Monday, February 15, 2021

List: Top ten best phone apps to download.

We live in a world now where everyone and everything is constantly on their phones.  I mostly disagree with this.  While it's convenient and cost effective, it's not very healthy.  People are becoming less social and engaged in life because they dive into a virtual world instead.  We limit screen time in our home, and that mostly goes for us adults because the kids don't have screens.  Despite the house rules, there are a few applications that I can't don't want to live without.  They help keep me organized, entertained, connected with my people, or informed.  In other words, they are really, really, REALLY important.

ten applications for an organized smart phone

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Top ten best phone apps to download.

1.  Google Maps
I'm the type of person that can get lost on a one floor office building.  Yes, I'm totally serious..  This app gets me to where I need to go with minimal stress and on time.  My favorite feature is the redirection to avoid the unnecessary & obnoxious NY traffic.  Another great feature is that the app will mute your music or audio book when giving vocal directions.

2.  Mobile Banking
The mobile banking apps are probably the single most useful apps you can have.  Assuming that your phone and data connection are always secure.  If not, don't connect!  Checking balances, account transfers, and automatic alerts are just some of the app's top highlights.

3.  Instagram
I'm constantly on Instagram because it's a great place to connect with friends in faraway places.  Unlike other sites, you get to see pictures without unnecessary rants before them.  Instagram seems to be less censored and less controversial than other social media sites today.

As I shared here, I take lots of pictures throughout the year in preparation for my annual book.  The quality of pictures are sacrificed when they aren't downloaded directly from the phone to Snapfish.  This app allows me to download the photographs direct to the site quickly and easily.

5.  Credit Karma
This app is one of the best things I've downloaded because it forces me to regularly monitor my credit.  I know when my score goes up or down, how it trends, and mostly importantly, why there was a change.  This app does a great job of alerting you of possible identity fraud or bad claims submitted by creditors.  My favorite part of the app is monitoring my debt and watching it go, hopefully, down!

6.  Pinterest
This is a new found love for me and let's just say that I am  o b s e s s e d in every sense of the word.  It's my new go to search engine, marketing tool, and way of remaining organized on R&W.  If an app could be a soulmate, let's just say, this would be mine.  <3

7.  Credit Card Apps
Similar to mobile banking, these are useful apps for the same reasons with additional perks.  You can freeze your account, monitor charges, and activate point promotions with just a click!

8.  Toon Blast
I'm not big for interactive phone games, but give me a puzzle to solve and I'm all in!  This is the only "game" app on my phone to date and I'm very happy about that, thank you very much!

Between Long Island traffic and traveling far for work, Audibles has basically become life.  This app lets me listen to my favorite novels while keeping me focused on the road.

10.  Google Photos
With phones constantly dying, erasing, or whatever, it's important to back everything up.  Google Photos does a fabulous job of backing up and storing all my pictures and videos for free.  The storage is unlimited and the process is effortless thanks to an automatic syncing feature.  I love!

What are your favorite phone apps?


  1. I still don't use internet on my phone and feel mediaeval because of it, but I just prefer using the net on my computer. I wouldn't even know how to use all the apps or even start internet on a smart phone LOL

    1. I made this post almost year ago and just kept pushing it out. I'm glad I did, because I've since got a new phone and I forgot about Credit Karma. I use a mixture of both, but there are some things that are more convenient on your phone, like Credit Karma. If you've been able to resist this long, keep resisting. It takes over your life!

  2. I use some of those apps, though only google photos, maps and Instagram on my phone. My favorite part about maps is the search function for the area you are looking at. It’s helped me find new breweries, restaurants, and park trails that I would not have known about. I’m too paranoid to put anything financial on my phone, so those are out. I use Pinterest mostly for recipes. I actually hate credit monitoring. I somehow got signed up with Experian and they email me that my credit has changed every time I pay a credit card bill. Annoying!

    1. LOL about Experian! Credit Karma caught fraudulent activity twice for me, so I'm partial to it. Although, when we refinanced our house, it turned out that Verizon "accidentally" sent me to collections. Credit Karma didn't pick it up and it was such a hassle to fix.

  3. My girlfriend really prefers Waze to google maps

  4. Well I have 3 out of 10 and use 2 of them. Does that count? I never use banking on my phone. Phone is way easier to steal than computer, so I just use that when needed.

  5. My favorite apps are:

    Google Maps
    Fetch Rewards
    and Colorstory for quick photo editing when I can't get to my desktop Lightroom program


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