Friday, April 30, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

My daughter's birthday was...
...a success!  We had a small group of our closest family and friends, delicious food, a pinata, and everything mermaid.  Baby girl brought in year number 8 feeling like a real mermaid princess!  Daddy even got into the theme by surprising Mushy with some marine themed balloons.  For those of you unfamiliar with my husband, this is a real big deal!  Baby brother couldn't get enough of the mermaid festivities.  He even rocked a mermaid bra to make his big sissy happy!!

The biggest surprise was...
...seeing her big cousin, my God son!  They drove up from North Carolina to spend the day with her.  We stole him for the night and every time I looked, she was squeezing him.  The poor guy may have some bruised ribs after all those birthday squeezes!!

I'm loving that...
...smaller gatherings have become socially acceptable.  We typically invite 50-60 of our closest family members and friends so that nobody gets insulted.  While I miss mostly everyone, it's nice to be able to SIT and ENJOY the party instead of running around like a nut.  A group of 20 or less is easy entertaining with some time for fun!

I just need to learn... cook for a smaller crowd.  I made enough food for triple the guest.  Hello, frozen leftovers..

Finally, the update you've all been waiting for.  We...
...FAILED at making the macarons.  Turns out they're the hardest things ever to bake.  We made several different attempts.  The second attempt ended up with a broken hand mixer.  After purchasing a new hand mixer, we tried two more times and both failed.  At 8pm the night before I called out for help and asked Nanny to take a morning trip to the bakery.  She purchased the above macarons and I decorated them as pictured.  Mushy Face thinks I made them.  Baby girl was happily surprised which made mourning my hand mixer that much easier!

We're hoping for...
...a lovely First Holy Communion for our baby girl tomorrow.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. I was just about to say well your macarons turned out fine, before I got to the last passage LOL What went wrong? They wouldn't bake or they just tasted nasty, because nasty is their usual taste in all cases LOL

  2. Lol, I do agree with Dez on how they taste. But they turned out really cute and the jellyfish balloons are darling. I loved seeing your Instagram pictures. But I seriously can’t imagine throwing a party at my house for 50-60 people and I have a big house.

    Glad your sweetie had such a special day and God bless her on her first communion.

  3. Happy belated birthday to her

  4. Beautiful birthday table with beautiful Family. Happy belated birthday to her.

  5. It looks like her birthday was a huge success! Nice job on the cover up macron fail. I thought about trying to make macrons this summer when I have some more free time, but after your failed attempts, it sounds like it's something left to the professionals lol.


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