Monday, March 22, 2021

List: Ten fun, family friendly activities to do this Spring.

Saturday was the first official day of Spring.  We're already starting to see the temperatures rise, the Spring birds appear, and the green stems of bulbs breaking through the ground.  These are all indications that Winter is now behind us making it the perfect time to start our Springtime planning.  To celebrate the change of seasons, let's put out some fresh cut tulips and start our Springtime bucket list with ten family friendly activities to do this season!

Ten fun, family friendly activities to do this spring

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Ten family activities to do this Spring.

1.  Plant a hummingbird & butterfly garden in your yard.
Last year we planted two buddleia shrubs (link) which are known for it's sweet nectar that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.  We planted them late into the Summer so we didn't really get to reap the benefits, but we're looking forward to all the wildlife that they will attract this year!  If you have kids, you could make a chart and list all of the different species that are attracted to your shrub.

Note:  If you do choose to do this in the early Spring, be smart about where you plant these bushes.  Put them away from entertaining areas because they will attract bees, other horrid, stinging creatures, and they're an invasive plant.  If you don't have the perfect spot in the ground for an invasive bush, opt to plant them in a large planter.

2.  Visit your local community center and participate in a seasonal event.
We take advantage of the inexpensive events hosted by a local nature preserve near our home and our community library.  Do a quick search to see what's available near you and participate.

3.  Celebrate Earth day with a season of eco-friendly changes.
If you need some ideas click this link for last year's Earth Day post.  They're all simple yet effective!

4.  Visit a petting zoo or farm.
Spring is the best time to do these fun activities.  Why?  Because all the babies are being born!  Try to time your visit right so that you can see and maybe even interact with some adorable baby animals.  Social media is a great way to gauge when the babies are born.

5.  Make your own kite and then fly it.
Flying a kite is a fun activity on its own.  Add a little DIY to it and it becomes even better.  You could get a kite making kit like this one (link), decorate it, and then head on out to a windy area to fly it as high as it can go!  If you're super crafty or extra bored try to really make a kite from scratch.  As a kid we used to do this with wire hangers and garbage bags.  They didn't always work, but they were always fun to make.

6.  Plant a vegetable garden.
Towards the end of Spring we always aim for Mother's Day start to plant your vegetable garden.  This is something that you can either do in the ground or in pots.  Last year was our first time gardening in pots and we had some great crops!  The plants that did really well were the Japanese eggplant, grape tomatoes, and red peppers.

Idea:  We always plant our indoor garden on Mother's Day as well.  This includes our indoor herb garden (link).  We've had lots of luck with planting indoor herbs like basil and having it last for a very long time.  As long as you keep removing the leaves regularly, the plant won't seed and will keep producing herbs.  Don't believe me?  My freezer has basil for days!

7.  Do a Spring clean out and have a yard sale.
This is the perfect time of year to start your Spring cleaning efforts (link) which includes purging and identifying items that you don't really need.  Ask your friends and family to do the same and have a May yard sale.  It's a great way to get a little extra cash while making space in your home.  Not to mention, I think yard sales are fun!  Whatever you don't sell, package up neatly and donate to a local charity.

8.  Attend a local tulip festival.
While the rest of the world is having a ball at the local strawberry ew festivals, you can find me at the local tulip festival!  There's booths with activities for the kids to participate in, pony rides, local vendors selling handmade items, and lots of tulips!

9.  Volunteer at an animal shelter.
A friend of mine does this and I thought it was such a great idea!  With the weather getting more bearable, animals shelters could be looking for volunteer dog walkers.  You'll be able to get some exercise, play with some fun pooches, and do a good deed, even if it's just for a day!

10.  Make a backyard bird sanctuary.
Since you're all probably sick of hearing me talk about this, I'll just add a link.  Click here for all you need to know (link).  You never know, you may get addicted to birding and just in time for the season of babies!

What's on your bucket list this Spring?


  1. I'll be planting my veggie garden probably in late May. We'll have a yard sale also, but not until June or July. I am really enjoying these warm temps though. Been spending a lot of time playing out in the yard with my dogs. Our female boxer is losing strength in her hind legs and I feel it's just a matter of weeks before we'll have to put her down. She'll be 11 this year, so she's had a good run, but we're trying to make the most of what little time we have left with her while we can.

    1. Poor baby! I'm so sorry to hear about that. Is 11 years really the expected lifetime of a dog? Our fur baby had a seizure the other night and it felt like a sick child. I can't even imagine knowing that it's almost time to put down a pet. We do our veggie garden every Mother's Day so it's in line with you. We did it this time of year about 8 years ago. We had one frost and lost everything. That was a lesson learned!

    2. Yes, boxers have an expectancy of 8-10 years, so she's gone a year longer than we were expecting. Mother's Day is also when we go to the garden center and get all of our flowers and vegetable plants for the year. Seems like that's the official day for most people here because they are always packed that weekend at the greenhouse!

  2. I've brought in first daffodils into the house this weekend as they peeked and opened their lil' heads but we had frost during the night so I cut them and brought them in to save them. Nothing says spring better than vases filled with daffodils from whose yellow beauty your soul thrills.
    So sorry to hear about Theresa's doggo! Will you be left with just one when the old lady dies?

    1. I feel the same, except I'm partial to tulips and sunflowers. Spring time means cut tulips until the sunflowers come in season. This is our first Winter with amaryllis. We want to plant the bulbs outside, but unsure if they'll survive our harsh Winters.

    2. We have three kinds of daffodils which bloom in different parts of the spring, so we have them throughout the season. We also have tulips, but they just have leaves currently, they will bloom maybe next month, it is cold currently here. Violets are also in full bloom. And hyacinths will be in bloom next week, cannot wait. If snow does not kill them, that is...

    3. We inherited hyacinths when we got the house. The first year we waited and waited to see what they were that were growing. Nothing has even popped up a morsel of green here yet. Spring flowers are pretty, I just wished that they last a little longer. :)

  3. I’ve never heard of a tulip festival. That would be fun to see. We have 4 butterfly bushes and they do really well because the deer don’t touch them. One of the few things! My husband and daughter are in charge of the veggie garden. They will be starting seeds indoors this week. I grow basil, dill, rosemary and oregano in my kitchen window.

    1. My basil plant was indoor and lasted almost a full year until the stems turned black. I think I overwatered it. The tulip festivals are a lot of fun! I haven't seen one advertised yet (probably b/c pandemic) but am keeping my eye out.

  4. Well you say you are bored so I guess you better get a kite making lol the animal shelter is a good one indeed.


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