Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Ideas: How to make Cuban coffee on the stovetop in 7 simple steps.

 Ladies and gentleman, the unthinkable happened.  I woke up, brushed my teeth, and then went straight to the kitchen to put up a pot of coffee.  I filled the coffee pot with water, measured the right amount, and then reached into the cabinet for my container of ground coffee.  To my absolute horror and disbelief, someone who will not be named put back an empty coffee container.  Long story short, we were out of coffee and I was officially "on the clock" at work.

After taking a quick second glance into the cabinet, I saw an unopened brick of Cafe Bustelo (link).  Problem solved.  I grabbed our Moka Pot (link), and proceeded to make a pot of espresso that I then drank it like a cup of coffee and didn't sleep for two days.

Note:  My husband saw me call this "espresso" and asked me to change the name to "Cuban coffee".  While we all know that it's really called espresso, I will call it Cuban coffee going forward because marriage means compromise.

Since I was extra happy to have my morning dose of caffeine and I was bouncing off the wall from the high dose of it, I ended up telling some of my coworkers what I was drinking.  I was honestly shocked to learn that many people don't know how to make espresso Cuban coffee on the stovetop.  Since this old fashioned way of making coffee tastes better than the fancy coffee machines, I'm going to walk you all through it in very simple steps.

how to make traditional espresso

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How to make Cuban coffee on the stovetop.

Step One - Separate the pot.
To begin, simply disassemble the pot so that it's three separate pieces.  You should have the base, the insert, and the top.

Step Two - Fill the base with water.
Take note of the screw, bolt looking thing on the side of the base.  How professional was that description?  Fill the base with water up to that screw.  Don't exceed that marker otherwise the water will overflow into the filter and your pot of coffee will be ruined.

Step Three - Add the filter insert.
Once the water is in the base, put the insert back.  Double check that water isn't overfilling and seeping through the holes on the insert.  If the filter insert remains dry, you're ready to move on to the next step.

Step Four - Fill the filter insert with coffee.
With a spoon, delicately pour the ground coffee into the filter.  Do not push down otherwise the coffee with fall through and go into the water.  Fill the filter so that the entire space is covered in the ground coffee.  If you like strong coffee like me you should use Cafe Bustelo (link) and put a little extra in the filter so that it looks like a little hill of coffee.

Note:  If you prefer fresh coffee beans like my in laws, I recommend this hand grinder (link).  Just make sure that it's set to "fine" and then crank away.  You then use these finely ground coffee beans in the same way that I use my already ground Cafe Bustelo.

Step Five - Re-attach the top to the base.
Carefully replace the top of the Moka Pot and screw it back together as tight as you can.  You want to make sure that its on there securely and that no water or air will escape from the sides.

Step Six - Boil the coffee.
Place the pot directly on the stove burner.  Put it on medium high heat and let it boil.  Once you hear the gurgling sound of the coffee, it means the coffee the is brewing.  Let sit until the gurgling sound starts to subside.  It happens pretty quickly.  This means that the water has made its way to the top of your pot and has magically transformed into delicious Cuban coffee!

Step Seven - Pour the coffee into a cup.
The pot and the coffee will be extremely hot.  Using a pot holder, pour the coffee into a cup.  Prepare the coffee how you like and enjoy!

Do you drink espresso Cuban coffee?


  1. People in my country mostly drink black coffee or Turkish coffee as we call it, it is just a teaspoon of ground coffee put in a cup of boiling water and then boiled until it rises. You can ad sugar to the water too. I used to drink instant capuccino before, but I ditched it when I started drinking my heart pills.

    1. That sounds very similar to Greek coffee. Aside from their DELICIOUS frappes, they drink a think black coffee in the AM. You can't drink the very bottom of the pot because there are grinds that settled at the bottom. This makes sense since Turkey and Greece have similar cuisines.

    2. Yes, the grinds settle at the bottom and are not drunk, we use them to fertilise the flowers. That is Turkish coffee, Greece and Serbia took it from them while we were enslaved by them for centuries.

    3. I remember dipping plain cookies into it and loving it, but having a hard time drinking it straight. I did love the frappes though. Best thing ever!

  2. I’ve very rarely had espresso because I try to avoid caffeine. My husband is all about the pour over coffee when he’s at home. I prefer to pop a decaf kcup in the Keurig and be done with it. But I do appreciate that some folks have more refined tastes when it comes to coffee! I’m picky about tea and much prefer loose leaf over tea bags.

    1. I'm not a fan of Keurig. I feel like it doesn't get hot enough. Is that weird? Probably lol.. I enjoy a nice hot cup of chamomile tea or green tea. Not a fan of other teas or the flavored ones.

    2. I love green tea and drink 2 cups everyday after I eat my lunch. No, you’re not weird because the Keurig is NOT hot enough. I always microwave after adding the creamer.

  3. I agree that Keurig doesn't get hot enough, but I need my tea or coffee (when I do drink it) boiling and have to put it in the microwave also. Glad I'm not the only one who likes their drinks piping hot because my family was starting me make me feel weird about needing it darn near scalding lol.

    I have never made regular coffee in a pot or on a stove top. One of those things you would think everyone has done at least once in their lifetime, but not me.


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