress down days.  I remember an old peer of mine getting in trouble for consistently wearing white shirts with a black bra.  Casual day or not, it's clearly inappropriate.

8.  Waistlines on all pants should be on the waist.
Baggy clothes that hang past your como se llama should never be worn to the office.  Instead, invest in a belt, have the waistline taken in, or get a new pair of pants that actually fits.

9.  Sleeves are always required.
Tank tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, & going topless will never be acceptable attire for work.

10.  Dress down Friday isn't for recycling dirty clothes.
Casual days are for dressing more comfortably.  They're not for wearing your dirty laundry.  Keep your dirty clothes in the laundry bin and your ripped clothes in a pile for your tailor.  At the end of the day, it's still work.  You should remain clean, professional, and  p o l i s h e d.

What do you wear on casual dress days?


  1. But he just wanted to get nekkid with his colleagues, bet he would be my fave.... LOL And the Trump one too! I do also love to see flip flops on men, it is the sexiest thing ever...

    1. It's funny because I wrote this before the pandemic and kept pushing it out. These days, every day is dress down day because noone is left in the office. The new dress code is pajamas and slippers.. LOL

    2. Do you have a special wall in the house for conference calls?

    3. PS I read about a Canadian politician last week who came in front of the camera full nekkid not knowing it is on and the whole cabinet saw him nekkid. Thankfully he is hot as sweet hell itself so there was lots to see and feast one's eyes upon. He said he came from the jog and was preparing for the conference call LOL

    4. hahahahahaha Why doesn't anything exciting like that happen to me??? No, I go into the office if I know that I have to show my face. Otherwise, I refuse to turn on my camera at all. My luck, that would be exactly what would happen to me.

  2. Lol, it’s so funny that people have zero common sense! I don’t work anymore, but my husband loves this topic. He never would participate in dress down Friday because he said no one on the executive floor did it, so why would he? (Going along* with your ‘dress for the job you wish you had.’ He still can’t get used to how casual some people have become every day (he’s in the legal dept). His pet peeve is men who wear short sleeved dress shirts. He thinks it looks tacky with any sort of pants! Lol!

    1. LMAO!!! Short sleeved dress shirts remind me of like a Steve Irkle type TV character. Like the nerdy teenager. Tell him I'm with him on that one! I wrote this a year ago, but I still remember the phone call about the NAKED sweatshirt. Like, really?! Like you said, common sense, people!!!!!

    2. Lol, exactly!! Sooooo nerdy! Might as well wear white tube socks with those khakis!

  3. I haven't worked outside of the home for 20 years, but we never had a dress down day at any of the places I was employed. I don't think Jason ever said anything about a dress down day at his company either and he's been there for 25 years. Unlike Dezzy, I do not want to see flip flops on men LOL

  4. I wholy agree that new dress Cod is pajamas and slippers because öf the Covid-19 outbreak.


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