Monday, April 5, 2021

List: Ten appropriate gift ideas for a child's first holy communion.

With the exception of my God children, I've always struggled with first communion gifts.  Out of frustration, I usually settle for a fancy card with a crisp dollar bill inside.  Yes, I go to the bank and ask for a "crisp" bill.  Don't judge.  While I'm sure that cash is appreciated, sometimes you want to give something more personal.

what to get someone for their communion

With my daughter's communion and all of her friend's communions around the corner, I decided to put together a list of ten gift ideas that are appropriate for a first holy communion.  Here we go!

ten gender neutral gifts ideas for a holy first communion

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Ten gift ideas for a first communion.

This is my favorite so excuse me while I go purchase one for my baby girl.  The rosary beads come in a gorgeous, ornate box made out of zinc alloy.  There are two boxes to choose from.  One with the image of a girl and the other with the image of a boy.  The box is engraved with a short prayer that reads "May His light shine in your heart today and always".  This gift is a sentimental keepsake that will be cherished and possibly even passed down to children of their own.

This frame is gorgeous and gender neutral.  It can hold a 4x6 photograph of the event to be displayed in the child's bedroom.

This bangle bracelet is trendy meaning totally in style right now.  Every young girl would love to add this "big girl" bracelet to their collection.  This communion gift idea comes in gold, silver, and midnight finish.  These bracelets are meant to be stacked on a wrist so it could be the start of a collection of bracelets to commemorate every special moment.

For a more traditional communion gift, try a genuine leather bound bible.  They will be needing this on their journey through religion classes and will have it to reference for the rest of their lives.

One my favorite ideas is to create special photobooks that document important events with both words and pictures.  Think modern day scrapbook After the reception and celebration, put together a photobook as a special communion gift to be treasured forever.

6.  St. Christopher's Metal | Amazon Collection
St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers which makes this a very appropriate gift so that St. Christopher can help guide the child through their religious journey.  This chain is an economical choice but still very pretty and functional.

I find the stories and symbolisms of patron saints very interesting.  This book does a great job of explaining saints in a way that can make kids interested too.  This simple book is the perfect communion gift for a child of any gender.

This beautiful box can be used to store special moments and keepsakes from their communion day.  Whether full or empty, this box makes for a pretty keepsake to display and remember their special day.

Getting children into the habit of praying every night can be a struggle especially since it's a very personal thing that can't be forced.  To help persuade a child to pray in the form of counting their blessings instead of begging God for the "it" toy of the moment, use a prayer journal.

These adorable figurines come in both male and female versions.  Both are on their knees praying with rosary beads wrapped around their wrists and a hanging cross.  These keepsakes will be a constant reminder of their special day!  Plus, who doesn't love Precious Moments?

What do you think, cash or gift?


  1. The very idea of first communion creeps the coons tail out of me. There is just something that does not sit well with me in indoctrinating lil' kidos into religion and sects LOL Some of my cousins went through it and even though I was also a kid back then I found it unsettling. But I'm generally irreverent like that, while I worked in school I always made it my business to make the priest who came in a few times a week to teach cathehesis (it is a subject of choice here) feel very uncomfortable by making disgusted faces and such things LOL When some other teachers would approach to kiss his hand, I'd even make a very loud disgusted noise. I'm very proud of it to this very day.

    1. You've told me about the Priest before. We are not overly religious but still like to maintain some faith. Before COVID hit, my daughter and I would go to church every single Saturday together. It was like our little date. She enjoyed the alone time with me and would belt her little heart out singing the songs like she was part of the chorus. Do you believe in an afterlife?

  2. I’ve struggled with baptism gifts, so yeah. I lean towards a children’s Bible or religious themed book. We never had parties outside of family, so didn’t receive a ton of stuff. Mostly things to hang on walls like plaques with their names or crosses.

    1. Communions here are like little weddings. My social media feeds have been filled with little girls at bridal shops, thousand dollar dresses, and signs that read "I SAID YES TO THE DRESS". The mom's groups are filled with parents trying to find the best communion photographers. It's nuts! We ordered my daughter's dress from Amazon and will splurge to get her hair done professionally, but only because I want her to wear my veil and idk how to make it stay. She's allowed (1) friend at her "party". If it wasn't for COVID, I may have allowed up to 3 friends. But, you're right, it's mostly a family event.

  3. Cash! Cash always works. lol it can have wrinkles though. I'm not that fussy. The bank teller must get a kick out of you. But all those would work too, although cash still wins lol. Can you tell I'm stuck on cash?

    1. LOL But, cash is sooo boring!! Especially, old, dirty, wrinkly cash. If it's going to be a gift, it's got to be crisp bills!

  4. Idk if my comment went through so you might get a double from me. I include a crisp check. Nobody has ever made a snide comment about getting money from me, but some wrapped gifts haven't been well received (and those are the people we no longer to go events for). When I do have a baptism or communion to attend, I do like to see what Precious Moments has available. Their stuff is really cute.

    1. Yes! Love Precious Moments. I never, ever give a check. It gives me such anxiety until it's cashed. I stalk my online banking until the day they finally decide to cash it because I'm afraid it will overdraw my account. That's horrible that you get treated that way. People should be appreciative no matter what it is.


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