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Review: A honest & detailed review of METALLUX UV gel nail polish by LeChat.

I'm really not that big on make up or beauty routines.  While that's true, I never miss my monthly nail appointment with my favorite nail technician.  As far as nail technicians go, she totally gets me!  It's pretty much true love..  That's why whenever she gets a new polish in that she thinks I'd like, I get a text message and the luxury of being the first one to try the color of my choice.  Back in January, I got a text regarding the Metallux nail polish collection by LeChat (link).  She knew that I wasn't too happy about the last "new" collection so she thought she'd make up for it with this one.  Well, she was 100% right!

the best metallic nail polish uv gel

For January, I tried the purplish color which is on the broken nail second from the left in the above pic.  This color is called Paradox (link) and is a combination of purple, fire orange, and crimson metallic colors.  For February, I tried a color called Mesmerize (link) which is the third color from the right that features berry, gold, and green metallic colors.

the best metallic uv gel nail polish

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Review:  METALLUX UV Gel Nail Polish by LeChat

What is METALLUX UV gel nail polish?

For starters, it's a UV gel nail polish that requires a UV light to set.  What makes it unique to other UV gel nail polishes is that the METALLUX collection is a series of nail polishes that are all metallic colors with "color shift effect".  

What exactly does a "color shift effect" mean?

The color of the polish changes with the light and angle.  To be clear, the nail polish is a different color at all times, not necessarily a mixture of all three colors at once.  See above for an example.  &, please excuse my stubby nails.  Long nails annoy me.  From one angle, they look bright green while from another angle, they look almost pinkish with a hint of gold.  Both pictures are taken with the same nail polish with only seconds in between each shot.  Still not convinced?  Check out the video at the end to see for yourself.

What do you like about the polish?

I  l o v e  that the METALLUX collection is filled with colors that are multiple colors.  If that even makes sense..  One minute I'm rocking a pretty pink and the next minute I'm rocking a funky green color.  Since they are metallic colors, the nail polish also has a sparkly look to it and we all know that I love sparkle!

While the color was what enticed me to try the METALLUX collection from the start, it's the quality of the polish that had me use it a second time.  I'm pretty strict with my monthly manicures.  This means that I need a polish that lasts that long.  LeChat has typically worked for me in the past so I wasn't too concerned about the leap.  I'm here to confirm that in both January and February the nail polish lasted the full month.  My nails grew out showing a partially unpainted nail, but there was no chips or breakage in the actual polish.

What didn't you like about the polish?

The only negative that I will say about this polish is that unless you're under the best lighting, it can be hard to pick a color since you'll only see a small fraction of the colors in each sample.  When I picked the Paradox color, I loved the shiny purplish color that I saw on the sample.  Unfortunately, the lighting in my home and at work didn't really bring out this color.  The majority of the time it looked like I was wearing crimson nail polish and I wasn't a big fan of that colorFor February, I did my research and picked a color that I was totally invested in.  Whether it was pink, gold, or green, the shades of Mesmerize didn't disappoint.  Long story short, the only downside is that you may not be fully invested in your color choice without the proper research.

Is there anything else the reader may want to know?

Yes!  There is one last thing.  Since the METALLUX UV gel nail polish collection by LeChat is a "perfect match" collection, your toes will always match your fingers.  Each box comes with a UV gel for your mani and a regular polish for your pedi.

What is your top beauty related pleasure?


  1. I think I told you before that I’ve never had a mani or pedi. I only paint my toenails in the summer and my fingernails for special occasions.I have very healthy nails! Beauty related pleasure? Well, I love body creams that smell good. I’m actually pretty picky about the makeup I use and the skincare products because of allergy related issues.

  2. I'm with you on the skincare products! I tend to stay with Neutrogena, but no matter the brand, it's always fragrance free, noncomedogenic, and hypoallergenic otherwise it don't go on this skin. I'll never forget the time a few years back that I ended up needing a cortisone shot from changing the brand of pantyhose that I wear to work! ughh

  3. Oooh, the green one is really perdy, like a scarabey!

    1. Yes!! Luckily the lighting at work and at home kept the green shining through. Yet, when I was driving the pretty purple would say hi too. :)

  4. All colors are beautiful! But green one is really different and looks great. Thank you for the information. Happy day.

  5. Well, hell. I think you've just found me a new addiction. I have been using Maniology for the past few months, but I love love love these multi-chrome colors!

  6. So it is love? Does Carlos know this? Does your what rhymes with gawker know this? Geez, but at least you got her hooked and making you happy lol what? Matching fingers and toes are good for the ocd. And thanks for the shout and birthday wish.


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