Friday, March 5, 2021

Life: Friday Ramblings

We decided to organize the...
...backyard bird sanctuary with this bird feeding station.  It saves us lots of room in the garden and the birds seem to like it better since it gives them extra spots to perch.  As a double bonus, we were able to oil up the bottom part of the pole and position it strategically so that squirrels couldn't take over the feeders.

I'm really mad at our local...
...squirrel because it tried to dive off of the heated bird bath to reach the feeders.  In the process, the little insert not so nice name bent the metal support for the bird bath.  My husband is going to try to fix it, but I'm afraid that we will have to replace the whole thing now! @%$&#!!

After nearly 9 whole months...
...the buffet table that completes our dining room set FINALLY arrived!  If you remember my excitement this past July, you may remember that we ordered this piece of furniture as a 5th wedding anniversary gift to ourselves.  To be fair, the furniture company warned us that it was "backordered".  Either way, I'm glad we waited because it looks so pretty and I love how it ties everything together in our open floor plan.

I'm searching through Pinterest for...
...inspiration on how to set up the buffet table.  We would like to make it a "drinking station" where we can store our liquor bottles and my husband's humidor.

We're already seeing little signs of...
...Spring!  The dark eyed juncos have started to leave and the cardinals are showing off their mating plumage for the start of breeding season.  Our houseplants are blooming and the temperatures outside are starting to rise.  We're happy to see the shift in the seasons but wonder where the hell time goes?!

I woke up the other morning with...
...a REALLY swollen eye.  The day before I was complaining of a pain under my right eye.  The next morning I woke up with a swollen and very disgusting looking eye.  I rushed to urgent care and learned that I have a skin infection most likely caused by a dirty face mask.  I'm definitely guilty of throwing my mask on top of my desk during the work day or in my pocketbook at night.  Well, now I'm on two medications that I have to take four times a day for the next seven days.  One is a gigantic pill and the other is an ointment.  Let this be a lesson learned.  I need to be more diligent with where I place my masks and how often they're washed.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Oil against squirrels? That is an interesting method indeed.
    How can the mask infect an eye? I'd expect nose infection not an eye one.
    I use disposable masks and wipe them after every wearing with an antibacterial wet wipe. That is only if I just wore them at a shop. If I travelled or been in a bus, I throw them away.

    1. I should redo this whole post. The day after I put this together, we had a wind storm and the whole thing blew down. I guess it was too top heavy to survive a wind storm? Anyways, the whole things a mess and I'm not very happy about it. Karma much? Now the squirrels have a buffet right on the floor!

      I'm very petite. The mask constantly rides up into my eye balls all day long! I have to keep pulling it down so it looks like a chin guard so that I can see. lol

  2. We used to put oil on the bird feeder pole, too. It was hysterical to watch them slide down it!

    As someone who has spent the past 5years with skin infections and various allergic reactions around the eyes, omg I empathize with you! My issues revolved around bad reactions to eye makeup remover and even specially formulated eye wipes that an ophthalmologist gave me! Then I got meibomian gland dysfunction with a stye that blew up my face. I find it a little suspicious that a mask could have the bacteria that could cause that reaction, so keep an eye on it and if it comes back, go to a dermatologist or an ophthalmologist.

    1. See my reply to Dez's comment below. I was hit with squirrel karma!

      Omg, that sounds awful! I have very sensitive skin, but have been lucky with my eyes thus far. I think they must have been desensitized from wearing contacts and then going through LASIK. Do you wear eye make up?

    2. Yes, but derm and eye dr both said it’s the makeup remover that causes people problems.

  3. Well oil is a lot nicer than the squirrel slingshots I’ve seen posted on Facebook.
    Yay to the buffet. It took a month for two of my dining room chairs to arrive and it seemed like forever. 5 months would have killed me!
    Ugh to the eye infection. I only get eye irritation if I use cheap makeup. It sucks having to shell out for high end makeup, but sucks even worse dealing with swollen and crusted eyes!

    1. Eep!! Slingshots are a bit uncalled for, although I do let the dog out so that he can chase them. I figure he'll never actually catch one, nor would he know what to do with it if he ever did. Our dog is about the size of a squirrel.

    2. My dogs chase them too LOL. We have one that messes with my dogs and will run around and around the tree in our backyard that's right off of our deck since he knows he's just out of reach of the dogs. I had a dalmatian that used to chase squirrels and actually caught one and freaked out about it since he didn't know what to do with it. I think he was shocked he actually got one!

  4. Shouldn't have made the poor squirrel work so hard lol

    Your eye still all bulged?


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