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Ideas: How to plan the perfect communion party with an easy to follow checklist.

 As I've mentioned several times already, my daughter will be receiving her first holy communion on May 1st.  Directly following her communion, we're going to have a small celebration to acknowledge my daughter's special day.  The invite list is VIP only which is great for our pockets and makes it easier for everyone to remain relatively safe when gathering.  With such a short time to plan her communion party, I resorted to my usual aid and comfort, a list!  Today I'm sharing with you my communion party check list that you're more than welcome to steal for your own use.

the only checklist you will need for a communion celebration reception

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How to plan a communion party with a checklist.

__  Get the communion date and time from your church.

__ Send a message to the God parents to "save the date".

__ Confirm your budget.

__ Pick a color theme.

__ Try to coordinate the best time for the reception considering the length of ceremony.

__ Put together a guest list.  I recommend doing this electronically to easily track responses.

__ Choose a venue to host the reception or simply choose to do it at home.

__ If using a venue, reserve the date and put down a deposit.

__ Decide if you will be hiring a communion photographer.  Yes, this is a thing.  Yes, people do this.  No, I will not be.

Idea:  If you will not be hiring a photographer, I recommend asking a close family member or friend to do their best to take pictures throughout the night.  If you know someone who has a decent camera, borrow it.  While a photographer is a little too "extra" for some, this could be a good compromise.

__ If doing the party at home, reserve any rentals that you may need.  This could include tents, heaters, tables, and/or chairs.

Idea:  Don't want to rent?  We found it more economical to purchase a party tent (link).  We've used it for 2 events already, but got our money's worth after the first one.

__ Purchase your invitations.

Idea:  You can opt for some beautiful standard communion invitations (link) or be a little "extra" like I tend to be during special events and order custom communion invitations like these (link).  I did this for my son's baptism and it made for a beautiful memento that I still see displayed at people's homes.

__ Shop for a communion outfit.

Note:  This has become over the top and I am admittedly extra.  I've seen pictures of little girls in bridal shops wearing magnificent, expensive gowns saying "I said yes to the dress".  My daughter's Godmother and I found a beautiful dress that we loved on Amazon.  It cost us ~$60 yet Mushy still looks like a princess.  If you're interested, this is the dress (link).

__ Shop for communion shoes and accessories to complete the outfit.

__ If applicable, decide if your daughter will be wearing a veil.

Idea:  Many women use their wedding veil for their daughter's communion.  This is what we will be doing since it's both economical and very special.

__  Mail out the invitations approximately (1) month before the event.  Include the necessary  additional information for those invited to the ceremony.

__ Decide on centerpieces.

Idea:  Keep it super simple and inexpensive by spray painting glass mason jars (link) and filling them with inexpensive flowers.

__ Keep track of responses on your guest list.

__ Consider meal options.  If not using a venue, will you be cooking or ordering food?

__  Plan a finalized menu.  This includes appetizers, the main course, dessert, and drinks.

Idea:  To save money, limit drinks to beer and wine only and run a tab.  We did this for my son's baptism and it cost 1/8 of the price of a beer and wine package for adults.  Remember, it's a communion reception, not a frat party.

__  If applicable, place your meal order for catering or let the venue know your choices.

__ Order a cake.

__ Order corsage and boutonniere for God parents.  

__ If applicable, order cookie trays for the event.

__  Purchase themed decorations.  Keep it simple and tasteful.

Idea:  My favorite ideas have been simple kits like this one with balloons, a banner, and paper lanterns (link).  We will keep it all white and gold to be traditional.  Another fun idea is this cute backdrop (link) to take pictures in front of.

__ If having the party at home, try to find matching paper goods so that they blend with the decorations.  Remember you will need table clothes, plates, cake plates, napkins, cups and cutlery.

__ If having a lot of guests under the age of 10, put together a children's table.  This table should be equipped with coloring books, crayons, card games, and similar activities to keep the kiddies entertained.

__ Purchase party favors for your guests.

Idea:  Try to keep this simple as well.  It could be a small scented candle in a first communion box (link) or something edible.  We may make our own white chocolate crosses and put out Hershey's kisses with these sticker on them (link) yum.

__ Get creative with table numbers.

Idea:  For my son's baptism, we got plain table numbers like this (link) and then painted them to a mint green color which was his theme.

__ Prepare a party playlist.  Thank you, Amazon Alexa..

__ If celebrating at home, be prepared with enough serving dishes and spoons.

__  Plan a seating arrangement.

__ Fill out place cards for confirmed guests.

__ Make final confirmations.  Call the caterer, the entertainer, and the baker!

__ Charge your camcorder, camera, and phones.

__ Put it all together.  If using a venue, drop off everything they need.

__ Don't forget to have LOTS of fun!

What are you looking forward to lately?


  1. Hope the days goes puuurfect for her! May 1st is Labour Day here, one of the biggest holidays when people go out and picnic in hundreds of thousands, not sure how it will look like this year with pandemics, but the crazy thing is that it is also the Orthodox Easter weekend then, so it will be very festive. Wonder if the government will close us down that weekend LOL
    I'm looking forward to my new silicone pillow for comfy sitting to arrive this week :) The famous egg sitter cushion LOL My imperial bum needs it so much.

    1. Ohh, that sounds luxurious! You must let us know how it works. If it's an outdoor event with picnics and what not, I don't see why you couldn't celebrate as long as everyone is a fair distance apart.

  2. My list for First Communion involved clothes and a cake! I think Catholics make it a much bigger deal than us lame Lutherans! Lol! I’m looking forward to communing with nature and some road trips.

  3. lmao have fun? Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! After that I'd have to take a nap. Entertainer? Seating arrangements? Bakers? Party favors? Are you planning a wedding? Did you accidentally use the wrong title for the post? I don't think anyone goes all out like that for religious anything around here.

    1. Well, a lot of people do a DJ with their communion parties, we won't be. We're definitely not b/c of COVID, but probably wouldn't have anyways. We are under doing it. If you saw how all of Luci's friends are celebrating, you'd fall on the floor. People are getting professional photographers, buying dresses from a bridal boutique, and renting out giant venues. The only place I feel that we're being a bit "extra" on is that I'll take her to get a big girl mani/pedi and her hair professionally done.

  4. We were raised Protestant, so we never had communion. My sister adopted out her son to a couple who are both Lutheran priests, so I didn't ever experience what communion was until we were invited to his 9 years ago. I kind of felt weird that we didn't go up and drink the wine or eat the wafer when everyone else was, but I don't think the adoptive parents judged us for it since they knew we weren't Lutheran.

    With that said, you amaze me with your lists. I am horrible at organizing. I have a bunch of lists started on my notes section of my phone, but I never even finish those. Then I go back and try to remember what my thought process was when I started the list. I'll never learn LOL

    1. I print out these lists and actually use them. My husband actually found something that I forgot. He's been bragging about it ever since. I'm actually going to add it now and reprint it. The forgotten item was order corsage and boutonniere for the God parents. I always forget that! I bought them for my son's baptism and then left them in my fridge until they rotted. Never even gave them out..major FAIL. This is why we need lists! LOL


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