Monday, March 8, 2021

List: Ten necessities to pack for a snowtubing trip.

A couple weeks back my family and I had our first experience with any type of snow sport.  Instead of hibernating this Winter, we decided to try snow tubing. This sounds like a relatively simple plan to execute, right?  WRONG!  

We found out before we left thank God that you can't just throw on your Winter coat, slap on snow boots, and then go tumbling down a snowy mountain.  It turns out that you need lots of gear.  Like, lots and lots of gear..  Today we're going to talk all about what that means by listing the top ten essentials to pack for a snowtubing trip.

what to bring with you for a ski trip or snow tubing trip

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Ten necessities to pack for a snowtubing trip.

Since this was a new term for me, let me explain what they are.  Thermal underwear are basically tight fitting clothes that are meant to hold body heat in and absorb any potential sweat.  They are underwear and not meant to be worn in public.  I'm looking at you, hubby!  To be extra clear, it goes panties, thermal underwear, clothes, and then coat.  To be extra, extra clear, your kids will need these also.  Young children aren't immune to hypothermia "because they move more".  Also looking at my hubby.. See, knowledge is power!

This is one thing that every packing list I downloaded from the internet missed and it's the one thing I regretted not having the most.  In all seriousness, I thought I was going to lose a toe from not being prepared with the right socks.  Before doing any Winter sports, invest in a really good pair of wool socks and then double them up in your boots.

While we all had sufficient Winter coats, my two year old son did not.  We got him a ski coat that was waterproof, had attached waterproof mittens, was insulted, and came with a special hood that extended down your face.  It was absolutely PERFECT for him since he loves pulling off pieces of clothing at random moments.  The one I got him is out of stock now, but this is a similar version for a girl.

Whether it was to help the kids adjust their clothing, snap a picture, or easily unhook a snow tube, there was many times that my gloves came off.  The cold, blowing air on top of the mountain did such a number to our skin that I can't even describe it to you.  My daughter's nose was chapped, my son's cheeks got windburn, and my hands were cracking.  A moisturizer would have solved this problem, but we had none.  I highly recommend packing a heavy duty moisturizer to your snowtubing trip because dry skin is almost guaranteed.

At first I was hesitant to pack these for the kiddies since I was afraid that they wouldn't be able to breathe properly with them on.  After shopping around, my fears went away when I realized that there's a whole market of them geared towards younger children and toddlers.  These facemasks are a hat, mask, and scarf combo.  They're made of fleece, are comfortable, stay in place, and make you look like an animal!  My daughter used the cat one and my son used the tiger one.   Most importantly, neither tried to take it off.

It's very important that everyone packs a pair of quality snow pants.  That means they should be waterproof, insulated, and versatile.  We opted for the ones that looked like overalls that way they're guaranteed to stay on and to fit because they're adjustable.

This is yet another thing I didn't expect to invest in, but everyone made it clear that they're necessary.  Let's just say, we're glad we did!  While you may not plan to touch the snow, you will be involuntarily.  That's why it's so important to keep those fingers warm and DRY.  Waterproof gloves are the only way to do that.

None of us thought to pack this essential item for our snowtubing trip.  Luckily, you don't have to really see when snowtubing so it wasn't that serious.  If we were doing other snow sports, it would have ruined the entire trip.  Next time, we will definitely be packing these.

Your body will be covered with snow gear from head to toe, which means those eye lashes will be on full display.  To keep them curled and fabulous, I made sure to pack this waterproof mascara.  Alright, so it isn't essential, but still...

As a quick back story, I went snowtubing with my very pretty pair of Coach snow boots packed in a suitcase.  They do well in the little snow flurries we get here, but let's just say they were not made for a snowy mountain.  When doing snow sports, I highly recommend getting a heavy duty pair of snow boots.  My toes got cold, lost feeling, then tingled, and then literally burned all before they went back to normal.  This could have been avoided if I just prioritized efficiency over style.  To be clear, snow boots are is a packing MUST.  Be sure to get a pair of snow boots that are meant for long term use in extreme conditions.

Have you ever done a Winter sport?


  1. Pffft amateurs, I carry moisturizer with me even when I'm popping just over to the next city LOL That being said I don't have any of the other things you mentioned in the list, I'm doomed. It is currently very trendy among the celebrities in my country to invest their monies in building small apartments in mountains and then renting them, apparently it brings tons of money. How does one protect from windburn as I do something get it when going on foot to the city in winter (the road I take is very windy).

    1. LOL, I never bring moisturizer with me. I'm allergic to everything and everything else leaves this slimy residue behind. The only moisturizer I religiously use these days is the Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion. It takes a little while to rub into your skin, but once absorbed, leaves you feeling soft instead of greasy. The facemasks really help wit the windburn. I got this hat that had an attachment that you can pull down to cover your cheeks. This is the exact one I used --> It has buttons that hold the face shield on. If you can knit, I would assume it's not that difficult to make? (I don't knit so maybe I shouldn't assume..)

  2. Lol, you sound like someone raised in Florida!? I used to ski, so am used to all of that, though never wore goggles or face mask because BOYS! Lol! I still wear thermal pants when walking in the winter.

    1. Not Florida, but snow sports aren't that big on Long Island. Our idea of a snow sport, is lighting a fire in the backyard and pretending that you're camping. LOL

  3. Like Bijoux, I used to ski too. I agree with everything you have here, but I would also add in those pocket hand warmers. I think you can can like 2 for a dollar. Even with heavy duty gloves on, my hands would still get cold, so I'd warm them up in my pockets on the ski lift before hitting the slopes again. Chap stick or vaseline to protect the lips is a must as well.

  4. Umm I have none of those things. Guess I won't have to go out in the snow anymore than needed then. Darn lol

    1. Same. I'm like a fat bear hibernating when winter rolls around LOL


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